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Leisure Suit Larry 7 play online

Leisure Suit Larry: Love for Sail!

Downloading file size - 575 Mbytes

Game folder name - Larry7

Toggle full screen view press RightAlt + Enter. Requires Java

Click on game screen to enter the game. To unlock mouse click twice right button

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Leisure Suit Larry: Love for Sail! gameplay
Leisure Suit Larry: Love for Sail! title screen



Game review

Sierra On-Line, 1996, Mature, Adventure,

Side view, Graphic Adventure, Puzzle-solving.

The seventh part of the graphic adventure games for adults in the series Leisure Suit Larry, released by Sierra Entertainment in late 1996.

The game is a more simplified interface in the style of point-n-click, also inherent in the released in about the same years Sierra King's Quest VII and Space Quest 6. 256-color graphics were replaced by hand-drawn animation, with full voice acting of all characters and the appearance of voiceover . Unlike the previous parts of the series, it's impossible to die in Larry 7, however, the system still has a system of "points", and some actions can lead to their lowering, which in turn will make the ending inferior.


The girl from the previous part of the game binds Larry to the bed and escapes with his purse, and he barely escapes from the fire and goes on a cruise on the liner of Captain Tayy (in official localization - Captain Fellatia). To spend a week in the captain's cabin, Larry must win by cunning or cheating in ship contests and, in passing, seduce a few more women.

Interesting fact

To the box with the license game was attached a leaf with fragrances, which could be felt by wiping out areas of different colors. The developers offered to enhance the experience of the game, inhaling the smell of various parts of the ship.

Easter egg


  • For each victory the game gives a kind of reward - a picture for the desktop with the image of the conquered girl.

  • When talking with Gomez, Larry claims to have seen him before and lists all the places in previous games where, according to Larry, they have already met. Gomez categorically denies everything.

  • After completing certain actions related to the in-game timer, Larry can see much more interesting perspectives of naked female bodies:

-To see the breast of Femina Nudini, you need to push a branch.

-If before the "talk about the weather" with the transformed Frigida Puritano click on the nude man with the pressed Ctrl key on the monitor, then she will come up from under the table in all its glory.

-If during the visit to Jemmy Lee Coitus in Larry's menu choose Other, Dream, then you can see the movie on the engine in which Jamie removes the topic, reveals his chest and speaks with a strong French accent: "Dreamed!"

-If you milk a stuffed beaver in the library, then during your first visit to the make-up room you can see Libidia and Konchita naked.

-If, after the "incendiary concert" with "Tails" touch the mixing console, then you can find earplugs, allowing you to freely examine the chest of Femina Nudini.

-To see how Annette Stoitly bathes in the money, you need during the second visit to her apartment, before calling the door, unfasten the fly at the third from the left of the statue.

-If you try to pour the orgasmic powder into the cocktail of Femina Nudini, then during her bathing, Larry will not block the shower.

  • The names of books in the library parody the names of books published at the time of localization (2004) about Harry Potter.

  • In the game, you can double-see Al Lowe: he peeks through the porthole, if before the end of the contest knock on the door of the captain's cabin, and his portrait hangs on the back wall of the room of the Exquisitor.

  • El Lowe is also mentioned in the dialogues:

-When Larry asks Femina Nudini if ​​she knows Al Lowe, she replies that she met him on the previous cruise in November;

-When Larry claims that Gomez is needed on the ship to balance the sexes, he objects that Al Lowe would never have thought of such a flat joke; Larry says that Gomez does not know Al Lowe well;

-Searching the sham trunk in the cabin of Lisa Minetti and finding nothing, Larry insulted says that Al Low violates all the canons of adventure games.

  • If you try to make an improper action for an object or apply an unsuitable subject, the narrator releases caustic comments, for example: "A stupid idea, nothing will come of it", "What, Larry, my hands itch", "Stop scaring people. You want to fight - buy WarCraft », etc.

