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Pandora Derictive Strategy Guide PDF

The Pandora Directive play online

Tex Murphy: The Pandora Directive

Downloading file size - 3 Gbytes

Game folder name - PandoraDirective

Toggle full screen view press RightAlt + Enter. Requires Java

Click on game screen to enter the game. To unlock mouse click twice right button

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The Pandora Directive gameplay
The Pandora Directive screen

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Game review

Access Software, 1996, Adventure,

1st-Person, Detective / Mystery, Post-Apocalyptic.

Access Software has always shone with innovative solutions. In their first adventure, and at the same time the first story from the life of Tex, Mean Streets, 256-color graphics, digitized actors and interiors, and even live video with speech, which was reproduced via PC Speaker. After releasing the sequel to Martian Memorandum and a few more games (including the successful simulators of the Links Golf), they came to the third part of the adventures of the private detective Under Under Killing Moon, this time, full motion video in the most correct sense of the word, namely, Hollywood Actors, the strongest plot, and completely three-dimensional locations, instead of obsolete flat ones. Pandora Directive inherited all the good things from the previous series, adding a non-linearity to the genre.

Our hero is a canonical private detective of the forties, but already the 21st century, in business for a good ten years. From the window of his office opens a view of Chandler Avenue, in the guise of which, like the whole of San Francisco, the last war affected, the streets are walking like ordinary people, and mutants disfigured by radiation. But from this case the private P.I. Becomes not less.

Tex Murphy (Tex Murphy), climbed on the hat in debt, hires a very respectable-looking man at dinner in his favorite eatery. The detective does not need much - to find the missing client friend, Thomas Malloy (Thomas Malloy), whom he has not seen for many years. The case simplifies the fact that the last time Malloy stayed at the Ritz Hotel, where Murphy's office is located. Already the next day, Tex begins to interview possible witnesses of Dr. Malloy's stay in the district and quietly unravel the tangle of events. A new one, which does not foretell something unusual, involves him into intrigues of a qualitatively different level and puts the fate of millions in his hands.

As I already wrote, The Pandora Directive slightly limits the player's actions, in different ways one can come to one of the six endings, and many actions in the game are optional and not tied to a specific period of time. Exploration of locations takes place in a completely three-dimensional textured world, control is almost like in shooters: you can squat, bend, run, while the interface remains, as in the classical quests.

The video was shot just fine, even though it's up to 256 colors. Characters are bright and memorable, humor sparkles as from the nozzle of the welding machine. Dialogues are perfectly worked out - each variant of the answer leads to the development of events, and not to one, as in many games.

The degree of passing is measured in glasses, as in many old quests, but here this system is made more interesting. In "Pandora" there is a built-in system of prompts, the pay-per-view of which are the same "points" earned during the passage.

The fourth investigation of Tex Murphy is pure gold, cast in the form of compact discs for more convenient use inside and not lost its luster after a decade. Made in the best traditions of the detective genre: conspiracies, intrigues, chases, surveillance and, of course, an unexpected ending. One of the best quests of all time.


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