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Shockwave Assault play online

Downloading file size - 520 Mbytes

Game folder name - ShockWave

Toggle full screen view press RightAlt + Enter. Requires Java

Click on game screen to enter the game. To unlock mouse click twice right button

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Shockwave Assault gameplay
Shockwave Assault title screen


Shift - acceleration

Ctrl - lasers

Alt - missiles

P - pause

Choice Invasion Earth or Operation Jumpgate

Mission select code is active

During a mission, pause the game and type "TakeMeToYourLeader"

for infinite shields, lasers, fuel and missiles.

Game review

Electronic Arts, 1995, Action, 1st-Person Perspective, Sci-Fi / Futuristic, Shooter.

Gamers with experience always distrusted for Windows. And it had every reason - too expressionless most of the games were made ​​under this operational system . Inability to handle large graphics arrays for a limited time unit practically put an end to the bright, colorful games. As a result, preference only a few genres - logic ( cards , chess, puzzles ) , strategies without unnecessary frills and unpretentious graphic arcades . There were, of course, exceptions, but very rarely - jump over the limitations of the old Windows could not be anyone . Therefore, the appearance and the new operating system was greeted Windows'95 playing people, to put it mildly restrained . And for good reason. And to ensure this, we need to get acquainted with one of the first games made specifically for the program of the company Windows95 «Electronic Arts» ( and here were among the leaders ) , called «Shock Wave: Assault». Lovely three-dimensional fast and expressive graphics , full-screen images , bright colors, plenty of videos (as in the demo program and between missions , as well as directly in the fighting scenes) , great sound - all this is undeniable proof that Windows 95 for games - Wednesday more than suitable . Dare to even suggest that in late 1996 - early 1997, it was under this system will be made operational if not all , then , in any case , many, many games of different genres and directions.

But let us return to the «Shock Wave».

For those who are well-versed in a variety of gaming platforms , this program should be very familiar . First she went into the format 3DO, becoming one of the first three games of the new generation . Largely thanks to this game (which to date has been more heaped continued) platform 3DO has gained much popularity and recognition worldwide. So , move it to a PC format was a matter of just a saint. As a result , without much hype , quietly and with dignity «Electronic Aits» has done its job , to join the «Shock Wave» hundreds of thousands of owners of desktops worldwide. Game and flew to our suffering gaming computer market .

So, get acquainted , «Shock Wave: Assault».

The plot and the story itself is simple - any longer . Everything that happens is based on the assumption of the inevitability of science fiction invasion and capture of the Earth and the entire galaxy by some vysokorazumnymi , highly civilized and bloodthirsty alien races . With a light hand HG Wells , this topic is not haunted and creators of computer games. At least every sixth game , if not directly , then , in any case , indirectly tied to another war of the worlds. And then you have to either fight or face the consequences of some intergalactic conflict. In «Shock Wave» everything is about the same.

Year 2019 . Radar ground stations intelligence discovered huge meteorite field , rapidly approaching the Earth. Over the planet is seriously threatened . If this was the case ... Alas, things are much more complicated. Tracking Systems orbital carrier " Omaha ", the main striking force of space earthlings , to determine the true nature of the " meteor " field - tens of thousands of alien space ships , like the network covering the Earth. Alarm all weapons systems are immediately on full alert . And the main hope of command - heavy space fighter attack aircraft F- 177. This is the main striking force of the Space Fleet , an elite squad of pilots consisting entirely aces . You are one of those who will send the first command in battle with an armada of enemy spaceships , fighting robots and other ultra-modern technology that humanity does not even dreamed of .

However, while the essence of the case , the enemy has already reached the Earth's surface. Los Angeles and Las Vegas , England and Hawaii - all in flames. Almost not a single continent, which would not have been full of aliens. Ground forces are broken, and only hope for " Omaha " ...

Structurally, the game consists of two stories , in principle, arbitrarily selected , but it is logical to start in order ( this feature is due to the fact that in one disc for PC combined just two games in his time in the format published 3DO).