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First of all, take the hair curling kit (Lil 'Hair Weave Kit, get 1 point for this), which lies on the right side table. Go to the inventory with the right mouse button and open the set (for this you will get 1 point) - there is a needle in it. Now take the pliers from the left side table (Vice Grips, add 1 point to your asset), go back to the inventory and bend the needle with the pliers. Get a skeleton for handcuffs (Bent Needle, honestly earned 1 point). With a tricky acrobatic technique, you uncover handcuffs, and Larry is at liberty (you get 2 points). What to do with fire? The fireman suggests jumping down. No problem ... except for one - the door to the balcony is closed. Left-click on the door, go to "Other ..." and type "Break". Larry lands a door and runs to the balcony, where he finds a postcard with a picture of the ship (plus 2 points). The blast wave pushes Larry down and he lands safely on the cactus. Now there is only one thing - to go on a cruise.


On the dock at the gangway Larry meets Captain Thygh and immediately gets a slap from her. Having immersed himself on the ship, he learns from the head of the economic department (Purser) that he will be placed in another cabin, because of the problems that have arisen, more. Listen to the announcement that the captain arranges the contest, and those wishing to participate can go to the assembly hall (Proud Lil 'Seaman Lounge), but first pamper yourself with a white phone 6 times (Prank, jokes cost 6 points). In "Larry 7" there is also a built-in parallel game called "Where's Dildo?". You will have to find 32 red and white sausages in the course of the game to get a prize. As soon as you notice this, click on it. In the hall the first dildo is behind the right column. Now on the ship map, find the Lounge, and go!

The ship conducts a contest (Thygh Man Trophy): the winner spends a week with the captain, the task is to pass qualifying competitions and get the maximum score. After receiving the participant card, look at it. Is not that so, at first glance? (3 points for this.) Click on the second dildo in the left bottom barrel. Exit through the door to the upper deck and click on the dildo No. 3 - under the upper tree. Now to the left, until you see the fire cock, open the box (get 1 point) and take the hose (Fire Hose, will add you 3 points). Dildo No. 4 - under the tail near the right sapling. Talk to the one-legged pirate Peggy, (11 points do not hurt), ask all the questions, then you will find out that KZ Sexual Lubricant when blended with Deodorant explodes. At the same time type in "Other ..." "Captain", listen to the opinion of Peggy about the captain.

Say goodbye and go left, there is a tree. Look at it and take away the yellow fruit (Kumquats, they cost 2 points). Dildo No. 5 - for a pot. Talk to Rod, he works as a child massovik-entertainer, but the liner has no children, so he will gladly show Larry a couple of toys. It's time to start the competition!

The Love master 2000

Find a library on the map and go there. The clock with a pendulum - dildo number 6. There is another funny game in the game, hidden, it is designed for the smartest and luckiest. You have the opportunity to see much more than ordinary people see. It is called Easter eggs (Easter eggs). Multicolored eggs appear in the upper left corner when performing certain actions. The first egg in the library: click on the beaver that stands on the right shelf. First look at it (1 point per view), then in "Other ..." write "Milk". Now, when you enter the wardrobe of the Juggs family, you can see almost everything! And now read two books: about magnetism (price 2 points) and about planes (Fokker, costs 2 points), its author is Barington Drew. Go to the librarian.

Talk to her. Her name is Victorian Principles. You get 3 points. Ask all questions, and then go to "Other ...", write everything you want to your heart. Larry will have 10 seconds to pull the glue from the table (Mucilage, earned 5 points). While there is nothing to do, so go to the pool (Clothing Optional Pool).

Larry is at the dressing room. Go further, he is hindered pumped up guy named Dick: it turns out that it is forbidden to approach the pool in a synthetic suit. Well, put on swimming trunks for 2 points. By the way, dildo number 7 - behind the bushes on the left.

Drew is resting there, you read her book in the library (3 points are yours). Talk to the girl, but first remove the branch that obstructs the view. In "Other ..." write "Push" - this is another Eastern egg. After all the questions are asked, Larry learns three important things. The first - a suitcase with clothes Drew locked in the luggage compartment; The second - you will not be able to read the book; The third - to prepare a cocktail "Gigantic Erection" (Gigantic Erection) takes a long time. That's all for now. When leaving, take the three-pointer magazine People; From it, Larry learns about the existence of the Juggs family. Now is the time to visit your cabin, number 0. Look for it on the map (Cabin 0, get 2 points).

