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Titanic: Adventure Out of Time play online

Downloading file size - 865 Mbytes

Game folder name - Titanic

Toggle full screen view press RightAlt + Enter. Requires Java

Click on game screen to enter the game. To unlock mouse click twice right button

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Titanic: Adventure Out of Time gameplay
Titanic: Adventure Out of Time title screen

Game review

GTE Entertainment, Cyberflix Incorporated, 1996,

Adventure, 1st-Person Perspective, Puzzle-Solving, Spy / Espionage.

Titanic: Adventure Out of Time is a historical adventure video game where the player leads an investigation aboard the RMS Titanic, the famous ocean liner that struck an iceberg and sank April 15, 1912 at 2 o'clock in the morning 20.

This software was developed by Cyberflix and was published in Europe and the United States by Europress and GTE Entertainment respectively. It was released October 31, 1996 to platforms Microsoft Windows and Mac OS X compatible version with a third on two supports. The game can be found in six languages​​: English, French, German, Dutch, Korean and Polish.

The player will embody Frank Carlson, a British secret agent on a mission aboard the Titanic the night it sank. So he has the opportunity to explore the ship and talk with twenty characters. The game also features a fairly faithful to reality virtual tour.


The game begins April 14, 1942, during World War II. The player (Frank Carlson) remembers the failure of his mission 30 years ago aboard the Titanic. When a bomb explodes (after a bombing during the Blitz), he goes back in time and finds himself in his cabin on board the Titanic, the night of the sinking. He then has the opportunity to change the future by changing the past.

The main purpose of this story is to find the Rubaiyat of Omar Khayyam, stolen earlier this year. It is supposed to be in the hands of Zeitel, a German colonel who travel on the Titanic, ostensibly to inspect the German embassies in America. The colonel traveled with his protégé, Willie Von Haderlitz. As the game progresses, Carlson learns that the Colonel has a contract with an art dealer to exchange the Rubaiyat against a rare painting. The Colonel and the art dealer (Sasha Barbicon) have an intermediate, a Serbian stowaway named Vlad Demonic.

In addition to his quest for the Rubaiyat and the table (which would be secret military plans), the agent learns that Willie is a Russian spy who has in his possession a book that contains the names of the Bolshevik leaders. This book should be given to the Secret Service of the Tsar that the Communist leaders were executed.

A final object finally appears, a diamond necklace that Sasha has stolen to pay Vlad and finance a Serbian terrorist group called the Black Hand. The objective of this group is to assassinate Archduke Franz Ferdinand, which will trigger the First World War.

During his mission, Carlson also performs several "sub-tasks" more or less connected to the plot "central" or victory conditions of the game These missions involve such a wealthy couple (the Lambeth) whose marriage goes wrong ( especially as our agent is an old friend of Lady Georgia Lambeth). He also meets a medium, a priest who returned from a mission in Africa, and an American businessman compromised by a letter. Carlson is assisted by Penny Pringle, his superior in the British Secret Service.

For the game

Propose several purposes, some preparing well in advance for special Titanic. They are the consequences of acts of Carlson on the history of the world. Thus, if Carlson does not recover anything, history repeats itself and he died during the Blitz. Similarly, if he saves all objects (the more positive end of the game), the two world wars and the Russian Revolution are avoided: 1942 therefore sees a world in peace and Carlson takes a well-deserved retirement.


Franck Carlson, the hero is a secret agent on a mission aboard the Titanic. According to different objects viewed in his apartment, presumably he was fired in 1914 by the Secret Service. A burnt note also suggests that he was aboard the airship Hindenburg in the fire of the latter. In 1942, he lives in London in a dusty apartment. His fate depends on the player's actions during the sinking.

Penny Pringle is a colleague of the hero. Although it is higher in hierarchy, an administrative error was placed in second class, which is why she could contact Carlson after four days at sea. Angry, it is not less efficient in his work. On the Titanic, it occupies the cab F-34. During the sinking, she picks the hero in his cabin and near patient lifeboats Advent to embark.

Colonel Zeitel is the "villain" of the game stole Rubayat a French official account and sell it to Sasha Barbicon against a canvas back with plans for deployment of Allied troops. Plans are worthless, but canvas, painted by Hitler, can change the course of history by visiting its famous author, and in fact harmless. Zeitel also battle to find a book containing a list of likely Bolsheviks overthrow the Russian Tsar, Nicolas II. He travels with his protégé, Willie Von Haderlitz and occupies the cabin C-59. He survived the sinking after killing Haderlitz and tried to do the same with Carlson.

