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Return Fire play online

Downloading file size - 378 Mbytes

Game folder name - ReturnFire

Toggle full screen view press RightAlt + Enter. Requires Java

Click on game screen to enter the game. To unlock mouse click twice right button

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Control keys
Return Fire gameplay
Return Fire title screen

Game review

Warner Interactive Entertainment, Silent Software, 1996,

Action, 3rd-Person Perspective, Top-Down, Helicopter,

Real-Time, Shooter, Tank.

This exciting game first appeared on the famous television 3DO console and immediately gained enormous popularity, gaining a lot of fans, so that its appearance on the PC was only a matter of time, and had not long to wait. What is the secret of such a fast popularity rather unpretentious at first glance the program? It would seem, superficially rather primitive plot - on several islands hostilities are using helicopters, tanks, rocket launchers and armored jeeps, and at one point in time, you can control only one combat unit of a particular class. Each island is literally packed with buildings of different types and purposes, among which highlights the defensive missile turrets, with the first moments of the game until the very end of it with their fire is not giving you a moment's respite. With regard to the immediate goal of the game, and here everything seems too easy - your task is to find the enemy flag and bring it to their base, the one who is able to do, and wins. Mission you have to finish faster than your opponent, sitting side by side; however, for the proud single and provided training mode, where you can compete against the computer.

All of this, however, does not explain the reasons for the popularity Ā«Return FireĀ», and yet, come off this exciting and fun game is not easy ...

Initial Menu

CONFIGURE - setup of game settings:

- DISPLAY - choose the screen resolution of 320x200 or 640x480, and on / off full-screen game mode, that is without borders, characteristic of games written for the Windows; performed it with the option FULL SCREEN;

- Enable / disable music - option MUSIC;

- Set the control buttons and keyboard joystick calibration, options KEYBOARD & JOYSTICK. The adjustment is made separately for the two versions of the game, one player is a man - mode 1 PLAYER, two members - mode 2 PLAYER. Configuration window, due to these options, virtually indistinguishable from one another, just in the 2 PLAYER must assign control for both the two rivals. If your joystick is not installed in Windows, it can be done online INSTALL JOYSTICK. You can assign the control keys (column KEY) or joystick (column JOY) on the following:

FORWARD - set the speed and the way forward;

REVERSE - braking and reversing;

RIGHT and LEFT - turns to the right and to the left;

BANK LEFT and BANK RIGHT - for Jeep and ASV, these keys do not work, for the action of the tank - turn to the right and to the left of the tower, and a helicopter - a shift to the left and to the right;

FIRE DOWN - to provide direct fire against ground targets;

FIRE STRAIGHT - keep hanging fire or fire at air targets (for the jeep - include inflatable wheels, with which he is held without any problems on the water surface);

SWITCH GUNS - to switch the type of weapon (for the tank - the tower back to the central position of the jeep - unload transported flag).

If you wish, with the following options, you can set up a separate control for:



- ASV - armored rocket launcher;


QUIT - Quit the game.

PLAY - the beginning of the game. By selecting this mode, you must define a further type of game:

- TRAINING - training, the participant;

- TOURNAMENT - Tournament playing two.

After entering the names of players and press OK option, you must select the level on which are going to play (options LEVEL with numbers from 1 to 9) and the name of the card, which will be a fight. Only then, by selecting OK, you will go directly to the game.


After the cutscene you by pressing F2, immediately find yourself in an army bunker. Early in the game, each participant has three helicopters, three tanks, three armored rocket launcher (ASV) and eight jeeps. In order to bring to the surface the right machine by pressing the "gas" / "brake" and "right" / "vle of" move her platform with red flashing lights and press (FIRE DOWN) - as a result of the ordered equipment rises to the top, and you directly to the fighting. To get back to the bunker, you have to call on it (on the land the car) or hang just above it (helicopter), so that the hopper was illuminated with white, then press the select weapons (SWITCH GUNS) and will once again be in the shelter.

While in the bunker, you can, using all the same key change weapons (SWITCH GUNS), see the full map of the island - it shows all the buildings, the enemy army and move them. But do not get carried away with a thorough study of the situation - the enemy does not sleep!

Game screen

Once you leave the bunker, begins, in fact, the game itself. Main operating screen consists of two components. Most of it is the window of the terrain on which you can see that the combat unit, which is managed at the moment. A second, smaller footprint part - is the dashboard of the combat unit, located at the bottom of the screen (on all possible variants of the game in detail in the chapter "Your military equipment").

Directly on the machine control anything particularly interesting is hard to say: it's simple enough - Step on the gas, turn on time, shoot straight, and do not forget to enjoy a beautiful three-dimensional image, and fun music - so very briefly, we can formulate your model of behavior in the game. Some features of management and technical characteristics of equipment that can be used, in some detail in Chapter "Your military equipment", as long as we give you some tips for directly by the locality where the fight takes place, facilities, located on it, as well as something on the part of the strategy and tactics of fighting.