In the first , INVASION EARTH: 2019 , you lead the battle with the enemy in the earth. Beginning in Egypt , your carrier sends you in the future and on other continents. From England to the Amazon - is the geography of your exploits . Whatever it was - the scale of the action is impressive. In addition, as the authors say , to create landscapes , data real photo shoot from the air. So the questions and the situation in the game is more or less close to the reality that certainly reinforces the impression of what is happening. Really , how often do you have to fly at low level flight over the famous Egyptian pyramids ? And about to shoot them in the dust , not even dreamed of until now not a single terrorist nihilist ... In the game you are given the same even a possibility . However, distracted by the beauty is once - so many enemies that every extra shot, wasted , at a critical moment will leave you defenseless before an enraged enemy, whose bare hands can not take. You can certainly go to the ram . And not once , but several. But in the end this barbaric way you break his dear and smart machine , without having achieved victory without fulfilling orders , and even dying in the process. But let's not get ahead of ourselves .

The second episode of the game , OPERATION JUMPGATE, takes you into the situation even more unusual . The war with the aliens continued for several years and now you are on the aircraft carrier UNSF «Omaha» go to smash the enemy on the other planets of the solar system . It is difficult to say whether used here in creating landscapes satellite imagery data , but imagination and ingenuity can be the creators of the game to give odds to anyone. However, this applies not only to the image areas on the surface which will unfold major events - not less expert authors and were part of the "creation" of enemy combat systems , and a variety of design that simply amaze imagination of any of the hard-boiled " Computer Pilot ".

All game scenarios «Shock Wave» dynamic and keep you in the highest voltage throughout the time interval during which the action lasts . By genre - this game is a mix mixture , in this case , alive and vibrant with classic arcade simulator (of course, the most simplistic, but leaving the pilot some freedom in choosing the directions of movement , using different types of weapons , etc.).

Now a closer look at the specifics of the main modes and the game in general .

After starting AUTORUN you find yourself in the start menu of the game.


Options is not very much , but their correct installation allows you to enjoy all the features (especially graphics and sound ) , which has «Shock Wave».

INSTALL - run the installation , you can not just rewrite drive on some batch files . During this process, the program automatically ottestiruet your equipment and pick the optimal setting modes . But something will have to be done manually .

- VIDEO MODE - video setup . This is a crucial moment that precedes the actual game. It is important to make sure that your installation " squeezed " out of the car all that it is, in principle , capable of. A variation in the video is very large - from unpretentious 320x200 at 256 colors at 640x480 powerful to thousands. Ustanovivzhelaemoe you thereby complete the setup (SETUP COMPLETED). Keep in mind , all modes are marked with different colors : red - worst of all , orange - something green - the best choice for your computer .

UNINSTALL - remove the installation files from the disk .

VIDEO MODE - to make changes to the settings by selecting another mode graphics resolution .

HELP - Brief help install the game and some of the problems associated with it .

QUIT - quit the game .

In the upper left corner of the start screen is a menu selection of play episodes ( scenario offered by the program ) :

- INVASION EARTH - the first story - attack and battle aliens on Earth ;

- OPERATION JUMPGATE - the second scenario - the pursuit of the enemy .

Depending on your choice , you determine the entire future course of events. To subsequently move to another title , you'll be sure to restart the program , re- entered in the Start menu .

As the game progresses you will constantly have to deal with the various setup menus . Operation is the same everywhere :

- To light the option you are interested in , use the cursor UP, DOUN, LEFT and RIGHT ( when using the keyboard) or click on the desired option left mouse button. And a keyboard and a mouse to operate a menu simultaneously , regardless of which device will be selected to manage the game ;

- Selection of the illuminated option - press ENTER or click the left mouse button. Double click activates whether it before it was ready for use;

- To see the overview mode - buttons on the screen , light cure option " ? " And , holding down the ENTER key or the left mouse button , determine what symbols represent other options located on the screen ;

- To skip videos relating the episodes (in the game , as the authors say , more than 20 minutes of real full screen video ) , use the ESC or SPACE;

- To leave the game - ESC ( from the main menu ) .


After downloading the selected scene and viewing the impressive demonstration video , you will find yourself on the main screen scenario , where all will be further management gaming .

