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Road Rash play online

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Downloading file size - 578 Mbytes

Game folder name - RoadRash

Toggle full screen view press RightAlt + Enter. Requires Java

Click on game screen to enter the game. To unlock mouse click twice right button

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Road Rash gameplay
Road Rash title screen

Game review

Electronic Arts, Papyrus Design Group, 1996, Action, Racing / Driving,

Simulation, Sports, 3rd-Person Perspective, Motorcycle.

Road Rash - great in the past and now -forgotten game series from Electronic Arts. It was then all that is now in the races that are close in spirit to the Need for Speed: beautiful for the time schedule , a variety of routes , upgrades , cops and guns . None racing game , except, perhaps , Rock'n'Roll Racing, could not be compared in terms of fun , received from the Road Rash. And what can I say : most likely, you've played a game in the series, just read the article.

The game has visited on a variety of platforms - from the Game Gear before the PC, - but on the Super Nintendo never made .

The most successful part of the series turned out to third . It was so good that even the brakes on iron Mega Drive. However , in childhood, few people knew what the brakes. But, do not play this game before, and running it now, you may notice that the smoothness of the game is lacking . But the solution is - clocking shogi or using an emulator that emulates the " overclocked " processor . 22Mhz will allow you to forget about the brakes and enjoy the smoothness of the game. Unfortunately, the only emulator capable of allowing the CPU to set the desired frequency and emulating Road Rash 3 without artifacts - is Megasis.

In the 3D series passed gently .

Version for Panasonic 3D pleasing to the eye three-dimensional locations and good old sprites motorcyclists . On one part of the series , this Panasonic is not delayed and walked on all platforms , including the Sega Saturn, PlayStation1, Sega CD and PC.

However, the version for the Sega CD was particularly. The engine was from Road Rash 3, and audio tracks with video migrated from older brothers. Can not say that for Road Rash SegaCD squeezed all the juice out of iron, but the game, as well as Road Rash 3, turned out quite good, though inferior to the latter dynamics. We can say that this is Road Rash 3 v.2.0. Only new tracks and music without graphic revolutions.

It should be noted that this game emulator Fusion quite tough, if you set the options in perfect sync.

PC especially lucky. Personalki version came out better than the other platforms. In the two times greater resolution and crisp sprites that rivals the visual three-dimensional models, for example, Road Rash 64. The interesting thing is that the game uses the MIDI-files, reminiscent of Road Rash 3, instead of "live" audio tracks that play only in the menu. It would be possible to place this point in the flaws, but in fact the music of rock bands during the race strongly boring. And there are very unobtrusive motives by the way.

But Sega CD was able to rotate and scale the layer with the background image, like the proverbial mode mode at 7 SNES. It's not like the developers took advantage of Road Rash hardware scaling sprites. At the very least, a big difference in performance is not noticeable.

The next generation of Road Rash has moved to full 3D. The last game of the series came out exclusively on the PlayStation, and undeservedly forgotten by Road Rash 64 for the Nintendo platforms. Having shared with PS1-version of the soundtrack, the game has a completely different graphics engine and gameplay. Schedule there is even less technological than on the platform of a competitor, but a cut above its playability. Take the whole "fan" / madness (or as it's called) from Road Rash 3, multiply it by four - and get an idea of ​​Road Rash 64.

The developers have gone to some lengths to prevent the player bored. It may be noted that the computer opponents always go only hangouts, constantly rub to each other and trying to drag it into the player. It is necessary to break away from this heap of crazy bikers and go far ahead and then crashing as a player or a "get-together" teleport closer to not get bored alone.

In fact, it is quite transparent to the player, but in other games of this series, and no one can trudge to the finish last, so do not even see the top three.

Overall, a great game in the series, once again confirming that the graphics in games - it's not the most important thing. She does not get bored and will prolong the second minute. It is worth noting a rather amusing physics and very thoughtful management.

On a fully three-dimensional PlayStation Road Rash 3D far departed from the original games on the concept and gameplay.

More attention is paid to the racing aspect. More like a motocross with the ability to interfere with the opponents. Speeds are much higher, and less control arcade. In such conditions, clashes between the drivers are much less common. Not so easy to travel at the same speed to be able to wave their fists.

Road Rash Jailbreak, at the moment the last game in the series continued the concept of its predecessor. But the game is more about the crazy bikers than pro riders. Humor in the game increased. That there is a game for two people on one bike with a "tricar". Even despite the fact that the game is a little that connects the classic Road Rash, and it worked for many has become the "face" of the series. Indirectly, this was the popularity and availability of PlayStation games.

Later left the game with the same name portativki for Game Boy Advance. Game with a series of Road Rash binds no more than with any other motocross. From the old style of gameplay and there is not a gram. Even from PS1-brother she has a more than full.

Road Rash control keys

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