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Resident Evil play online

Downloading file size - 566 Mbytes

Game folder name - ResidentEvil. Requires Java

Toggle full screen view press RightAlt + Enter. Slow but playable

Click on game screen to enter the game. To unlock mouse click twice right button

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Resident Evil gameplay
Resident Evil title screen


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Game review

Capcom, 1996, Action, 3rd-Person Perspective, Survival Horror, Puzzle-Solving.

Resident Evil, Biohazard - video games in the genre of Survival horror, created by game designer Shinji Mikami and developed by the Japanese company Capcom. The first game of the series Resident Evil.

The original game was released in 1996 for the PlayStation and was a great success , which led out of other parts of the game , including a remake of the original on the GameCube and Wii, as well as numerous spin- offs , sequels , prequels and ports to other platforms ( including personal computers, portable consoles and mobile phones) D:



July 24, 1998 . In the vicinity of the small town of Raccoon City has recently started to happen heinous murder. In the police reports indicated that the attacks were carried out in groups of about 10 people , as well as if the victims were eaten. Police did not find the killers , and then to the case attracted special group «STARS» ( born Special Tactics And Rescue Squad - Special Tactical Rescue Squad ) , broken down by team "Alpha" and " Bravo".

First sent a team to investigate the "Bravo ", which soon lost contact. After that search for them send a team "Alpha" . During the overflight area , where a team of "Bravo" were lost , the men team "Alpha " notes column of smoke coming from the ground, and make a decision to land . After the landing team members carefully examine the area . It turns out that the smoke was coming from the helicopter team , "Bravo ", but find themselves members of the team they do not manage that well enough, the helicopter is intact outfit ...

The "Alfa " begins to comb the area . Everything is going fine , but suddenly a team member Joseph Frost finds a gun in the grass . Raising it, he cries out , saying that the handle is still squeezes someone's severed hand . Suddenly, out of nowhere, he is set upon by a terrifying kind of dog. Joseph is caught off guard , the other members of the team also did not have time to react . He is trying to fight off the dogs, but the forces are unequal , and he dies a horrible death in front of his comrades .

The rest of the men manage to destroy the critters. At this time, the pilot of the "Alpha" Brad Vickers , hearing the shots, loses self-control and flies away , leaving the command. Seeing the helicopter flying away , the soldiers lost, but soon hear a growling dog nearby . Deciding that Joseph did not help, they flee , firing on the run from the critters. Soon they notice a mansion and go there . The door is not locked ...


Team " Alpha" :

  • Albert Wesker - commander «STARS».

  • Jill Valentine - the main heroine of the game , a master on breaking the locks.

  • Chris Redfield - the game's protagonist , a former Air Force pilot .

  • Barry Burton - a former member of the Special Forces weapons expert and friend Chris.

  • Brad Vickers - pilot .

  • Joseph Frost - Specialist vehicles.

Team "Bravo" :

  • Rebecca Chambers - the youngest member of the team physician .

  • Enrico Marini - deputy commander.

  • Forest Speyer - sniper and Transport Specialist .

  • Kenneth J. Sullivan - expert chemist .

  • Richard Aiken - a professional communicator .


The game has seven types of weapons ( nine species in the PC version ) :

  • Combat knife - a standard Army knife. In the toolbox and Chris and Jill from the start . Is the weakest weapon in the game.

  • Gun «Beretta M92FS» - a standard police gun. In the arsenal of Jill , he is from the beginning of the game, and Chris finds him in the hall, after returning from the dining room .

  • Shotgun «Remington M870» - is only effective at close range . If aiming at the ceiling to allow to approach the zombies closer , you can decapitate him . Located in one of the rooms of the mansion, but to get it, have to solve a puzzle with drop ceiling.

  • Revolver «Colt Python» - a very powerful weapon. Located in one of the rooms to get it, the player will have to solve the puzzle with the head of a tiger. Killing enemies ( except the " bosses ") with one or two shots.

  • Grenade «Bazooka» - universal weapon against different types of enemies due to the presence of three types of ammunition : explosive , fire and acid . Located on the second floor terrace mansion. Available only to Jill .

  • Flamethrower - a weapon the average power is only effective at close range . Located in the cave, where you can find 2 flamethrower . However, to make a flamethrower out of the dungeon impossible. Available only for Chris .

  • Rocket «M- 66» - the most powerful weapon in the game. In the ultimate battle Jill or Chris destroy him from Tirana . Rocket can be obtained by following the game less than 3 hours without saving or using first aid sprays (with the use of mixtures of herbs does not affect the receipt of a secret weapon).