John Smethells is steward aboard the Titanic. It often shows a deep contempt for anything that seems out of the ordinary, such as when Willie Von Haderlitz reserves the squash to a fencing party. It does not appear during the sinking and does not know if he survives. During the game, it can provide information and technical advice to the player.

The third officer, Morrow participated in the Second Boer War, a few years ago and was greatly influenced by this experience. He further problems in his family, including the illness of one of his relatives that he can not pay for care. His brother, Tom, works at the Admiralty. Morrow is the fourth night of the shipwreck and is almost always near the bridge of the ship. During the sinking, he takes care of passengers and eventually died in the wreck because it does not come up in the last canoe. Like all other characters appearing in the game, Morrow is fictional: the real third officer was called Titanic actually Herbert Pitman.

Lady Georgia Lambeth is an old acquaintance of Carlson. They have not seen each other for five years and his life has changed since their last meeting: she married Lord Charles Lambeth and maintained an extra marital relationship with Sasha Barbicon she knows illegal acts. Her husband had mismanaged its finances, they are ruined and have to sell everything they have: Georgia carefully keeps a necklace that is actually a fake. Throughout the evening, his condition continues to worsen while Ash and Charles Carlson repeated that Georgia is crazy. During the sinking, she is poisoned by Colonel Zeitel: his fate depends on decisions made by the player.

Lord Charles Lambeth is the husband of Georgia. He borrowed money to Andrew Conkling and wants to sell the necklace Georgia to repay its debts, after placing his wife in a sanatorium. Barbicon friend Sasha, he started his plan with his help. Charles also has a penchant for whiskey and dies during the sinking.

Sasha Barbicon directs Barbicon London gallery. He is the lover of Georgia and friend of Charles who he carefully preserved a diamond necklace in a Russian doll hidden in his cabin, A-14. He also travels with a valuable painting he has to deliver against the Rubayat Colonel Zeitel. Linked to the terrorist organization the Black Hand, he has to resell the book to fund a wave of attacks. His partner, Vlad Demonic is smuggled on board. It was he who kills him in the turbine hall during the sinking.

Leyland Sachum Trask, "scribe of the metaphysical and supernatural evangelist" is a medium, or "sensitive" as he defines himself. He runs an institute in Boston. His talents are not simulated because he knows what fate awaits the Titanic. It is also capable of revealing things about certain objects. More surprisingly, he knows that Carlson came back from the future. Another medium had once told him to beware of the water, and he was right because Trask does not seek to save his life during the sinking.

Buick Riviera is a French professional footballer who lives almost permanently in the smokehouse. He also challenges the player blackjack. According to him, he lived in Deauville, Monaco and New Mexico. According to the officer Morrow, his prodigious luck saves him to use a pseudonym, and the crew was afraid of him for the same reasons. Earlier in the evening, he stripped Max Siedelman the game It does not seek to save his life in the sinking but offers a challenge to anyone who goes to the boats (which is actually a fake.)

Max Siedelman is an American working in financial Heymakers in Philadelphia. Extroverted, Max is always looking for a new friend: it is he who has Carlson Zeitel and Haderlitz and Riviera. Inveterate smoker, he still has a pack of his favorite brand, the Old Red. It is also in love with the girlfriend of Haderlitz, Claris Limehouse and dream to meet Isidor Straus, the owner of Macy's in New York. He also realizes that dream during the sinking in which he perished.

Willie Von Haderlitz is traveling with a young German Colonel Zeitel. He studied at the University of Vienna, Austria and has a passion for ancient cultures. It was he who was charged in a previous mission to record the names of the Bolsheviks could overthrow the Tsar. However, playing a double game as actually working for the Russians. He explains it all Carlson during a fencing duel before he died electrocuted in the Turkish Baths, probably because of Zeitel. His girlfriend, Claris Limehouse, however, has information about its secret activities and chose to go down with the ship does not leave Willie.

Andrew Conkling is a steel magnate who participated in the construction of the Titanic. The steel in question is found to be of poor quality, and the letter announcing the news was stolen by his young good Irish Shailaigh Hacker. He asked Carlson to find her. The man, however, is not as white as snow appears to violate the young maid who even had a child by him, he also wants to seize. He died in the sinking, shot by Morrow officer as he tried to board a boat.

