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TIE Fighter play online

Star Wars: TIE Fighter (Collector's CD-ROM)

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Downloading file size - 264 Mbytes

Game folder name - TIEFighter

Toggle full screen view press RightAlt + Enter. Requires Java

Click on game screen to enter the game. To unlock mouse click twice right button

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Star Wars: TIE Fighter gameplay
Star Wars: TIE Fighter title screen

Game review

Softgold Computerspiele, LucasArts, 1994, Action, Simulation, 1st-Person Perspective, Flight, Sci-Fi / Futuristic.

Undemanding in general, the game is pleasing quality graphics and cheerful music background (music - from the real "Star Wars," filmed at the time, George Lucas). Of course, this is a masterpiece and the introduction, where for about 3 minutes shows the destruction of rebel bases Death Star, fighting back the imperial armed forces and said the Emperor's new plan to restore law and order in the galaxy, the efforts of the remaining ships, fighters led by Darth Vader. The entire game, and is, in fact, in the implementation of the plan.

  With a completely standard for this kind of game interface: after the "registration" (enter the name of the pilot or pilots choose from), you get to main Concourse "- the main element of interactive programs, some things even here already distinguish this game from a number of others like her. What immediately attracts attention because it opens the door, where the player can enter. The game itself is very simple and resembles the familiar to all fans of space simulators series of Wing Commander. It consists of seven battles, each with multiple (at least four) mission commander gives you a task that is immediately displayed on a special monitor, with the definition of the location of friendly and enemy ships. If necessary, you can find out more details - on what ship you will fly and what forces will face. Depending on the type of ship you may be asked to choose from - torpedoes, rockets and even a bomb. Some ships are equipped with two laser guns, others their number increased to four in addition there are two ion cannons.

  Mission same may be of three types. The first and simplest - the destruction of enemy ships on the principle shoot at anything that moves. (And sometimes not even then, that does not move, if it is said in the job that should be shot as containers or mine). But even in such simple missions are also pitfalls. You should not shoot? And - according to his partner, as well as user-friendly ships, and B - on its own base. The latter may even be worth living. Though its base, but vdarit can both be on anyone with negligence in her shoot. In addition, sometimes give extra points and improve for the "inspection" of enemy ships to destroy them. This option is much more difficult - not only because of the fact that the opponents opened fire on the approach, but also because many partners are working to defeat the enemy as quickly as possible.

  The second type is a bit more complicated. It is associated with Maintenance own and friendly ships. The main objective is the same - to survive, but you must save the life of one or more "transportation companies" or amphibious vehicles up to a certain time. If there were no other jobs - inspection of the enemy ships, the players would have been easier. The companions seek to achieve the same goal, and skillful actions to perform a task rather easy.

  The third stage of the missions - disabling (original - disable) and capture enemy ships or bases. This is the most difficult type of mission. It is necessary not just to destroy one or more enemy ships, namely to disable it. This is achieved with precision shots from the ion gun. The main problem with this kind of tasks - that opponents are trying to destroy the disabled their ships. These missions are like escorts, except for the fact that the disabled ships can destroy a missile or a pair of accurate shots. I would recommend to first shoot all the "unnecessary" the enemy ships that on the disabled ships did not attempt your opponents. Capture the same produce is not necessary, you just wait for the moment when a disabled opponent will take on a special boarding landing craft.

  The game would not be as exciting, if for every mission given to only one job. But the list of tasks in each mission sometimes takes a full screen of text, and the problem usually come across different types. Unfortunately, the computer chooses you with the most convenient vehicle for each mission, and rockets can be loaded is not on all the ships.

As for the standard set - laser and ion guns, at first, they can "duplicate" that is, to make shoot together, not one by one (in vehicles with four lasers can be given shots of the four cannons). Second, after the invention of Beam-System can increase the frequency of fire, and in the third, the same frequency can be increased by sacrificing or protective screen (not the computer, of course, but the ship), or speed. However, in one of the missions is highly recommended even lower "power" guns, so you can catch up with the fleeing enemy.

  But I'm not in vain called the play "role". All missions within each battle logically related. For example, in a single battle is a story in which one of the generals of the Empire sold rebels, then you can not escape from the ship traitors, and at the end of the battle you are personally involved in the capture sell the ship and watch the repossession of General traitor. You can, of course, completely ignore that speaks to the mission commander and view the task is already "in flight" and the animation between flights regarded as a luxury, but then the game turns into a simple arcade game, not burdened with meaning.

