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Downloading file size - 462 Mbytes

Game folder name - Loom

Toggle full screen view press RightAlt + Enter. Requires Java

Click on game screen to enter the game. To unlock mouse click twice right button

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Loom gameplay
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Game review

Lucasfilm Games, 1990, Adventure, 3rd-Person Perspective,

Fantasy, Puzzle-Solving.

Innovative adventure computer game released by Lucasfilm Games in 1990 for the IBM PC (version EGA). Subsequently, the game was republished for the FM Towns, TurboGrafx 16, and VGA- version.

Game world

Background to the game is described in a thirty audiodrame that came on audio cassettes complete with the original versions of the game . It tells the story of the era of the Great Guild , when people tried to establish his authority over nature.

Each of the guilds began zealously guard their secrets , hiring armies to protect their interests. But some of the guild were not so ambitious. Members of the Guild of Weavers chose to upgrade their skills instead of having to fight for power and might . Thanks to the skills and talents of weavers products has been very valuable and popular. Soon the garments of their tissues began to be famous for being the enchanted - some cured of illnesses , some saved from misery.

Over time, the art of the Weavers surpassed the physical world . Instead of flax and dyes they used light and music , weaving new patterns in the fabric of reality. Outsiders saw it as witchcraft, and Guild members were persecuted . In the end, they had to buy the remnants of its former wealth rocky island Loom and settle on it.


The centuries-long isolation from the rest of the world has transformed the once thriving guild weavers in a small community consisting of several dozen people. Marriages with other guilds were not welcome , and the profession Weavers degenerated . After giving birth to a stillborn child , Cygna Threadbare of resentment toward the elders of inactivity and blind adherence to tradition wove into reality with the help of the Loom baby - Bobbin Threadbare. Fearing the prophecy says that the son of the machine will destroy him, and after him - and the whole material world , the elders expel Ledoux , turning her into a swan and forbidding to set foot on the island. Bobbin give himself to the education of Hetchel, while denying it to teach the skill of the Guild. However hackle secretly teaches him the art of weavers to weave the threads and patterns in the fabric of reality.

In the seventeenth day Bobbin elders urged him to come to determine his fate . But after they are punished by hackle pattern "Transfiguration" , suddenly arrives swan and imposes the same pattern for all the inhabitants of Lom , turning them into swans and leaving Bobbin alone. Now he has to find these swans and join them. During the trip, Bobbin meets the ambitious Bishop Mandible of the guild cleric booked for a future army in the guild glassblower scope predictions the guild Shepherds - one hundred thousand well-fed sheep , while the guild - ten thousand swords. His last goal is to stick Weaver , who will help break the thin fabric of reality and to call this world of the dead and become the ruler of the remaining survivors. However, after the fabric has been torn apart , with the dead came into the world and Chaos, which has its own plans for world domination.

Having regained his staff, Bobbin off after the chaos , trying to prevent the destruction caused by them . The only way out - to destroy the Loom and divide reality into two halves, in which good and evil are separated by an insurmountable obstacle . By doing so, Bobbin turned into a swan , and join the rest of the weavers , forever leaving the material world .

Game interaction

In the game there is no interaction with objects in the familiar classic quests . To work on the subject , it is necessary to impose an appropriate pattern . To create a pattern that will influence reality , it is necessary to cast a spell , consisting of four notes in a certain order . Each pattern may affect the particular object in a certain way . For example, the pattern "Open" can open the doors , and the heavens ( and then cast down lightning) . Spell spoken by contrast, produces the opposite effect - for example, the pattern " Awakening " , woven in reverse, forcing the victim to sleep soundly . Some designs are only one purpose and may not be pronounced vice versa ( for example, " treat ").

Initially Bobbin are only three of the eight notes , but with the growth of knowledge about the world and the passing game he become available the rest.

The game has three difficulty levels , with the most difficult in the preparation of patterns player can only rely on their hearing - tips about the notes not. However, for their patience will be rewarded with a player a few extra scenes that do not exist at other levels of complexity.

Since LOOM, LucasArts introduced its paradigm , according to which the player must not fall into a stalemate or die , being in the wrong place. The manual was devoted to this principle, a separate section explaining the approach and distinguishes it from other adventure games (mostly implied main competitor - Sierra On-Line, which is often misused such methods , forcing the player to repeatedly pass the game after a single error).


Originally the game was released on floppy disks for EGA (16 colors) , which was later ported to the Amiga, Atari ST, Macintosh and TurboGrafx 16. A year later came "improved " 256- color version for FM Towns on CD, containing in addition to improved graphics and a soundtrack to the game ( 8 tracks of classical music). Just a year later, VGA- out version for the PC, which, however, was different from the previous one : it voiced dialogue, but the soundtrack and dialogues themselves have been cut , and a number of close-up images of heroes there, even though the resource game, they are still present.