Beatrice Conkling is the wife of Andrew Conkling. She left for America to deal with the decoration of the Beverly Hills Hotel in Los Angeles. And imbued with that haughty woman herself could not have children, she tries to steal one of his good (and succeeds if the player does not take him in the wreck). She survived the sinking but lost her husband. She said she consulted Trask who advised him not to travel on two ships: RMS Titanic and the Lusitania: amazing prediction given that both were wrecked.

Shailaigh Hacker was the young Irish maid Conkling. Being constantly raped by her employer, she ended up having a baby, Eddie. Having understood that Mrs. Conkling wanted to steal the child, she escaped by taking a letter can ruin Conkling. During the sinking, Shailaigh survives, as a child (which may, however, remain in the hands of his boss).

Jack Hacker brother Shailaigh. He is very protective of his sister and wary of first-class passengers. Haderlitz gave him a hint for Carlson and the canvas he could take it. He died during the sinking after ensuring that his sister was safe.

Reverend Edgar Troutt is a second-class passenger returning from a mission in Africa, Nyasaland during which his wife, Emily, died. Troutt has tendency to be prejudiced about what is appropriate and openly despises Trask (he considered an envoy of the devil) and Haderlitz (which is against all social propriety), even going so far as to consider the death of Haderlitz as the work of God. He punctuates each of his interviews with Carlson with a request for funds for his mission. We learn during the wreck he had actually diverted money from the mission for personal gain. It is however buys remaining on board until the very end.

Miss Daisy is a real gossip Chashmore the ship: she knows everything about everyone. If only his first speech advances the game, following the bursting of real stories about the history of the ship, and especially its most prominent (especially Bruce Ismay, Benjamin Guggenheim and John Jacob Astor) passengers. She died on board having been slow to get on the boats, not wishing to "travel with the cream."

The Gorse Jones are a mismatched couple of wealthy Americans. Their interventions are always unforeseen often comical Ribeena showing a tendency to prejudice bordering on caricature while Henry raises defects: amateur women and drink particular. During the sinking, they embark on one of the first boats without understanding the magnitude of the situation (Henry prefer drinking a gin) and can raise them with Carlson.

Eric Burns is a photographer honeymoon. His wife, Stephanie, he wants to spend more time with her camera with her. However, Carlson provides some interesting shots, including a photograph of Zeitel Barbicon and in conversation. Eric did not reappear during the sinking but his wife is visible on the boat deck.

Vlad Demonic is a Serb who has stowed away on the Titanic. Carlson met him for the first time in the boiler room No. 3. Vlad is the henchman and Sasha's mission is to recover the Rubaiyat. During the sinking, he shot his boss (who did not care enough about its cause) and leaves the ship wearing a shawl to pretend to be a woman. If he runs away with the book or necklace Lambeth, it allows the Black Hand finance the assassination of Archduke Franz Ferdiand.

The elevator boy is a cheeky young man who can lead the player a bridge to another and indicate many directions. The elevators do not work during the shipwreck, we do not know what happens to him.

The purser has an office on the bridge C. There can keep valuables and give the number of cabin some passengers. His office is closed during the sinking, no one knows what happened to him.


Gaming System

In Titanic, the mouse replaces the player's hands and the keyboard to move. As in Myst, the view consists of fixed screens. To speak with a character, simply click on it. The player then has access to a selection of replicas, but Carlson never said a word. In general, we do not see that very little, and his face appears in the kinematics of the collision, and his fists in the fight against Vlad.

The bottom of the screen is always occupied by a panel comprising from left to right:

  • Carlson the object in the hands;

  • plan of the ship;

  • bag, which gives access to the player's inventory;

  • buoy, leading to the game menu;

  • watch that tells the time, first as player progression, and (during the sinking) in real time.

The reconstruction of the ship based on several documentaries. In the game, the Titanic seems to desert (the story takes place on a Sunday evening, so many passengers sleep as explained the steward and the elevator boy). With the exception of the main characters, there are only immobile passengers in the main rooms and hallways. Game characters were created from photographs of actors, which gives a limited animation, and a lack of synchronization in the dialogues.

Take the Tour

In addition to the game, Titanic offers a free tour of the ship, various characters involved to provide information on the history of the ship. Cyberflix proposed to download new players on its site, which is now closed. However, they can be downloaded from fan sites of the game it should be noted that the French version is estimated at meetings with the characters downloaded since they speak French and English in the dialogues for the comments of documents.