Dildo No. 8 - behind a bucket into which water is dripping. Now look around. So how did you like it? Now for the cause. Look at toilet paper (Toilet paper, earned 1 point) - probably, it is of Russian origin. Take it (come in handy) and add 2 more points. Check the pipe in the toilet, at the same time take the jar of silicone lubricant (Silicone Lubricant, for it give 3 points). Try to correct the tricky mechanism in the toilet: look at it (Toilet), press "Use" and use the fire hose (9 points for that). Check the serviceability by lowering the water (Flush, plus 2), then in "Other ..." type "Piss" (modest point). After that, again in "Other ..." write down "Shit" (1 more point). Good sitting! In the toilet menu - "Whize", "Use toilet paper". With relief we continue the exploration of the ship and go to the pool.

Dildo No. 9 hides behind the right bush. Dress up and go to Drew. Again ask about the book, for this will give two points. Drew finished reading it, take it. Ha-ah-er, this is the erotic adventures of Hercules! Faster to the library.

Ask Victorian about something in "Other ..." and while she is busy with the computer, take a yellow book from the stack, take out the dust jacket (Remove jacket, add 10 points), then use it on "Erotic adventures" (for idea 14 Glasses, rejoice). Tell the librarian "Good bye" (2 points are Larry's politeness). Go back to your room. Dildo No. 10 - behind the toilet. Now on the map, look for a place where you experience sexual valor (Sexual Prowess competition area), this is a purple rectangle.

Dildo No. 11 - in the right booth. Click the important green button (Important Button, 4 points for importance) on the shield, then shove TMT Scorecard into CyberCard 2000 (add 2 points). Not quite a successful attempt ... Go back to your room to rest. Dildo No. 12 - behind the red pipe in the lower left corner! Have a little sleep (Lie). It's time to visit Victoria in the library ... Has something changed ?!

Dildo No. 13 - behind the pineapple. Look (for a point) on the monitor. Another egg, but it consists of two parts! First: keep the Ctrl key and click the mouse button on the left man on the computer monitor. Second: ask Vicki again about the weather (The weather ... Hmm, 20 points - not a joke!). Happened!!! I'll have to return without clothes; The grandmother at the room is in shock, but Larry does not care. Change clothes in the room, go back to the library and ask Vicki about LoveMaster 2000 (get 6 points). It will help you win this contest, just click "Improve it". So, the first test behind (for which you are given 25 points), Larry "scored" the maximum score of -1000.

The Best Dressed Man

On the map of the ship, find the site where the contest for the most stylishly dressed man (The Best Dressed Man, purple rectangle) is held. Dildo No. 14 leaned against the console. Do not be shy, unbutton the pants of the dummy (earning 3 points). Yeah, there's a card reader hidden in there. Again it did not happen the first time to pass the contest! Well, let's look for a way. Go to the ballroom (Captain Queeg's Ballroom).

The central entrance is open, so you can enter freely. Dildo No. 15 acts on stage. After his musical theme, Larry notices the girl who sits at the drawing table. It is time for the fourth Eastern egg. Click on Larry and in "Other ..." write "Dream". But these are only dreams, now you need to achieve this spectacle for real. Come to her, ask about everything. It turns out that her name is Jamie Lee Coitus (for this girl they give 2 points!), She earns a fashion designer on this liner and at the moment nothing new comes to her mind. Then offer an exchange: the idea of ​​winning the contest The Best Dressed Man. Then in "Other ..." type "Leisure Suits" (it will cost 17 points). A small advertisement of the convenience of polyester, but ... where to get material in the open sea? For Larry there are no barriers! By the way, dildo No. 16 is behind the right sculpture.

Go to the El Replicant Sculpture Garden, grab the dildo No. 17 behind David's foot, then look at the foot of Venus (Look on Venus' foot). It turns out that the two dice have not yet been glued, take them, come in handy (8 points for theft). Oops ... Run down. Giant dildo No. 18 was leaning on the entrance to the library. Click on it. It's time to return to the kindergarten and look at the fruits of your labor. The grief-stricken sculptor has disappeared, so climb up the forests (more than one point does not give) and "borrow" a screwdriver (this steal is more serious - 4 points). There is nothing more to do, we go to a new place - "Only for the staff" (The Employees Only Area).