It should be noted that in the 256- color version more " realistic " image contradicts the original graphic concept of the world , woven as a tapestry on a loom .


Soundtrack is made up of excerpts of Tchaikovsky's ballet "Swan Lake" . The original EGA- version only supports output via built-in speaker and AdLib. Later, LucasArts has released a patch that included support for Roland MT- 32, which was also present additional overture.


  1. Loom Theme: Act 1 No. 4: Pas de trois: I. Intrada: Allegro

  2. The Elders' Council: Act 4 No. 27: Danses des petits cygnes: Moderato

  3. Crystalgard (The City of Glass): Act 2 No. 13: Danses des cygnes: IV. Allegro Moderato

  4. The Shepherds / The Dragon Cave: Act 1 No. 6: Pas d'action: Andantino Quasi Moderato

  5. The Blacksmiths' Guild: Act 1 No. 4: Pas de trois: IV. Moderato

  6. The Cathedral: Act 1 No. 4: Pas de trois: II. Andante sostenuto

  7. The Loom (Finale) Act 2 No. 14: Scene: Moderato

Content Bundle

The original package in addition to floppy disks (or CD-ROM) with the game included a cassette tape with a thirty audiodramoy , revealing the history and nature of the world Loom, and the events that took place before the birth of the bobbin . Most of the actors involved in articulating audiodramy , and later took part in articulating the dialogues in version for CD-ROM.

In addition, the delivery includes User's Guide and the Book of patterns, illustrated in the style of the Middle Ages thumbnail notebook in which the player can record the patterns encountered in the game . Since the patterns for each game generated randomly at the beginning , it was recommended to write with a pencil .

References to the game

In keeping with its tradition, the developers have included the following games a lot of easter eggs and cameos , referring to the events and characters Loom.

That is the character of the Loom ( Auxiliary Bishop Mandible named Cob ) , dressed in a pirate costume and wearing a badge , "Ask me about Loom», promotes the game in a bar SCUMM bar of The Secret of Monkey Island. Also, after you shot out of a cannon ( in the circus ) , you can say , "I Bobin . - Are you my mother ? "

In the version of Maniac Mansion for the NES has a record on the record , which was recorded the soundtrack to the Loom. If you lose it , you will lose the main topic of the entry game. A remake of the game Maniac Mansion Deluxe is a similar plate D:

The game Space Quest IV ( or rather, in the future, Space Quest X) Roger Wilco can buy in the store computer games among other parodies of computer game quests Boom Brayanarti from Morrie (Morrie Brianarty), postholokostnuyu adventure game that takes place in America. In the summary of the game is the following: " The neutron bomb destroyed all life, leaving only one YOU walk among the debris . No other characters, conflicts , puzzles , and the lack of opportunities to die interface make this game easy to pass ! Just download it and watch the explosion ! "

Scarecrow Chaos can be found in the game Indiana Jones and Fate of Atlantis.


Loom control keys

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Late autumn. Bobbin thoughtfully sits on a hill near the village when it arrives for the nymph - the messenger of the elders with the requirement to report to the Council. Go left down the road going down the hill, to the settlement of weavers, where fires burn. The Council of Elders is located in the left tent. Go inside and go right through the end of the screen, down a long corridor, hung with tapestries. At the end of the corridor is a room where there is a "Loom" and the elders. From secretly peeped conversation it becomes clear that Bobbin - a stranger to the Guild of Weavers, and the elders are afraid to trust him control of the magical powers. Hetchel, the foster mother Bobbin, unknown to all taught him the principles of magic staff management skills, but she has to pay for it severely - Elder for disobedience turn it into a swan's egg.

Swan flew inform the elders of the impending danger, and all flee to the deserted island. Bobbin is left alone in the tent. Take thrown by one of the elders of the magic staff. The image is now a staff appeared on the screen, and you can use spells. The first spell you can get, if you look at the egg lying on the floor. You need to write four notes sounded - this spell "OPEN". Use this spell on the egg (you need to click the mouse button on the egg to egg image appears in the lower right corner of the screen and click on the staff 4 notes spell "OPEN" written by you). From the pop-egg appears Hetchel, elders transformed into a duck. It explains why the elders are afraid Bobbin, and flies away, promising to help in an emergency. Now before Bobbin task - to leave the island and seek their swans overseas. Before leaving the room, look at the "Loom" and record the spell of "transforming into a swan."

From the village go to the mountain, but not to the right, where you came from, and to the left. Walk through the forest, to the grave, where the owl sits. The inscription on the tomb is closed on the tail feathers of an owl. Double-click on the thorns on the left side of the screen, and from there it will run out disturbed rabbit, and ... We are sincerely sorry for the poor fellow, but then the owls have something to eat!