  • Automatic «MAC-10» (only in the PC version ) - submachine gun . Beretta is in power , however, is much more effective because of the high rate of fire. Available only to Jill .

  • Machinegun «Minimi» ( Only in the PC version ) - a heavy machine gun. Power like a shotgun. Also has a high rate of fire. Available only for Chris .

  • Gun «Beretta Custom Edition» - a modified gun «Beretta». Different both in appearance and increased power . Has a chance to take down a zombie 's head with a few shots . Only available in the «Director` s Cut » in the game « Advanced ».

Inventory system

The main character in the game has a limited inventory, which creates its own specific passing game. However, Jill inventory space than Chris on 2 cells (so the game for Jill is much easier than Chris). This limitation is compensated by the presence of large trunks in the mansion, where the player can add unnecessary things at the moment. Thus, if the player has put an object in a chest, then he can take this subject already of the other. In the inventory, one subject is a single cell. Thus, for example, one key will take the same amount of space as the rocket launcher.

Mixing system herbs

The game has a certain complexity of the system having the use of "kits". The player gets three grass species.

  • Blue Grass - heals a player from poisoning.

  • Green grass - restores about 25% health.

  • Red Herb - cures for bleeding and a mixture of green, blue and red herbs restores 100% health.

Herbs can be mixed with each other, which saves a lot of space in your inventory. In one mixture may be no more than three pieces of grass. Each herb contributes to the mixture. Thus, the presence of blue grass in the mixture causes the removal of poisoning in addition to improving health. A mixture of two green herbs restores 50% of your health, as well as two green herbs taken by player individually. Panacea is a mixture of green, blue and red herbs. Such a mixture is completely heals the player and cures poison.

In addition to herbs in the game there are the usual, "synthetic" first aid kits, first aid sprays, but their use reduces the game rating. Discover some of the secrets - such as the rocket launcher «M-66" can be used only if the entire game were not applied such kits. The use of herbs rating is not reduced.


In the game the player will come across a variety of documents - diaries , notes , reports, and so on. They do not take place in the arsenal , since they are stored in a separate section of the inventory . Some files are hints to solve puzzles (for example , the diary of John , which specifies the login and password to an important computer which controls the opening of the doors in the laboratory ) , the rest can better enjoy the atmosphere of the game. Thus , the diary cleaner , a kind that the first pages of the author gradually reveals familiarity with the " strange creatures " - the results of experiments is further described a spacesuit , which the author is obliged to wear on orders from superiors and that he has a terrible itch.

At the end of the diary becomes clear that the author turns into a zombie : he writes that his body began to decompose and the hand fell off a piece of flesh. In addition , to the extent of becoming a zombie phrases used by the author of the diary are becoming easier and shorter. The penultimate page of the diary consists of a few simple sentences (" I'm all itchy . Came Scott . It is ugly , and I killed him. Tasty ." ), And on the last page instead of just surrounding the date of the number " 4 " is written just two sentences : "I itch . Tasty . "




  • Zombies - former employees of the corporation " Umbrella " T- virus infected and mutated into monsters . The most frequent and predictable enemies in the game. Quite often appear suddenly , such as popping out of the closet . May differ in survivability , damage and severity of the senses. The easiest way to shoot them from long range . If you pick up a shotgun , shot smash zombie heads. If slash zombies with a knife (or shoot a gun ) right on the legs , it will fall to the floor, after which it is easy to finish . " Sleepers" on the floor of zombies can grab a bite and the protagonist 's leg . Also, some zombies can throw up on the character's acid. Externally are divided into 3 types: the wait staff scientists ( dressed in lab coats ) and experimental (without clothes). Last significantly stronger than the other .

  • Cerberus - infected Dobermans. Aggressive and fast enemies usually attack in packs. Pretty weak , but they can knock down the hero on the ground. If you shoot Cerberus , when he jumps , he falls to the floor.

  • Crows - T- virus infected crows . Always fly in flocks , and in spite of the low vitality and weaknesses of damage are quite big danger in battle , because hit them pretty hard. It is best to just get away from them.

  • Snakes - found only in the garden and in one of the dungeons . Poisonous. As with the crows , they are better run, because after the destruction of several snakes come from somewhere new .

  • Bees - meet once per game - in the dorms . Can poison the protagonist. It is better not to waste ammunition on them , as a hive of bees which appear regularly , not destroy .

  • Spiders - giant poisonous creatures that leave after the death of such a poisonous little spiders . Against the spiders do not use ammunition , they can be crushed , just run over them.