  Charm same games, inter alia, in the fact that it is not "cerebrospinal". Built-in animation and rewarding moments increase in rank, as well as the opportunity to learn what contribution to the cause has made the player in the last job, and logical connection of all battles make this game a masterpiece. After the most important key, tasks the player looks cartoon, which shows what happened as a result of his victory or defeat. If you win you have a chance to see in person the emperor (a great honor), and get a medal or a new rank. During the game you have to go from lieutenant to general, while receiving several awards.

  The game has a "Film Room" - a room for watching movies shot in battle. You can simply include in-flight video camera, and then either turn it off or forget about it - it will turn off after a very, very significant, time. Control the show is extremely simple (but only due to the ability of programmers Lucas Arts) and the possibility of its almost unlimited. For example, you can freely change the point of view, "closer" to the ship, "removed" from him. But what shocked me the most is the fact that all these operations are permissible in relation to all ships - and his own, and the enemy.

You can, for example, seen in the film what you do not have time to notice during the battle - a side view, the behavior of a partner, an enemy, you can even "sit" on his or enemy missile. Honestly

It would be difficult to expect from "Film Room" "something more. That is radically different from TF Priv, is the ability to exercise on any ship on which you can fly in a real fight. And there are two versions of a workout. Needless to say, all the graphics and then on the level. Show a special facility - a sort of exercise equipment of the future. First - Training Simulator - made for beginners. You choose to fly the ship, all the characteristics of which are immediately displayed on the screen, and then she begins training. You fly in a tube composed of various lengths of sections connected at different angles. If you have successfully overcome the first stage, followed by the second and so on, and the time to overcome the next step less than the previous. Your task - at first just to have time to overcome a certain number of sections without bumping into the wall when turning. Then, in the next steps, from time to time will have to shoot at the goal - different colors and shapes geometric shapes scattered on certain compartments. Each hit has a minimum of 2 seconds of extra time and points.

The second simulator - Combat Chamber - much more difficult.

It is based on real tasks that you will be getting further into the main game. I would advise you to overcome at least two assignments on each ship, before you start the game. Depending on the type of ship you choose, you can get the appropriate reference.

  Basically, you can "jump" through the job, that is, instead of the first mission to choose the second or third, but to do this is strongly discouraged. Only difference from the training set "of combat." Here you can select the "burden" of his ship. To provide you with torpedoes, missiles or bombs - simulator solves itself.

The points scored by a player shall also be considered as a real fight. The second simulator, of course, more interesting, but it's better to start in the first.

  By the way, I was surprised to find that the sound worked in Training

Simulator is much better than in the Combat Chamber and, accordingly, actual battles. For example, the Training Simulator shots are fired very significantly (in a limited space), as well as sounds, when the laser misses the broadside wall. In real battles in front of the sound set is very limited, and, in the next message, mumbling, listen, in general, there is nothing.

  Furthermore, there TF Technical Room. I think this is the most significant difference from the TF Priv. In the Technical Room you can not just look and see how your and enemy ships, and find their speed (in a very strange units of measurement), and find out how these ships are equipped with weapons. It is unlikely that a lot of information about the object will give a message like "Many Turbo Laser Turrets", but, in my opinion, and so it is clear that close to that thing fly up is not necessary.

  One can not be said about those details, the absence or defect of which I was just surprised. The game is clearly not enough speech. But one should not forget that this is not CD-game, and on standard measures of its volume is not so great - only 14 Mb disk space after installation. However, the sound could be better. Speech abound in the "cartoons" - the introduction and animation awards, but there is little in the game. For example, it is necessary to specify the text to read in the absence of an appropriate speech.

  And one more little thing annoys me constantly throughout the flight. All the messages that come on the radio, do not appear in the middle, or even at the top of the screen, where the main objects that attract attention (radar - are front and rear), and at the bottom, where they almost do not notice.

Meanwhile, this is quite an important part of the game. If you have a sound card, then the text can not watch, because all the messages "sound." But if you have a similar problem, see often Log-list, containing all received messages since the beginning of the flight.


Star Wars: TIE Fighter control keys

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