Read the inscription on the tomb and go right into the woods. According to inspect all four hollow, and after the fourth record sounded spell "LIGHT".

From the forest to return to the village, at the tent where the gold lies at the entrance, and then nothing is visible. You probably guessed that the darkness (and the darkness is to the right of the screen) to dispel the spell "LIGHT". In the bright tent you will see a wheel; rotate it - and make a note of the spell "Turning straw into gold." If you want to turn into gold pile of straw in a tent.

Now go to the tent in which the dye yarn. Look at the book on the table and a flask. Record the spell "WATER". A boiling pot over a fire will give you spell "PAINT", can work out in its application on the pile of undyed yarn in a tent - color from green to white and back.

You have enough knowledge to leave the island and look for swans overseas. The time has come to fulfill the prophecy written on the tomb of the "day when the sky will open." Go to the place from which you started the game, and apply in the sky spell "OPEN". Blow from the sky lightning discharges the water from the top of a tree hill. Go down to the left of the village you will find the pier and floating in the water timber. Jump from the pier into the water, Swim to the log and sit on it. Log - not the best ship, but at least you can swim in it.

Road blocks on the sea you tornado. Look at it and make a note of the spell "SPIN" and now apply the same against the tornado spell, only in reverse. The tornado spin up and disappear, and the way forward is clear.

On the ground, go to the forest, where you will meet the local shepherds. Unfortunately, walk past them until you do not succeed - shepherds want to make sure that you - a wizard, but you have to write a spell "see" through which they arise out of thin air. And while the shepherds leave under their derisive shouts and go into the screen, where one can see the spiers of the Emerald City glassblowers. Before you go inside, consider the people working on the tower and use the spell "Invisibility" (opposite of "visible"). Bobbin turn into a shadow and be able to easily penetrate the glass blowers protected areas. Go to the tower where the two talk. Listen to their conversation. One - Bishop Mendibl wishing certainly get a crystal ball prediction. The other - glass blower, which is clearly a problem with the manufacture of the ordered world with the gift of foresight to 8 hours.

After speaking leave, go to the crystal and press it. Invisible-Bobbin gets on top of the tower. Glassmakers sharpen glass crescent, and when you look at this crescent, you get spell "GRINDING".

To get out, touch the glass bell in the left side of the screen. After teleporting next to you will be the proverbial ball foresight. Take a look at it - and you'll see how after a while shepherds flee from you as a result of spell "Illusion". Excellent - make a note of the spell and get out of the city, to the place where you are stopped by the shepherds.

Use the spell "Illusion" and disperse the shepherds, taking the form of a terrible dragon. Go to the left.

The fence grazing sheep, protects them peacefully slumbering shepherd. Feel the sheep, and while disturbed animals run away, make a note of the spell "Awakening." The more you scare them unnecessarily, and you go on to the village of shepherds.

Here is your goal - the house in which the patient lies lamb. Once you touch the lamb comes to you Fleece - Chapter Guild Shepherds. It turns out that the shepherds came a big problem, the dragon got into the habit to carry sheep, whose white skins are easily visible from above. You must help the shepherds, but first again feel around the lamb to fleece you played the melody spell "healing." When you learn this spell, go outside to the grazing sheep. To solve the issue with the dragon relatively easy - just repaint the skins of sheep in green camouflage spell "Painting" (which you already know). What a bad luck - the spell worked, but ... dragon, not noticing repainted odets, mistakenly grabs you and takes away to his lair!

From the cave dragon you have to get pretty tricky way. Turn Gold, which is a dragon in the straw, and then turn back to the straw into gold. How to do it, you have already learned in his village. Put to sleep the dragon spell "DREAM" (the opposite of "awakening") and then turn straw into gold. Sleeping Dragon exhale flame, and stubble lights. Lightly toasted dragon fly, leaving the rest of the shepherds, and followed him into the wall will move. Go into it. In the darkest dungeons of the dragon, he said, the ball dropped foresight. In order to see something, light the darkness Spells "LIGHT". Find an underground pool at the bottom of which lies the ball, not too difficult - it is in the left side of the cave, and a few minutes walk will bring you to your goal. Look at the surface of the water, where you can see your reflection, spell and write "reflection". Now drain the pond spell "WATER" (remember the flask on the table, where the dyed yarn?). At the bottom of the pond and is a magic ball. You can watch it three times, each time the image will be different.

You can now exit the cave, but ... blocks the way you falled spiral staircase! The only way to overcome the slump - unleash a spiral staircase with a spell "SPIN" applied vice versa.

