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Riven play online

Riven: The Sequel to Myst

Downloading file size - 2 Gbytes. Requires Java

Game folder name - Riven. In gameplay switch Transitions to None for best perfomance

Toggle full screen view press RightAlt + Enter. Access for all world in Save folder

Click on game screen to enter the game. To unlock mouse click twice right button

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Riven: The Sequel to Myst gameplay
Riven: The Sequel to Myst title screen


Game review

Red Orb Entertainment, Cyan Productions, 1997,

Adventure, 1st-Person Perspective, Fantasy, Puzzle-Solving.

Riven: The Sequel to Myst, and Riven, - a computer game in the genre of graphic quest created brothers Robyn Miller and Rand Miller, is the sequel to the original Myst. Released on the Macintosh platform, Windows, PlayStation, iOS, Sega Saturn, and Pocket PC. Despite reaching the end of 1997, the game has become the most sold for the year, which sold 1.5 million units.

Game creating

The idea and the first two years of development

Riven was conceived even before the brothers Miller Myst release in 1993 as a direct continuation of it - after the brothers realized that they could not accommodate all the ideas in a single game, the ending of Myst was intentionally left open. Direct work on a sequel began in January 1994, and with the beginning it was conceived as a broader and more elaborate game with thought-out plot, and the commercial success of Myst allowed to invest in the development of significant resources. The initial group of developers included 6 persons: worked on Myst Robyn and Rand Miller, Chris Brandkamp (born Chris Brandkamp, ​​CFO Cyan and sound engineer Myst., Richard Watson. And Joshua Alton Staub, responsible for the production of computer graphics, as well as a new employee Cyan Richard Vander Wende, computer graphics specialist, previously worked at companies such as Industrial Light & Magic and Disney. It was originally planned that the entire production of the game will take this team less than two years.

If Myst was developed without a single office for the Cyan team, the new project by virtue of its scale, it was decided to make a single workspace for interacting developers who initially served as an unheated garage Brandkamp renovated in Spokan. That were used in the work on Myst Macintosh computers with software Strata Studio Pro 3D-modeling were replaced with workstations Silicon Graphics Indigo, a work program has become SoftImage, used when working on the film Jurassic Park. The project has grown rapidly with the implementation, and decided to develop Cyan Riven to erect a separate building, placed in it as the company's headquarters. During his postoroyki team has already developed into a garage, and continues to expand for some time worked in an empty room of the former mattress store in the local mall.

The complex was erected in June 1995 to 1996 in Meade, near Spokane. The building was made in the style invented by brothers D'ni civilization, used in the Myst. By the time of the move two years of the team were already behind, and development time has been extended for another the same - to 4 years.

Main idea

From the very beginning of the development, it was decided to focus on two types of players "gamers" and "tourists". For the first developed more complex than of Myst, a puzzle that had to be more organically linked with the environment and the plot - introduced in them, presenting them an essential part of. Second we would have to involve primarily the types and the beauty of the virtual world, and the puzzle had to be simple application to him - for this is initially available to the player the world is a large field for research: five islands connected by a Maglev, with the opportunity to ride in a submarine , trolley, numerous lifts and enjoy the many breathtaking interiors, strange devices, and exotic animals. The team sought to photorealistic environments and animation, as well as the reasonableness of the world with three different cultures: the D'ni, the inhabitants of the jungle and rebel Moiety. As a result, the game has grown from a single CD to Myst 5 CD for Riven, including a scene about 4000 compared to 2500 in the precursor.


Development of the plot from the original idea to the final design was all the time working on the game. The name of the game has changed from the original Myst II through Equiquay (reflecting the intention of the drafters to make Riven hub - a central world, which offers to the portals to another era) until the final Riven is - the name of the Age, where Atrus and his wife Catherine conspired to imprison his father Atrus Gene when he megalomania became dangerous to others. Then Catherine was lured to Riven sons of Atrus, also came under the influence Gene ideas of absolute power, which gives the book linking books, And was taken prisoner by Genome - task of the player is to its release, the capture of the gene into a fake book portal and returning back home after a jump in the Star the gap. Riven Unlike Myst, is habitable, although unstable, all the Age of the Gene, and its inhabitants are divided into two factions - are ruled by Gene villagers on the islands and the rebels, living in an era written for them Katherine in front of her captivity Genome. In addition, the player immediately take the book with which he arrives in Riven, which adds to the game and find her before performing the main task.

