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Abe’s Oddysee play online

Oddworld: Abe's Oddysee

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Downloading file size - 379 Mbytes

Game folder name - AbesOddyseeCD

Toggle full screen view press RightAlt + Enter. Requires Java

Click on game screen to enter the game. To unlock mouse click twice right button

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Oddworld: Abe’s Oddysee gameplay
Oddworld: Abe’s Oddysee title screen

Game review

GT Interactive Software, 1997, Action,

3rd-Person Perspective, Platform, Puzzle-Solving.

 To work at the factory, and even the position of a little green slave - hard and ugly, but worked "in the slaughterhouse MEAT!

No, this is too much even for the small and greenish, even for a zadohlika as our Abe - savior (sorry) mudokan, the hero of a new game Oddworld: Abe's Oddysee from Oddworld Inhabitants / GT Interactive. Realizing how terrible opening before them the prospects for professional growth, Abe takes off and starts his (almost) endless run of "Intro" - a game with a level - to the level of the world-in the world, through the factory, through the protected area, through the woods, through the temple...

He was running, running, running, dying and being reborn, killing and saving, and how far he can run away, now depends on us.

The theory of relativity in the context of the game

If the world is something that you are absolutely sure - and then you will soon be convinced that he was wrong. This truth is firm, and does not only ideological and religious issues.

What could be dumber than the usual arcade games: running up and down, jump over. bonuses, mines and lose their lives over and over again in the most unlikely places! Sometimes beautiful, sometimes with taste, but how monotonous, my God!

All of the above - is one of those very truths in which I was pretty sure all my gaming life. Until he ran out of breath a little Zyb, muttering something very vague, and do not break my heart forever! Without thinking, I set off after him, helping wherever possible, and spent on this (supposedly) stupid running around the time line is not less than a good adventure, and power and brains - a little more than mediocre.

Little Abe with friends

Abe's Oddysee - clean, clear and unmistakable two-dimensional arcade on the sprite-based, and no one is trying to give her something else. Its just more than a "arcade" - in the conventional sense of the word - the more arcade, born on the Sony PlayStation and come to us on your favorite platform, with a slight delay and tedious transfers.

Firstly, there is "too much" graphics. Frankly, the word "two-dimensional" I wrote a heavy heart: this is our green friend, and all his colorful enemies bulk yes

real! This lively and unpredictable (but true two-dimensional!) The world around them. There are beautiful and deeply non-interactive three-dimensional cartoons. The movements of all creatures so perfected and so individual that is the dumbest cruising within the screen does not appear as such and creates a feeling of constant communication and highly saturated. Even if this screen you have to spend 20 minutes not the most pleasant of your life.

Wait, why do I say - the "feel"?

Is not no sense, namely, communication, and often in its most primitive, but the usual arcades inaccessible form - verbal. Abe left there are three English expressions to communicate with friends (although no they are not friends, and lazy zahrebetniki, as usual, and save the nation from total grazing Abe, of course, have alone) and five very expressive sounds, including two kinds of melodic whistling and any emission of gases.

Due to the fact that we seem to choose what to say, the conversation turns it into a conversation, not a stupid poluinformativnogo scrolling text, as in the other "talking" arcades (especially in Flashback - if "Abe's Odyssey" and resembles a "what- that of the classics, "then, of course, this is the good old" Flash").

And that's not all! The most stunning mudokonskogo type of interaction are clearly spells. Abe stands sink into a trance, muttering and rocking the world around miraculously transformed: open magic portals to jump in slow swim it had not managed to become a charcuterie green friends, bells, freeze-legged skreby, lifting face and uttering hideous hoarse moans Sligo and green with terrible hands on the face and machine guns at the ready and start rushing frantically calling for help - and rightly, as eybova humming meditation will certainly cost them their lives.

Conjured a little bit, our hero takes possession of the consciousness of the unfortunate rukomordogo monster and, armed with a righteous mask and the State-owned weapons is to kill their own (ie sligovyh) co-workers, or to blow up mines by the come-tion, as a dog-engineer, or just falls into the abyss, and and then explodes from within, spilling bloody scraps - just so as not to interfere with Abe on the road.