Your road lies the town guild. Unfortunately, the aliens are not permitted here, and you'll have to enter it in another guise. Look at the boy sleeping and wake him spell "AWAKENING". Nothing good comes from talking with this lazy you still do not get, so when he goes to sleep again, use a spell on it "Reflection." You'll look like him, and be able to walk into town blacksmith. But the boy because of his resemblance to you will be in difficulty, but let's not get ahead of ourselves.

Now, go to the town blacksmith. You take over the lazy Rusty sent for firewood, and passed into the city. Go deep into the building, where you sent the master waits for firewood. But ... seeing in your hand magical staff, he flies into a rage and locks you in a closet, and a staff hits the kindling. Without a staff you are powerless, so lie down on the straw, and get some sleep.

Meanwhile found a sleeping dragon grow in your appearance and ... Poor Rusty! His soul flies away from the mortal world, but, at least, in the guise of Hetchel ducks can now go back and help you out, just removing the burning stick out of the oven. When there is a staff, everything becomes easy. The locked door is opened elementary spell "OPEN". Go further down the ladder.

Of overheard conversation with the head of the bishop Mendibla guild and a few facts already known to you is clear: 'Bishop of preparing for war. Next smith prepares last sword for the future army Mendibla. Look at the sword and blunted his spell "GRINDING" in reverse. Smart bishop immediately understand what was happening, and two burly guys grab you.

Dragon takes you to the castle Guild of Clerics, to which the bishop Mendibl. Bishop is well aware what a weaver with his staff, so he puts you in an iron cage, and to prove to Coba that you are dangerous, has a lock cells. Apply on the cage spell "OPEN".

Conversation Mendibl invites you to the balcony, where finally reveals his plans. On the under lock Clerics cemetery line between life and death, as it were erased, and the use of magical staves, along with a spell of opening Mendiblu will admit to the world the hordes of animated inhabitants of the underworld. Mendibl expects to stand at the head of the army of the dead and lead to the capture of the world. What an irony of fate - Bobbin actually brought himself into the hands of the Bishop of magic staff!

As the saying goes, "curiosity killed the cat." It is stupid and ruin Coba. Look at the crystal ball and Koba really want to see you under the hood. It is well known that to look under the hood of the weavers is impossible, but Cobb obviously does not believe in such superstitions ... And in vain, as it turns out.

Exit the room to the balcony, to Mendiblu. Irreparable happens anyway, and the gap between the world of the living and the dead, broken mad bishop. The bishop himself killed by Chaos, but that does not help. Pick thrown on the balcony of his staff. From now on, the fate of the world - in your hands.

Enter the room. All cells were emptied and their inhabitants fled. Back to the balcony. You scare pterodactyl (or something like it), and you will fall into the hole.

Now you have to close the hole that opened up between the living and the dead. For the weaver is quite suitable work.

The first hole - blue - rose just spell "Healing" without any problems.

The second hole - red. Log in and click on the skeleton of Rusty. After a short conversation Rusty return to life, using a spell "Healing" on the skeleton. Again, go to the hole and close it from the world of the dead spell "healing."

The third hole - blue, it leads to the village of shepherds. There, lying on the ground wounded and maimed shepherds and sheep. Heal them spell "Healing", go into the hole and close it in the same way as the others.

The fourth hole - green. Log in and talk with lying there dying guild master glassblowers. The wizard will die and you will be able to go into the hole and close it spells "healing."

If you go more to the left you will find a pond with swans. Talk to your mother (she swims closest swans). She will tell you that it was turned into a duck Hetchel trying to destroy the "Loom" and thereby permanently close the passage between worlds. There, on the island of weavers, and the prince went to Chaos.

Go to the left and go to the last hole. On the island, from which you started the game, you will not get lost. Go into the room where the "Loom", and look at it.

Appears lord of Chaos, haunting Hetchel. Bobbin Hetchel trying to tell how he should destroy the "Loom", but it is not possible - the lord of Chaos seals her beak spell "SILENCE". If you have time to write this spell, then applying it in reverse order, are returned Hetchel speechless. Unfortunately, it's not for long - and that's Hetchel again gets into trouble, the evil lord of Chaos roasts its spell. Apply it spell "on the contrary" and relive Hetchel.

Exasperated by the demon inadvertently sets in motion the powerful spell of destruction. Now Hetchel we can not help, but heard a spell, if you apply it against the "Loom", break the universe into two parts, and will block the way of the hordes of undead on our half.

Get off at the last hole and apply for Bobbin spell "Turning into a swan." A flock flies away with Bobbin.

After the game, the impression remains that must be followed by the continuation of that story interrupted by half. I'd love this to be true, but as yet no information about it is not.

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