What protection! But Larry never gives up, so he passes freely through the iron door, just type "Push" in "Other ..." (9 points for intelligence and observation). Dildo No. 19 - behind one of the chairs. On the wall hangs a message board, read the notes until the score counter is turned on twice (get 3 points). Have you read? Then take the jelly tube (KZ Brand Jelly), which lies next to the coffee maker (plus 4 points), and the wire to exclude the jackpot (Jackpot Preventer Wire, and 4 more into your asset). Just in case, look at the two posters of Captain Thygh. Boxes, of course, are locked. Look for the bridge on the map of the ship (Bridge). So, Larry is at the control room. Do not enter the door yet. See the steps? Climb up (one point) and look at the tip of the white sail (for contemplation one point). It's made from 100% polyester! Suitable material for Jamie costumes. It remains only to deploy the sail ... Get down and go into the wheelhouse.

Dildo number 20 - very close. To deploy a sail, you need to do something with the guard dog, but it's not in your power, go back. Well, you'll have to open the switchboard with a screwdriver (for damage to the equipment you give 6 points), then connect the wire from the inventory to the contact from the loudspeaker with the sail motor (earned 10 points). Now to the dining room (The Heaving Ho ').

Dildo No. 21 - in a skillet with something green. Now, pay attention to the ice statue of the captain, lick it (Lick). Explore the hall until you come across a saucepan with beans (Bean Dip); Do not disdain, eat a couple of spoons (appetizing and cheap - 4 points). In the Larry menu, press "Fart" (1 point), it will spoil the air. Recharge with a spoonful of beans. Then talk to Wang twice, and he will leave (get 10 points). After that, you can take a knife (Carving Knife, 3 points) and a hot lamp (Hot Lamp, two points). Striped sausage is dildo No. 22. Now there is something to cut off a piece of sail, quickly go to the bridge and up the stairs.

On the sail, click "Use curving knife" (add 8 more to your glasses) ... Good morning, Larry! Rather, go to the ballroom to Jamie. Dildo No. 23 disappeared behind the lowest table. Start a conversation with the girl and give her a piece of canvas for 7 points. You no longer get used to walking naked on the corridor. Go back to the hall and read the note on the door (note is small - only one point), in it Jamie asks Larry to meet with her backstage (Backstage). Why not? Wow! Fashion show with your participation (paid generously - 9 points). If it were not for the reporter from Inside Edition, nobody would notice your naked nature, but what should I do ?! Go back to the hall and read the big note on the door: it turns out you are a genius, but Jamie is no longer destined to stay with Larry, since she left (the only consolation is 1 point). It also happens. Let's proceed to the competitions. On the map we go to The Best Dressed ... Now you can easily pass the second test. Count the card, and your score is 100, again the maximum (get 25 points).

The Craps Tournament

It's time to go to the casino. The map shows the Pair O 'Dice Casino. Dildo No. 24 - at the card table on the first floor. At the game table people - do not push through, and play horror as you want. "Accidentally" arrange a gas attack "Fart", there will be empty seats (for wit - 11 points!). Talk to the dealer and play the batch. Unfortunately, Larry still loses. In inventory, use your cubes on toilet paper (it costs 11 points). Illegally, but effectively. Use your dice in the game (six points on the road do not roll, take them). Here it is - Good luck! Larry comes up with a new character - the adorable Dewmi Moore, she offers to play a game in her room. Could Larry refuse? So, you are in the room at the table (wow, as much as 27 points!).

Rules of the game: you need to guess the number of dice with the same number in the game. First, make a bet. For example, you are sure that the game has 4 dice with a figure of 6. Choose from the right cubes one with the number 6, then on the white ruler put the red bone over the number 4. All your bones with sixes are put on the field that is next to your cubes. Press Bet. Then, or raise the bet, or Challenge. "Bull's eye" can replace any number. If you're really impatient, then press Ctrl + C, and then you'll see the Dewmi cubes. The game must end in your favor, otherwise you will not get 23 points. I advise you to keep more often. Nun Larry still on this liner did not meet! Wow, the third test is over.