Pink dogs respond to the whistle, bony creature paramayty (of which, incidentally, also make cakes) only attack alone and do not like to be pinned to the wall, our two-legged horse (or is it still a camel? Or ostrich?) Evils on which Abe is so famously jumping into Skrabanii and PARAMONOV, loves honey, and pull her away from the hive, oh so easy ...

Oh, I almost forgot: Sligo and two-legged dog with a mouth the size of the head in love sleeping on duty, and if quietly sneak past ... Just keep in mind that dogs have better hearing!

Mutually beneficial contacts with the nonliving

All these pleasures nonhuman communication - not decorative lotion to normal two-dimensional and jumping antics. This - the cornerstone of a huge number of intricate puzzle and combat missions, just as mine clearance, memorizing melodies and even the use of equipment in a moderate scale.

Inventory there really is, even though it is an arcade - if one can call it implements the presence of 1-3 similar objects in virtual pockets of our hero.

But as he uses them outside the box! If we managed to find a piece of meat - will have to use your loaf to guess where, how and why to quit his greedy paramaytam (the only thing that can distract from creating these brainless pursuit of potential prey - small, but a ready-to-eat a piece of meat that can be eat without bothering his procuring of), or exactly how to use the stone sent to you by fate. The most interesting is that the options are usually set (which is not too typical for the arcade), and only your wits depends how elegant solution will be found.

Because of its excellent graphics, the world of Abe's Oddysee is big and tangible and, despite its fantastic, strictly obeys the universal "laws of nature": if there is empty, yellow and cacti, it means that the soil is probably sandy, and is to think three times before jump across the chasm, clinging to the opposite edge - osypletsya, oh, osypletsya: If the terrain is mountainous and full of rocks around - glanced up, as if one does not hit you (or rather, Abe) in the head! Or think, on whose head it clearly suggests . Such a principle already in the game, if found dangerous place, think about who to call here. Fighting something Abe does not know how! Absolutely!

Resistance to evil cunning

You heard right: our hero, our "I", our (in the game) pride and joy - not that that is not the "hero", and, sorry, the classic victim.

Not only is it going to put on the toppings like a dumb creature (or paramayta skreba, say), right in Abe's Oddysee no character with whom Abe could handle in a straight fight! Not one! Even the same as it is skinny green mudokony strive palnut it with a slingshot, and I'm really not talking about all the other! On the other simply, caught the eye - down the drain! Zamochat and gasp.

In this, our full soldier's insolvency, and lies, perhaps, the novelty and freshness of approach - something that is so shocking in Abe's Oddysee.

Abe does not cause any impact for the game and not make a single shot - except in the form of guerrilla raids enchanted Sligo.

Just do not let this fool you its harmless! Abe's Oddysee - game only bloody and brutal. Death scene no less carefully thought out than the vital functions of the characters, and see how the Slig krasnozelenye shatters into small pieces or watch drifting slowly across the screen lone camel's foot if we, God forbid, a raid on the mine while horseback riding, - a pleasure ! Physical failure and peacefulness Abe make the game only angrier and more interesting. Devoid of "heroic" complex protagonist behaves much vitality and intelligent.

Say, the game does not affect how much we'll save some fellow countrymen, and save it at all. If you only knew how many times Abe will expose them to the bullets and grinder! How many livestock respond to its "Follow me!" And left to lie, not having become a meat!

The most touching farewell to a fellow who died because of his negligence or inappropriate wit, which we will hear from Abe - "At-ups".

Still a hero!

Well, God bless them! Frankly, they are only suitable for meat and!

Especially as our feeble Abe on his difficult road to the Temple (and it is in each of the worlds) still manages to kill so many creatures that one might lose count - think of it, a couple mudokonov! Take care of it better, about Abe - after all the next week you are going to live, die and kill with it, saving moo-dokonskuyu nation from meat grinders!

Certain to be - off you still can! Abe will not let go!

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