In the bottom of the screen contains the name of the territory over which you have to fight the enemy in the next mission ( the game begins in Egypt). Slightly higher - pilot's name , control your F- 177 (default - WILDCARD, so you " call " program).

Right in a vertical row - four options . Downwards , they have the following meanings :

1. Run and play next to the current selected pilot mission;

2 . Move to the player's status (see below) ;

3 . Select the device with which you will manage a fighter in combat ;

4 . View , which means the above option buttons .


By selecting this mode , you find yourself in a new submenu. Options for further selection on bottom horizontal row from left to right .

1. Go to the screen for creating a new player (see below) .

Keep in mind that after the new pilot will be registered in the program, its progress through the story of the episode it is automatically saved to that name after the successful completion of each mission. And the pilot will be stored permanently in the menu PLAYER ROSTER ( see also below the relevant chapter ) .

2 . Go to the screen PLAYER ROSTER ( list of registered pilots in the game ) .

3 . Repeat any of the previously successfully completed missions.

To select the desired scenario , use the cursor UP / DOWN. ENTER - start to re- plot of the game. At the beginning of the episode in this mode you will only be available the first scenario (say, for INVASION EARTH - EGIPT) in training mode - TRAINING.

4 . Return to the main menu of the game .

5 . View appointment options above buttons.


Selecting the appropriate option from the screen PLAYER STATUS ( extreme left) , you will be able to enter your own name to the list of players. To delete an existing use the BACKSPACE key or click the mouse on the letters in the string.

Then , choosing a mouse from the alphabet , proposed below , or using the keyboard , make a new name. Then determine the level of difficulty , which are going to play ( with the- buttons at the bottom of the screen ) .

Left to right:

1. NEW CADET - the easiest difficulty level ;

2 . NEW WINGMAN - medium variant ;

3 . NEW ACE - the impenetrable game mode ;

4 . Return to the previous screen ;

5 . Brief description of the options buttons.

Clicking the cursor (ENTER) to the desired level of difficulty, you thereby create a pilot and finally his own game , while returning to the main menu .


This screen contains all the players , and under their names - and their current results (previously successfully passed the fighting scenes ) D:

In the mode, there are five options . Left to right:

1. Download the position of the selected player;

2 . Delete the player and his game;

3 . Restore the previous erasure ( This can only be done as long as you do not leave the screen PLAYER ROSTER. If you had time to return to this PLAYER STATUS, erased the game will be lost );

4 . Return to the previous menu ;

5 . As usual, to see the name of the options buttons.

To navigate through the list of drivers , use built-in screen up / down buttons and mouse . Activated ( ready for action ) is a string with the name white.


This mode is selected the third option- top button in the main menu screen . With access to a choice of devices , click on the text string that you specify . you more like :

JOYSTICK - joystick ;

KEYBOARD - Keyboard ;

MOUSE - Mouse .

As the game directly from the cockpit of a fighter at any moment you can change your choice and reassign the device using the appropriate keys:

- J - Joystick ;

- K - keyboard ;

- M - mouse.

On the taste , of course , do not argue , but it seemed to us that the keys - ideal device control computer F- 177.

Pilot selecting from the list and downloading so postponed game (or simply starting with the first episode of the mission ) , you can proceed to the combat mission by activating the top option button PLAY GAME main menu of the game .



After watching the video, you will find yourself in the cockpit of F-177. But before I introduce you to the equipment available fighter and battle mode, we draw your attention to the following - though «Shock Wave» in nature and is an arcade game, alas. knowledge of English you will not even hurt. The fact that in the commercials that precede each story, Manager orbital command post carrier, cute girl officer will instruct you in detail on the specific objectives of this task, both primary and secondary. Also, while your ship will refuel, missiles, lasers and shield charge, on-board computer will substantially supplement the primary information of the assignment. But that's not all - in the course of events, the same computer or officer manager, as well as some of the other participants in the game will continue to lead you in the swing of things and at all times will be set by the current prioritization of accents you those or other actions in flight . Display the list of targets to be destroyed, it is impossible, so all have to have hearing. You can, of course, destroy everything that comes to hand. This way, in principle, also be acceptable, but it will make a mess in your actions and postpone early quest for an indefinite period of more distant.