  • Hunters - one of the strongest enemies in the game. Nimble and aggressive , unpredictable, capable of one stroke to behead the hero ( in the state of health following Caution). Their presence is easily recognizable by the distinctive sound made by them , similar to the click of your fingers. Against them effective gun (often the very first shot is deadly .) Can also be used against them and a shotgun - it is also very effective , as at close range shot at knocking them pretty good distance . If the hunter is at a far distance , it is best to run away from it.

  • NEPTUNE - akulopodobnye infected fish. Meet only once - in a flooded basement dormitories. You should not fight with them - you just need to pump out the water , after which they will be harmless to flounder on the floor.

  • The plant - green stem sticking out of a crack in the floor in the dorm hallway . Attacks hero each pass through the corridor , taking a small amount of health. Invulnerable . The only way to get rid of it - close crack statues, standing in the hallway. Disappears after the death of 42 plants as a part of it .

  • Chimera - fast aggressive creatures that can run on low ceilings and attack both from below and from above . They live in the power plant laboratory. Effective weapon against them is the gun «Beretta M-92F», as the agile movement of the head causes the character to perform a tip over, the player often does not have time to do. One pistol shot an enemy can throw on the floor, but the stand under it and vainly trying to shoot up at a right angle is not recommended. When a chaotic shooting more powerful weapons the player risks to spend a large amount of ammunition.


  • Giant snake - a mini- boss, apparently, a boa or python, infected T- Virus . It occurs twice in the game: in the attic and in one of the rooms on the second floor ( the second appearance in the remake - in the library) . Against it is recommended to use a gun «Colt Python» and a shotgun «Remington M- 870 " , playing for Jill , quite acidic 3-4 shot grenades.

  • The plant is 42 - a huge carnivorous plant The exposed T- virus. According to the short story " corporation Umbrella Conspiracy ," written based on the game , a hematophagous ( catches victims and sucks the blood) . Is in a sense a mini- boss, is growing at the hostel. As expected from the plant is vulnerable to fire, so the game for Jill easily destroyed by incendiary charges , and the game for Chris - a flamethrower. If a simple puzzle to solve , make V- gases and pour them on the root of the plant 42 , the root is withered and the battle with the plant will be even easier. In addition, in this scenario, Jill boss can kill Barry .

  • Black Tiger - a giant black spider that lives in the cave. He is also a mini- boss. Effective weapon against it is a shotgun «Remington M- 870 ." Typically lasts 3-4 shots. You can also use the grenade while playing Jill , or a flamethrower while playing Chris. Like all spiders in the game, after his death leaves a small poisonous spiders .

  • Tyrant T- 002 - the final boss of the game. A large humanoid creature with hypertrophied heart and left arm , armed with long blades , claws. On the face of predatory lipless smile, no genitals . At the first meeting is moving slowly, with the second - very quickly , but dodge and run away very real. Beats Tyrant often , every stroke for a period of Lipolysis, the character , so standing back to back, beat him little chance . Destroyed only with pistols , a member of the squad that «STARS», pilot Brad Vickers, the player drops from a helicopter.



Initially, the project was called Biohazard. When the first part of the game at the end of 1994 came to produce in America, a member of the American branch of Capcom, Chris Kramer drew attention from the marketing to the fact that the brand Biohazard in the United States is already registered. In 1993 he published the same name game for DOS, and in New York performed a hardcore punk band with the same name. Due to these circumstances, it was necessary to come up with a new name, which the search was carried out on a competitive basis. The winner was the American designer studio Capcom Digital with this Resident Evil. The developers decided that the adjective resident in tune with the noun "residence" and the events of the game take place entirely in the mansion. Kramer said of this title, as "even more stupid than Biohazard» and voted against it.

Alpha and Beta

In honor of the 15th anniversary of the show merged in anonymous network 2 alpha and one beta version of BioHazard.

Alpha 1


  • Unavailable second floor.

  • Weapons changed to O, and the run included a double pressing forward.

  • Instead of Kenneth and zombies in the first room is a hunter.

  • No inventory.

  • Subtitles in Japanese.

  • The game is only for Chris.

  • Enemies are constantly being restored.

  • At the end of the snake attacks.

Alpha 2


  • The second floor is available, but only 2 rooms.

  • Became available in the game for Jill.

  • Appeared inventory.

  • The cartridges are replenished by Triangle.

  • The initial movie (dumb).

  • Other interior rooms.

  • Also at the end of the snake attacks.



  • Debug-menu.

  • Other titles (different from the finals).