The visit will nevertheless conform to reality, based on the original plans and photographs. The topics addressed by speakers ranging from the design of the ship sinking through its facilities and passengers.


Written and produced by Andrew Nelson

Associate Producer: Amy Rushton

Programming: Todd Appleton

Art Director: Michael Kennedy

Design and 3D animation: Paul Haskins, Michael Kennedy, Alex Tschetter, Jamie Wicks

2D Director: Bob Clouse

Design and 2D animation: Ani Chang, Billy Davenport

Director of sound and music: Scott Scheinbaum

Historical Advisor: Bill Sauder

Additional Authors: Leslie Horowitz, George Malko, Geoffrey Proud, Zak Weisfeld

The game was released October 31, 1996 in the United States. It was developed by Cyberflix under the direction of Andrew Nelson. This explained that the aim in the production of the game was firstly to produce a standard CD-ROM game, and that along the way there arose the possibility of making a program both fun and informative. Like all games developed by Cyberflix, Titanic uses DreamFactory technology designed by Bill Appleton, director of the company. In this case, it is, like its predecessor Dust DF 4.0.

For the game to be faithful to reality, research was conducted by Bill Broyles, who visited several museums and had recourse to many Internet archives, including photographic (uncommon thing in 1996). To cope with the problems of space, especially about the characters, the development team had to resort to various methods. The idea of ​​crowds (especially during the sinking) was quickly abandoned, although the decks are not completely empty (silhouettes of three-dimensional inanimate being dispersed into the background). However, to be able to interact with the player 25 characters, designers resorted to assemblies containing photographs of actors and a program designed for the occasion by Appleton headshop. This technique allows to have 30-40 characters in a CD instead of 7 to 10 with QuickTime movies. The actors were recruited near the place of development and may be part of the team. Thus, Eric S. Quist, who plays Eric Burns, the photographer, was commercial director Cyberflix.

The game was distributed by GTE Entertainment in the U.S. and in Europe Europress. Mac OS and Microsoft Windows versions were first produced, then a common version of the two materials was developed. The game was then distributed by Hammerhead Entertainment when Cyberflix went bankrupt in 1998.

Reception and legacy

According to its designer, Andrew Nelson, Titanic had passed 100,000 copies in two months after its release. Published in six languages​​, the game itself apart from its predecessor, Dust: A Tale of the Wired West, the French version was only one original version subtitled in which passages were not translated. An accompanying CD-ROM, entitled "Titanic" The Lost Mission was released in 1998, including a screen saver, the trailer of the game and a prelude particularly involving Penny Pringle, Andrew Conkling and Charles Lambeth April 13, 1912 . Rand Cabus, in charge of marketing (which also embodies Buick Riviera in the game and Dust18), also distributed T-shirts bearing the image of the game

Nelson had, following the success of the game, different game projects to fun and educational outreach including a suite of Titanic in which Carlson acted in St. Petersburg in 1917. However, these projects never saw the day due to the bankruptcy of Cyberflix in 1998.

The game and the story

The reconstruction of the ship is quite faithful to reality and allows you to explore many parts of the ship. The main errors are often the concessions made by the creators for gameplay reasons: indeed, it was impossible for a first-class passenger to move freely in the facilities of other classes, and barriers separating different classes on deck . Similarly, there was no control room between the engine room and turbine hall, but it was added to serve as a mystery theater. Elevators down to the E to the bridge deck and not D, and there were six boiler rooms instead of five. The provision of boats in front of the main deck has also changed slightly: folding C and D rafts were removed.

Some changes were also made to "the spirit of the people who sailed on the Titanic." Thus, the third officer, Herbert Pitman was renamed Morrow. However, this spirit has not always been respected during the sinking, said Zeitel indeed about Joseph Bruce Ismay, president of the White Star Line, "The rats are leaving the ship! "And that, as women and children," the president of the company has a place on board boats, too. "

Finally, to the extent that, because of his short career, few photographs of the interior of the Titanic have been received, the reconstructions are based mainly on its sister ship, the RMS Olympic and may not be consistent with that was really the Titanic. For example, the walls of the first class lounge of the Titanic did not have mustard color shown in the game the same way, the table shown in the smoker's The Arrival in the New World by Norman Wilkinson, who was actually on the 'Olympic: Titanic sported meanwhile the port of Plymouth by the same author approach.

Titanic: Adventure Out of Time control keys

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