So, having learned about the purpose of the mission, check out appliances and major official fighter and combat systems.

The control panel has the following basic elements.

On the left are three horizontal scale.


Shows how sustained enemy strikes the body of your vehicle. Once the red color disappears scale, mission will fail - your F-177 would be destroyed almost the first exact hit enemy. This trouble occurs for two reasons - the impact on the body and accurate shots opponents clash with other game objects as active - fighters, and other flying devices, robots, and other ground equipment, and neutral (unbroken construction) - tower, houses, pyramids and etc. So, be careful, try to avoid enemy fire and any collision was. There is another condition which does not like your fighter, but this - a little later (see «Safe Zone»).


Shows how long you can fire at the enemy from his main weapons - laser guns. Each shot takes a certain amount of on-board power, and once it dries, lasers silenced. This disastrous impact on the condition of the shield, and your well-being, as soon almost certainly kill you ... Therefore, do not make an enemy of such a gift, spend frugally and charges in the case - only the destruction of the enemy and the purposes specified in the order. In addition, as a means of self-defense lasers can be used for shooting flying at you enemy charges. (As long as we are talking about it, I also add that you often find yourself in a situation where the enemy is destroyed, and released them for a moment before death energy charge or rocket is in the air and aimed at you. In this case, either try if there is time to maneuver or shoot sighting threat.)

In general, the basic requirement «Shock Wave» to the game - it is concentration. Themselves flying and targeting weapons complex, but within the permissible, but must ultimately be collected throughout the game.

- The fuel indicator (blue scale).

Shows how much fuel is required for flight, left in the tanks of your F-177. With the disappearance of the scale, the fuel runs out, and with it, you lose the ability to continue the job. This figure, unlike the previous two, is less than wag your nerves. However, in some missions, it will be just "eyeballs."

However, the game is a means by which you can recover all of the above parameters, as well as refill missiles (see below).

- An indication of whether the rocket.

Speaking of missiles. At the beginning of the episode you have on board 14 warheads (each of which corresponds to the white marker on the missile display - two vertical scale to the right of the laser indicators, fuel and sewn). With regular shooting rockets, the corresponding lamp goes out, and in your arsenal is, of course, on one charge less. Rockets - a very powerful weapon, and it is not much, so try to reserve warheads for very specific goals and objectives (but also - within reason, as they periodically supply can be restored).

- Messages screen.

Television display mounted on the right panel, connects you to the command «Omaha», flight controllers and other pilots in the air. In the form of cinematics you can see here not only emotive cues, such as "Good job!", Etc., but also to gain valuable information regarding the course of the flight mission objectives and evolving around you combat situation. In addition, periodically appear on the screen and short text messages (say, when you do exactly what is stated in the battle order). Stop game mouse F (pause), you display the messages about how many goals highlighted in the job, you destroyed at the moment (GOAL and the number of a fraction).

- Odometer.

Digital display showing how much you have left to spend in the air to complete the current mission.


This is the main tool by which to navigate in flight and a preliminary assessment of the combat situation - intelligence and target identification.

First of all - Habitual, radar functions. All targets appearing on the radar screen in various colors:

- Yellow dots - ground enemy (robots, etc.);

- Red dot - enemy air (storm troopers);

- White dots - their ships.

Once the enemy appears on the radar screen, immediately turn around so that the mark on the purpose was strictly top of the display, thus you aim at the enemy and be ready to attack maximum possible distance (line-of-sight). It is always best to attack first, to prevent the enemy cause for action. Besides, chasing enemy vehicles throughout the area, chasing her and trying in vain to shoot into the side - a thankless task and too troublesome.