The developers have changed the plot in the process, so initially Catherine prison was supposed to be a separate Epoch, then this idea was abandoned, moving the place of imprisonment to one of the islands and by limiting all the action only by them - because for some time it was believed that the gene does not possess sufficient skills to create their own books portals, having only resource Riven (although the idea of ​​his experiments in this direction has always been present in the story), as a result of the Catherine prison he remained in Riven, but the gene had the opportunity to create their rough books portals and database rebels had made a separate Epoch. One was even considering the possibility of variation with Katerina - a negative character, but it was abandoned by Robin said, due to the fact that "it would be too poor to Atrus'.

Just as the scenario for the film used storyboards, Riven development mainly relied on maps that represent the game world as a whole and in part. The initial draft of the gameplay has been designed for a few weeks a team of Miller Brothers, Staub and Watson and require dozens of corrections and additions to the pencil plans Islands - at every change in an old piece of eraser rubbed off, and in its place a new pririsovyvat. Then, in the master plan of the world changes and additions have been made generally Robin and Wendy - they have made a massive shake-up Riven, when a large golden dome moved from the island of creating the Book Assembly Island. On Temple Island, A card room gene - the dungeon of the Temple in place of the island over the lake Survey island.

Player actions and their impact on the plot planned by means of flow charts, and are subject to constant review and amendment. Much attention was paid to the results of actions were natural and logical for the player. When the first drafts of maps and flow charts were prepared, they were tested throughout the development team, and to identify the problem that on the Garden Island. Almost nothing happens and the game there slack - as a result he has been completely redesigned and instead of the formal gardens of the island became an island display, where on a new lake has been taken out room card, from which the gene is surveyed and controlled their possession.


The original Riven style strongly reminiscent of Myst and just included landscapes with classical architecture and airy gazebo on them. The idea has undergone a serious evolution thanks to Wende, who persuaded the team, which had already drafts of the environment, to completely redo their. His central idea was to make sure that the surrounding itself was telling the story of the player character and the characters who had a hand in its creation. The idea met the first resistance of the team, as much of the game, they believed, was ready, but Wende managed to reverse their opinion following the submission of the remaining developers to a variant of the Wahrk Throne Room: Half black giant throne room Gena, where through a large round underwater porthole he could from his throne watching as fed his favorite little animals - marine predators-Wark - including the rebels. It is assumed for the original version of the alchemical room puzzle with the values ​​of colors in the D'ni culture was written by him in the environment - through the filing of color signals domesticated cooks. As a result, the game design was almost completely re-revised, taking into account the availability of three different styles: some Victorian-style mechanical megalomaniacal Gene, organic rounded style of the rural population and angular about African-style rebels.

About game title

Riven - is the name of the world, which plays a key role in the game action. The storyline of Myst Riven was known as the fifth world created Gehn, the father of Atrus. Like all the worlds written Gehn, it is unsustainable and doomed to perdition. The English word "Riven is" means "chopped, Depleted"; and in the game: the world is divided into five unstable islands, between which is a huge crack in the shape of a star. The indigenous population of the world is split into factions: there are both supporters of the gene and its opponents.

From the standpoint of numerology, the following can be mentioned magic numbers. The word «Riven» consists of five letters. On the cover of the game the third letter of the name «v» is somewhat larger than the others; On the other hand, V - is the Roman numeral "five." Full name of the game - Riven: The Sequel to Myst - also consists of five words. The number "five" has become so emblematic for the game that some sites have announced a contest for the detection of hidden figures in the landscapes of the game, her scripts and even graphic design of the box with the game. In the game the number "five" in one form or another occurs regularly.