«Director's Cut»

"The new 'version of Resident Evil for« Sony Playstation », called« Resident Evil: Director's Cut », was released in September 1997 - 18 months after the release of the original game. Planned removal of censorship with bloody scenes, standing in the European and North American versions of the game. In versions with censorship video black and white, not Chris lights a cigarette when it is presented from many clips cut fragments, for example, in the movie about the first zombie is no longer severed head Kenneth. Early in the game you can choose from three levels of difficulty:

  • «Beginner» - a low level of complexity: the number of rounds is doubled, enemies become weaker.

  • «Original» - the average level of complexity, the same as in the usual Resident Evil.

  • «Advanced» - modified and the most sophisticated level of complexity. More differences from the normal mode are shown below. If the selection of cursor over this difficulty and tighten the right arrow turns green lettering and the number of rounds in the game will be doubled and enemies will become weaker - indeed turn out low complexity.

Differences between Advanced mode from Original

  • In 85% of the rooms changed camera.

  • In some rooms there are enemies.

  • The number of enemies in the game doubled.

  • And Jill and Chris start the game in the other suits (with a reduced protection).

  • Unlike the original game, immediately accessible room with extra clothing. In the original, the door is locked and the key is given only after the completion of the game.

  • Objects placed in other locations.

  • Instead of the original pistol Beretta M92FS player is given a Beretta M92FS Custom. Weapons can take down the zombies head in 50% of cases.

  • The strength and health of all enemies doubled.

  • Health of characters is reduced by almost 3 times. So, if bitten by a zombie character and did not detach, it will kill the player the first time.

  • On the second floor balcony of the estate it is possible to kill a zombie Forest.

  • In the barracks in the floor now, instead of a crack from which the plant appears 42, is three.

Dualshock Version

Essentially identical to the original Director's Cut. As the name - added support for analog controller DualShock. In addition, the music has been completely replaced . Instead of music by Masami Yuedy has been added to music written by Mamoru Samuragoti .

Sega Saturn

The publication also includes a bonus mini-game «Battle Game», in which the player must go through a series of rooms of main plot and eliminate all enemies in them with the chosen weapon. Mini- game includes two exclusive enemies gilded Tirana and zombie Wesker . At the end of the mini - games evaluates the effectiveness of the player. The publication contains additional monsters such as exclusive hunters and second Tyrant appearing before the final battle. Sega Saturn version contains bonus costumes for Jill and Chris.

Microsoft Windows

Edition for Windows includes footage from the Japanese version , uncensored . However, the initial video, in contrast to the original, was made a color , not black and white. The developers have added support for 3D-accelerator , with which you can achieve more accurate schedules. It also adds new bonus costumes and two bonus weapons - MAC- 10 for Jill and FN Minimi for Chris.

Remake for GameCube

The publication was released for the GameCube platform in 2002. Release was part of an exclusive agreement between Nintendo and Capcom, which included three games. In Japan, the edition was released under the title Biohazard, and in North America and Europe came under the titles Resident Evil. Version has a number of features. When developing a remake of Shinji Mikami said that Resident Evil for GameCube «will be a completely new game, and the old version will be only 30% of the environment". [4] In particular, the game added several new types of enemies, several kinds of weapons. Has also been expanded and added new mansion rooms and puzzles.

In addition, the game has a lot of blood, making it instantly gained the status of «Mature» Classification ESRB. Accordingly, the plot of the game remains the same, and the system has not changed the character selection. Changed markedly graphics, and for the better. Version has some differences in the passing game, and for each of the characters.

Sales of publications exceeded 1.35 million copies.

Edition for Wii

Resident Evil for the Wii was released in Japan on December 25, 2008. The origin was the remake of Resident Evil for the Nintendo Gamecube. As in the previous edition of Resident Evil Zero for the Wii, this game was made minimal changes in the transition to the platform Wii. In Europe and North America version appeared in June 2009, under the title Resident Evil Archives: Resident Evil.

Unpublished port for Gameboy Color

Capcom was planning to create a version of the game for the Game Boy Color. However, in 2000 the development of the game was stopped. According to the statement itself Capcom reason for the cancellation was "poor quality of the port." Later, in 2001, this platform has released the game Resident Evil Gaiden.


  • The soundtrack for the game, written by Japanese composers, including a first part of the legendary "Moonlight" sonata by Ludwig van Beethoven.

  • In the following parts of the game it appears that out of the mansion alive Spencer got Chris, Jill, Barry and Rebecca. However, the game ending so impossible: a game for Chris Barry can not be saved, and the game for Jill - Rebecca.

  • The game has encountered an person infected scientist John to his lover by the name of Hell. In the next game of the series appears Ada Wong, who is looking into Raccoon City her boyfriend John.

  • This is the only game in the series, which feature video clips from real people, not computer rollers.


Resident Evil control keys

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