- Battles take place on the islands of various sizes and configurations, but they are surrounded by water, the blue color of which - it is shallow water, and on it, though more slowly than usual, but still can not move any land vehicle. Behind blue areas is dark blue - there is deep, and if you manage to get there, you are still a few milliseconds in order to be saved by tapping into reverse. If you fail to do this, laughing skull inform you about another loss. Helicopters, of course, you can fly anywhere, but at a great distance from the shore they can attack and destroy enemy submarines.

- All of the island is mostly covered by sand (probably the author of the game heavily influenced by the famous "Operation Desert Storm"), but there are concrete roads on which to travel and is faster than the desert, but also lead to a well-groomed trails are usually strongly fortified gates to the enemy base. So sometimes it makes sense pobarahtatsya in the sand to reach the enemy's object quietly and without fanfare to reverse.

- Despite the "high" desert, often found on her palm, which, despite its seemingly harmless, can you substitute much because they do not take down the body and it can be under heavy enemy fire is not that really stuck, but, in any case, have lost much speed and disorganized. Therefore, we recommend to go around trees insidious advance or, in extreme cases, burn them out of harm's way from the onboard weapons.

- Your main enemy in the game are the rocket turrets, but they opened fire only when you get into their range. Since the range of tank and armored rocket launcher much greater this distance, there is a great opportunity to shoot blindly and try to destroy the enemy missile turrets from a distance. Since the amount of your shells and rockets are not limited, and you have nothing to lose, even if the use up all ammunition for nothing - so, at least, can be destroyed part of the wall and through the resulting opening to break into the base.

- Inside the base is full of a variety of structures, destroying that, you get a running start in different directions staff serving them. On the one hand, a lot of fun to push panicking enemy, enjoying his plaintive popiskivaniem the other - and dying enemy can snap, throwing your car with hand grenades.

- Conical structure is a possible repository battle flag, it is on such buildings you need to pay attention in the first place, because the winner of the game the first one to fill up the enemy flag a collection hopper.

- Fighting in the enemy base, do not get it the Holocaust, as you will find there are buildings that can take you seriously and help the cause. A characteristic feature is their yellow and black strip in front of them. Rectangular structure with such markings replenish your ammo, round - fueled. This is simply to drive to the right building, and the sound of the bell will inform you about what is happening during refueling (this feature is available only for land vehicles, helicopters refuel re just in your bunker).

- Do not get carried away with the battle to excess and do not forget to go back to your own bunker to repair damage, fuel and ammunition replenishment. Except mines, whose number is limited to thirty, all other types of ammunition, fuel and repair materials, there are no restrictions - go back and take yourself what you want.

- Do not fly away in a helicopter and swim away in a jeep out to sea, you can attack an enemy submarine. Destroy it you still can not, but it is you - easily, and, homing missiles. However, samonavoditsya is a dangerous weapon on thermal radiation of the engine, and if you did not die on the spot (and it can only be the case if you control the helicopter), then you have a chance to reset the deliver-I sense a rocket with its tail, for This should make it to the nearest land area and fly over the enemy tank, ASV or jeep.

- You have the ability to self-destruct that you are managing a combat unit. To carry out this little honorable combat operations, the following keys:

Brown player - CTRL + SHIFT;

Green player - INSERT + DELETE.

Sorry, of course, your piece of iron, but at the critical moment is the only possibility to quickly return to base.

- When you are close to an enemy bunker, be careful - if the enemy will bring their equipment to the surface and you find yourself in a bunker, the one car that you drive will be automatically destroyed. However, the same way you can try and catch the opponent, while, of course, already in its territory.

- When the enemy will destroy the tower, which stores your battle flag, it should pick up and hide. As mentioned above, it can only carry a jeep - Pick a banner and drive into a bunker, thereby automatically flag perepryatat to another tower. It may also happen that as many towers no longer remain and the banner is once again in the open. It should hide it better (see below). By the way, the jeep can not only carry the flag, and it can be thrown out of the car by pressing the switch weapon.

Now, a few ways to keep the promised flag absolutely critical situations:

- Leave it at your missile turrets, the enemy will have to first destroy all the settings, after all, a jeep (including the enemy) have little chance to evade missiles;

- Leave the flag wherever you like, and carefully zaminiruyte place underneath and surrounding areas;

- Hide the banner as possible from the enemy base - even if the enemy and find it, you will have time for an operation "interception";

- Swim out to sea and throw the flag - it will gently drift to the shore, and the jeep was moving slowly through the water and becomes a perfect target for your bloodthirsty helicopters.

A few tips on the use of mines:

- Putting mine with ASV, quickly drove away from her, otherwise undermine yourself that is undesirable;

- Mines do not distinguish between friend and foe;

- Good effect mining enemy bunker;

- Only helicopters with missiles can destroy mines - it is better to use the ammunition than to sacrifice basic technique;

- Mining of bridges are also very effective. Such actions are completely block the ability of enemy land vehicles approach from that direction. As for the destruction of mines from a helicopter - in this case, it will have no effect, as the mine-it's still going to explode and destroy the part of the bridge, which is located. Tanks and armored rocket launchers can not "jump" blew up part, and had fallen into the water, just go to the bottom.