Riven Myst is a continuation of the game, its events are largely based on the novel «Myst: The Book of Atrus», released in 1995. The game's plot is a logical continuation of the first part and starts its development with the World D'ni, which is enclosed in it Atrus. The player once again takes on the role of the Stranger, and Atrus again asks for his help.

The gene, crazy father Atrus, leaving his family, through the Art has created a world of Riven is called, which proclaimed himself God and patron of the population; in this world, among the inhabitants, he chose a wife by the name of Catherine. However, residents do not want to depend on Gene and expressed his dissatisfaction with what is happening. In addition, when they first met she fell in love with Catherine and Atrus went from Gene. As a result, Gene turned to extreme measures: he began to destroy the newly created world in the hope that frightened people running to him with pleas for mercy and swear allegiance to him. But everything turned out differently: against the tyrant began a guerrilla war, led the rebels got herself Katerina. Destruction came out of control, the world was dying before our eyes. As a result, Gene still managed to capture Katherine, which is now, and will disembarrass Wanderer. In addition, the player needs to get rid of the gene itself. For these purposes, Atrus book presents the Stranger-trap, which means deception necessary to sharpen the tyrant at the meeting.

Next Wanderer explores the island, solving a variety of puzzles. The game has nine alternative endings. In the best case, all available by visiting the island in the game, and the worlds, the player enters into the book-Gene prison, arrives Riven Atrus and Catherine takes with him, and the world itself between those destroyed. Recent steps Wanderer does in failure, which may lead it back home. In the worst case, you can be killed or to get into the book-trap.


The game features the following realms:


  • D'ni (K'veer) - start of the game. Atrus gives Wanderer necessary instructions and sent him in the difficult journey.

  • Riven - The Fifth World Gene, in which the main action takes place game. It consists of five islands interconnected transport system bizarre.

  • Age 233 - peace-building gene. It is a deserted, dark and inhospitable terrain with a small tower on the top of the mountain. Where you can find books portals on all five islands of Riven the world, including hard-to-island on Prison Island.

  • Age 234 - the world, information on which can be learned only from the diaries of the gene. However, no one has ever seen him. It is possible that it does not exist.

  • Tay - a world of rebels, the one that is shown in the box with the game. The path to it lies through a hidden passage at Jungle Island.

Islands Riven:

  • Temple Island - in fact, it is not an island, and two small islands, tightly adjacent to each other. Of the attractions you can note the great golden dome, spinning room and a generator.

  • Jungle Island - one of the largest islands with a developed transport system. In the center of the island is the lagoon.

  • Crater Island (Book Assembly Island) - an extinct volcano, whose crater is filled to the brim with water, forming a small lake. There is Gene factory producing paper for new books.

  • Plateau Island - Gene uses the island to study the deteriorating state of the world Riven. the island also plays a ceremonial role.

  • Prison Island - a lonely giant tree transformed with the gene to prison. Here is Catherine, the wife of Atrus. Access to the island is possible only through the world of Age 233.

Interesting Facts

  • The main action of the novel «Myst: The Book of Atrus» Riven takes place in the world. The book describes the events taking place in about 20 years before the events of the original game Myst. Riven game can be seen as a sequel of this novel.

  • Book leading to Riven is, occurs at the beginning of the game Myst 3: Exile. But because the Riven had already been destroyed, it is impossible to get into it.

  • Images and objects from the Riven found in realMYST, Uru: Ages Beyond Myst and Myst V: End of Ages. Some characters of the animals can be found Riven and Myst 4: Revelation (on the floorboards of one of the rooms).

  • At the end of the game Myst 4: Revelation Atrus said that his daughter Yeesha haunted world of Tai, known as the world of Riven rebels. It follows that Katherine still captured from Riven book portal that leads there.

  • August 2, 2006 Robin Miller announced (via his blog), the online publication of the video for the musical composition «Catherine's Freedom» from the soundtrack to Riven, dubbed «Persistent Disparate Interchange».

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