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Shivers II play online

Shivers II: Harvest of Soul

Downloading file size - 619 Mbytes

Game folder name - Shivers2

Toggle full screen view press RightAlt + Enter. Requires Java

Click on game screen to enter the game. To unlock mouse click twice right button

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Shivers II: Harvest of Souls gameplay
Shivers II: Harvest of Souls title screen


Game review

Sierra On-Line, 1997, Adventure,

1st-person Perspective, Puzzle-solving, Horror.

...At the bottom of the deep-shallow canyon, among the blood-red rocks, beneath the green sky lies the sombre-clouded town of Cyclone, and terrible-intrepid people live in it.

Guests are greeted with a baseball bat in their hands, ancient Indian corpses are kept in the workshop, and hanging skeletons are stored in the refrigerator. Here wander mysterious Indian gods, who know how to write notes and make phone calls, and their talismans slowly, but stubbornly eat the winding green line of life of the player who picked them up. Televisions suck the unwary viewer, speckled rocks kill, and ghosts are always happy to help with advice. Sinister music and howling spirits never leave an unhappy man wandering into this semi-subterranean world.

Find twelve magic Indian bacchus sticks, o traveler, and for you this nightmare will end - you will free the tightly frozen friends to the altar in the Indian sanctuary of friends and defeat the ancient evil that entangled the depopulated Cyclone.

What is needed for this? What, have not figured it out yet? Or did not play in the first Shivers? Of course, guess a whole bunch of puzzles scattered throughout the town with its indispensable church, police station, library, motel and a bunch of other equally important institutions. Puzzles are stylized for cute and for the most part vintage desktop puzzle toys. Even those that the evil spirits will make you decide on the red stones of the Devil's Mouth, look just like small wooden mosaics.

Here and so. Somewhere the missing friends are languishing in expectation of your help, the remaining inhabitants of the small town and they will kill each other, bloodthirsty spirits howl over your ear, the line of life has already darkened to almost half, and you relax, collecting from the wooden pieces the next geometric figure. And nothing!

It is equally nice to solve a puzzle with an egg mesh, sitting in a shop fridge next to a skeleton, peacefully swaying on a gold bracelet. And the puzzles themselves - well, such lovely, such homely and not at all terrible toys, just for family evening leisure: Spiderman in a periodically changing labyrinth, collect a hieroglyph from bamboo planochek ... If the task is disgusting - also not scary. In the options there is a picture - a small lock - clicked, and the next puzzle was solved, however, with the loss of a certain number of points, so that then the game can be repeated, achieving perfection. Back in Shivers 2, you'll have to read and listen a lot, but do not be scared: everything that you learn in the course of the game can always be viewed or heard when you need it.

And, finally, a little about the "rules of the game." They are simple, but perhaps not all (for example, me) are clear from the very beginning. Neophyte, I, like a mouse-norushka, began to carefully store inventory, including the same Indian sticks, not knowing at all about their harmful effects on my body, so do not follow my example: after finding a solution to the puzzle, another Indian magic wand , Run all the way to "The Devil's Mouth", previously saving the game. There, on the red stones, you will find the corresponding symbol (the same one that was next to the wand when you picked it up) and solve a small puzzle. Now, without forgetting the symbol, we must run to the Indian altar in the bowels of the cave and put the wand in place. And so 12 times!

If the evil spirits in the cave have taken away too much health from you, look for the white spirals on the blue stones - they will lightly heal you.

That's the whole game. Simple and tasteful, which the artists "Sierra" has not changed, and this time, despite the unexpected scarcity of the available technical resources. True, this time instead of a provincial town they created interiors that are more likely to be a Bluebeard's castle. It's nice to see a lousy motel whose walls are covered with frightening frescoes and paintings, or at a police station adorned with images of gallows.

But after all, that's the horror story, so that everything seemed mysterious and suspicious! A pleasantly terrible atmosphere contributes, naturally, and music - from something tragically symphonic to rock, because your friends are rock musicians, and their melodic creations are scattered around the game.

And yet, Shivers 2 seemed to me not a favorite child of the "Sierra". First, the company was greedy and did not use in the game any of those advanced technologies that it undoubtedly has. The screen is striped for any movement - it's just plain indecent in our time, although, of course, it helps to save disk space.

However ... here for the first time the technology of a circular view is applied horizontally and 180 degrees vertically, but how carelessly it is done! If some action takes place at the same time as your movement in the game, the movements occur in jerks, and sometimes the picture simply "slips" and you have to slide the mouse around the screen to push it further. This is especially annoying in "Devil's Maw", where you need to constantly turn your head in search of the next character, and evil spirits attack you from all sides.

It's unpleasant, of course, and that the game is a bit dark, but it will be even worse if you twist the brightness adjustment knob to the maximum. What 3D primitives will then come from numerous, once dark slots! It is better to let your imagination complement the darkness!

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