And finally, give some control keys that are used directly in the game screen:

F2 - start again;

F3 - on / off pause;

F4 - enable / disable the full screen version of the game;

F6 - replay the current game level;

F7 - see the list of the best players in the training mode (optional TRAINING), and in the mode of confrontation between two great warriors (optional TOURNAMENT).

As for the title of "Best Player." It is defined by the following parameters.

In a single game:

- LEVEL - level number;

- MAP NAME - the name of the card on which the fight took place;

- WINNER - winner;

- TIME - the time it took to win.

When playing together:

- PLAYER 1 - the name of the first player;

- PLAYER 2 - the name of the second player;

- WINS - the number of wins;

- DRAWS - number of draws;

- TOTAL GAMES - the total amount of the Programme.

ESC - exit from the game.

ALT + 3 - if your opponent is complaining that you got lucky and now with so much technology, anyone can win with this key combination you can change places with him armies and finally prove who's boss.


Before going on to describe the characteristics of the military equipment, we note one thing in common - described below radar are both indicators of damage. In direct contact with your shell or missile on the radar of a red spot, it shows an increase in the growth of the degree of damage. After a while, if you do not put it away until the next spot the exact impact.


The instrument panel contains;

- Radar, the edges of which there are eight blue stripes. When a band is lighted in blue, this means that in the direction the enemy is. Actually on the radar, you can see:

- The territory indicated by the green and brown lines - is the enemy's defensive orders;

- Yellow plus sign in the center - run your helicopter;

- Gray or green squares - the enemy tanks, ASV and jeeps;

- Badges as a plus - enemy helicopters;

- Flashing green or brown box - or your enemy battle flag (urgently send back the jeep!)

- Points - mines;

- Fuel gauge - to the left of the radar;

- Presence sensor for on-board cannon shells - under the radar, the initial ammunition - 100 rounds;

- Presence sensor missiles - to the right of the radar, the initial ammunition - 50 missiles.

The advantages of the helicopter:

- Above purpose;

- Only he can destroy mines;

- More fire power, hitting only two missiles to destroy enemy missile turret;


- Weak armor. In addition, a direct hit missile or projectile gives control of the helicopter, and it can lead to serious injury, so pay special attention to the sensor malfunctions;

- Fast fuel consumption;

- Can refill and replenish ammunition only in the bunker.

Armored rocket launcher (ASV)

The instrument panel includes:

- Gauge ammunition - scale the icon as two rockets, ammunition initial 100 missiles;

- Fuel gauge - the scale of the icon in the form of cans;

- The gauge of mines. Initial ammo - 10 min. This sensor will be empty from the beginning, if you are one play against the computer;

- Radar. There you can see the following:

- The territory indicated by the green and brown lines - is the enemy defenses;

- Yellow square in the center of the radar - you managed armor rocket launcher (ASV);

- Gray or green squares - the enemy tanks, ASV and jeeps;

- Icon as a plus - an enemy helicopter;

- Flashing green or brown box - or your enemy battle flag;

- Points - mines that are set to you, and the enemy. Pros ASV:

- Armored stronger all other types of technology to destroy much needed ASV 26 (!) Hit an enemy missile turrets;

- More fire power, three of the board hit the rocket launcher completely destroy an enemy missile turret;

- Can lay mines, however, this is only possible version of the game with two players.


- Moves slowly all other types of equipment;

- The frequency of shooting less than that of the tank;

- Consumes more fuel than a tank.


The instrument panel is identical to the panel armored rocket launcher, missing only probe the presence of mines. Tank ammunition 150 rounds.

Advantages of the tank:

- Moves faster than armored rocket launcher (ASV);

- Shoots also faster than ASV;

- The tower can be rotated 360 degrees, which can fire at the enemy at full speed.


- Weaker protection than armor rocket launcher (ASV) - 19 hits of enemy missile destroyed a tank turret;

- Weaker firepower than the ASV, only 5 hits from turret gun destroy enemy missile turret.


The instrument panel includes:

- Device orientation direction - a small light in the center and top of the panel when the front of the jeep sent directly to your tank, the light turns red, and if it is deployed in the direction of the enemy's flag - the green;

- The fuel gauge, the scale of the icon in the form of cans;

- Gauge ammunition, looks like a box of grenades.

Pros jeep:

- Only jeeps can carry flags, yours or others, and thus, decide the outcome of the battle;

- The kind of high-speed technology;

- With inflatable tires can overcome water obstacles.


- Completely missing the reservation. Hit only one missile from the enemy missile turret leads to the destruction of the jeep;

- Small combat power. Although the destruction of enemy missile turrets to only 5 grenades, but given the lack of armor and a large spread of grenades hit, talk about waging a serious war with the jeep is not necessary.

Return Fire control keys

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