In addition to conventional radar functions, the central display panel and performs a special task, still fans of virtual hunting computer unfamiliar. This problem is closely connected with the main scenario installing the game - you have to fight not just anywhere, but only within a certain limited area (SAFE ZONE), marked by a dotted line on the display. The meaning is as follows: zone - this corridor, in which you work. Before reaching its end and turning, you go flying. In this changing landscape, the following enemies appear, etc. Go beyond the zone (in reality, by the way, nothing indicated), it is impossible. More precisely, technically you are able to do so. However, once you get close to the perimeter, the sound and the inscription panel display: OFF PATH, will warn you that you were at a dangerous point and can run into trouble. The fact that your basic cruiser in orbit, carefully watching everything going on, but its orbital lasers and missile launchers are programmed in such a way that automatically attack anything that is out of your actions. Alas, you are including. Hardly you cross the line (dotted line in the display area), as now two-three warning, a gentle kick. However, the further you move away, the fire will become rampant. As a result, outside the zone can hold ten or fifteen seconds, no more. And then - with critical injuries housing.

Thus, constantly make sure that does not fly if your ship to the perimeter. And to avoid such situations is difficult because in some places the electronic "sleeve", to which you are moving, very narrow, and besides, the landscape can be saturated with various buildings, among which are poking enemy fighters. But in this situation, and the easiest to stray from the right path. I really do not know what is better - to keep the tail remnants of the enemy or gave chase and killed by their own lasers ... In short, it's a matter of taste and experience.

Aim & Shoot

Crosshairs is not seen on screen is impossible, that's all clear. To aim at the enemy, use the cursor keys LEFT / RIGHT / DOWN / UP, combining the crosshairs with the image of the enemy combat unit. Indicator turns red, confirming that complete and objective guidance captured guidance system. However, real and sustainable capture object tracking in the game. Instant confusion, and the enemy "slips off the hook", so - shoot immediately and make allowances for the fact that the laser beam to reach the target and the missile is not immediately. The greater the distance, the farther away from the present moment and the contact time. Therefore attack head or back far more lucrative than other angles.

For firing the laser used CTRL. If you need to maintain a continuous fire - hold the key and remember limit energy charges.

ALT - launch. In various episodes they called differently-mu, but the essence remains the same. Homing missiles because thorough manual targeting in this case, to the same extent as in the laser attack.

In managing the game with a joystick or mouse basic principle remains the same - only the button for shooting involving a particular device.

Charging systems

In the area you will often have to be very long. Survive with only the original charge sheet, lasers, fuel, and once and for all set the number of missiles, virtually impossible - too tight, you will find the fire from the enemy, and their total number is much higher than your initial firing capabilities.

In order to survive longer and survive in combat, you have to repeatedly resort ("arrive") to the services of a special ship tanker, called REFUELLING DRONE. He piloted at pomoshi computer and occasionally appears on the battlefield (often - at critical moments of the game). Mark on the radar of the drone - white. Outwardly, it resembles a large pot-bellied frisbee. Once the tanker will be in the area of ​​your actions - immediately drop everything (especially if your vital components are close to critical) and go to it. To refuel, just gently slide under the ship's bottom. This restores your shield and fuel. Up to a maximum F-177 and get energy for laser firing and rockets. If enemies are nearby (this is usually the case), it is necessary to immediately join the battle and destroying the enemy, refuel again until REFUELLING DRONE not leave the area of ​​your actions. If he had already crossed the line, and the level of your shield is low, try to slip under the tanker to have time to recover. Only this should be done quickly and accurately. Otherwise vigilant lasers cruiser "Omaha" in the three-Four of shots spoil your achievements in restoring the shield.

To pause the game, use the P to pause. Pressing returns you to the fight, and in stop mode by pressing ESC, you get out of this story, being right on the main menu of the game.

Passage of the episodes

For each scenario, you are given four attempts - and three additional page. In case of death (and with that you will encounter all the time, you will be asked "jaunty" videodemon-Straško (several options), which will discuss the challenges of your health). After that, dear lady-dis-petcher again catapult throw you out of the hold, "Omaha" EVA to try again. The fourth set will be the last - patience ladies will dry and you will find yourself in the main menu, from which, however, can be re-download the game from the screen ROSTER.

To save humanity, the same, you must successfully complete all the missions of the episode. In order to execute any script, you need to necessarily solve all the tasks in order combat officer dispatcher. Take into account the information and combat computer ICE (Intelligent Combat Engine) directly on a course of action.

Completing a regular job, you can move on to the next.

If you resume the game after the break, choose your pilot ROSTER menu and load deferred position - LOAD, to continue the episode left off (of course, between jobs).


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