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Safecracker play online

Downloading file size - 530 Mbytes

Game folder name - Safecracker

Toggle full screen view press RightAlt + Enter. Requires Java

Click on game screen to enter the game. To unlock mouse click twice right button

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Safecracker gameplay
Safecracker title screen


Game review

DreamCatcher,  Octagon Entertainment, Daydream Software AB,

1997, Strategy, 1st-Person Perspective, Puzzle-Solving.

Safecracker salaried : test puzzles

     Oh, I do not like puzzles ! Actually, not puzzles and games that consist solely of them, and there is not no plot, no meaning, no white light - one in 3D dull dingy colors , snapping combination locks and dirty piece of paper , written in bad handwriting. Although these games seem to be allocated on a noisy and bloody game whack tihostyu background , a kind of "intellectual " and the general splendor , I react badly to them and vulgar : the notorious "Nine" , for example, made ​​me an instant urge to call her creator and tender, but leaves no doubt about the depth of feeling born of a voice ask, how long? ..

"Ugh - tell a smart reader - to be subjective ugly, it puts you down! " - And I agree with him completely . That is why all the " Nine " with SPQR not honestly overlooked in our section , but they also receive a fair assessment .

In fairness

     It is to this - the need to give a " fair assessment " and I tried to mentally prepare , picking up a toy under the promising name Safecracker ( firm Daydream). In any case, frankly, it is immediately clear what we have to deal with all the lucky 999 + hours of game time.

     Everything in general, and it turned out : mutnenkoe and 3D, and endless moving furniture around slurred and publisher at " Cracker " - GT Interactive, that is the same as that of the classics of the genre outright Nine and SPQR, - and above , safes , safe deposit boxes , safes ... With one exception : I liked the game . I have no idea why, but as it happens !

     Perhaps above all played a role here is that the game clearly did with gusto. We joked , laughed, and thought the best way - and this is inevitably reflected in the game , in theory - a dull tutorial for novice bear hunter with a bias light romance.

     Judge for yourself: the whole game you do only one , namely to open safes in an empty office, safe deposit boxes and there - by the thousand ! This is understandable, since the firm is engaged in their release , and almost since 1812. Once you get there - and start a real orgy lock slot and armored doors ! Most wild and fire-proof cabinets designs you have to print in the half-light alarming , until you open your last and do not get a well-deserved award, namely ... the place of chief for Security in the company itself. That you have such a test of aptitude .

As always wanted , but it turned out fun!

     Of course, the story actually does not matter - you'll be safe to open only for the sake of the process, and any developments not foreseen - except, of course, the obligatory puzzles overflow into each other , with a whimsical mess that it is difficult to guess . 5 piece of paper in a safe in any case would not apply to the safe 6 - 6 safe you will be able to open only by finding a piece of paper in a basket in room 241, which will be able to get by opening the safe 18 ... Just like always - and still fun!

     Here and there in the game there are funny elements : for example , inventory thoroughly and vividly drawn, and it is very nice twist in the window , your actions are often accompanied by a funny and unexpected sounds , music ( although it had to turn it off after ten minutes ) is not on nudit a pseudo mysterious note, and it sounds quite cheerful and modern ...

     Even the damned puzzles look quite decent - they obviously made ​​with skill and love, and a good study of art redeems what they ... puzzles in general . With all the usual bells and whistles as frank disbelief in intelligence plays : taunt him - bullied in every one , but to assume that he taught physics at school - no , sorry , maybe he even knows how to count ?

     In Safecracker this approach is demonstrated with amazing grace : there is a safe that can be opened , putting on three thermometers same temperature - Celsius, Fahrenheit and Kelvin .

     My advice: do not pick a fight, do not climb for a calculator , do not begin to remember what it must be divided and what to take away , do not try to count the absolute zero ! I tried - and I did not. Later , strolling into the far little room , I found a chart with formulas - it turned out their game , a simplified method just gives a little more accuracy than my highly scientific , and I got two tenths higher than theirs.

     What ? Rather, they thought that I 'll get to this chart before to the safe, but , first of all , where I want , and I go there , and second , my formula was more accurate. Thanks, of course , for the care and more convenient way of counting - but the two -tenths of a last resort and can be " forgiven " - just in case someone will fall hefty smart, or just with a good memory ...

Backhanded compliment

     Still, I can not help myself : Safecracker play in interesting, fun , I want to get to the end - Forgive me my supporters ! The most boring puzzle like " tag " just as good and at the same time without pretension drawn that her collect nice though to collect their poor Quester has hundreds, and not only in the collections puzzle . Another door opens so solidly, grunting , or suddenly with a sharp click of a rebound in the spring - so vividly , as if something was wrong. And in the safe which only rubbish to be found - and a closer look , and sometimes eat or whatever entertaining "use" !

     God knows , maybe these dubious compliments too subjective to ugliness , but that subjectively better compliment than subjectively criticize , and so rarely happens that the distant you like creature suddenly for no reason . No, there is something in this Safecracker, there ! For example , a lot of safes ...

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