Poop Deck Horseshoes

Return to the room Dewmi and take from the table Powder for Orgasm (Orgasmic Powder, get 4 points). Speak with Peggy on the promenade deck (Promenade Deck) and ask about the steward (Cabin Boy, only 11 points). She will talk about the box Xqwzts'a (he is second from the left in the bottom row, 11 more). Go there and try to open it. The combination is not so important right now. Return and find out from Peggy the code (11 points). 38-24-36 (and for this - 12). Recovered after the impact? Then come in (three for courage). Learn from the young man about the photos, and then how he does them (How?), After which Larry will be able to buy them (surrender - 4 points). Ask the remaining questions and leave from there.

In the main hall, go to Peter the Purser and ask around. When you walk away from the table, you will see a dildo at number 25 on the round top balcony. Now you can ask Peggy (she's on the promenade deck) about the steward (earned 11 points, not bad?). It turns out he needs a passport badly. We will render a small service and find a document. Ask Peter for his passport (just 11 points). He will not give it to you, you still have to prove that you are Larry Laffer. All you need is at your fingertips: use the glue on the photo (plus 9), then paste it on the key card (8 more points), you should get an ID card. Show it to Peter (this is estimated at 6 points). The passport is in your hands, you can go to Xqwzts'u. "Use the passport" apply to the steward (7 points), he will run away with it, but, fortunately, leave the key on the wall (Custodial Key). Take the key and six points, now go to the aft deck (Poop Deck). But first look in the Help "About" (one point): the photo shows the creators of the game in the company with the dildo No. 26.

In the "jacuzzi" two girls rest, talk to them (3 points for courage). It's the famous Juggs family! After the conversation, Larry learns that a mixture of spandex (Spandex) and silicone when exposed to heat gives a "strange" reaction. Worth a try. Go to the assembly hall and talk to the bartender (Bartender, two points are not so many, but still ...). Dildo No. 27 - behind the left wall of the window. Order a cocktail "Giant Erection" (expensive, however, - 11 points), while the bartender prepares it, go to the dresser The Juggs, which is to the left of the bar. The first egg worked! Something dried up in Larry's throat after such a spectacle, order the juice (in "Other ..." write "Lime Juice" - also not cheap, as much as 12 points). Another "Giant erection" does not hurt, go to the wardrobe room while the bartender is busy (13 points). On the table is a deodorant, the bottle of which is similar to your silicone grease. What are you standing there for? Change them (earned 12 points). Dildo No. 28 - behind the straw. Before leaving, press the red button. Judging by the sound, something was moving somewhere (give 4 points). Come out. Ah, the button sets the searchlight on! Take the white lamp (White Lamp, plus 5) and in its place, screw in the red, heating (again, plus five). Raise the searchlight upward by pressing the button in the dresser (4 points). To enter, again order the "Giant Erection". When finished, go somewhere and quickly return to the assembly hall - the performance began. The heat did its work! Two more girls shared with Larry ... the scene (Ur-ra - 20 points in your pocket!).

When you change, carefully examine the assembly hall: on the stage is a torn garland (Chase Lights for 5 points), take it. On the left side of the scene, select the remote with one button (Remote Control). How to get 5 points, so immediately try it in inventory (simple action - just one point). Want another egg? Then on the mixer in "Other ..." type "Feel". Faster to the pool, ask Drew about Fokker (in "Other ..." type "Fokker", get 24 points and much more). Our path leads to the next test - horseshoe horseshoe (Horseshoes Competition).

Dildo No. 29 - by the river of champagne. Now take your TMT card and shove it in ... but not yourself - Centaur. I'm not joking (this is for 2 points !?). Then "Play" on the track. It seems to be very simple, but not for Larry. I'll have to cheat again. Take the map and go to the sculpture garden. There you will go up. The protruding metal rod is the tip of the pole on which the horseshoes are tossed. Do you remember the book about magnetism? .. Wind the garland on the rod (knowledge of physics expensive - 14 points). Test the system right here and get 1 point. Now go to the deck for the prize! Once again, use the map on the Centaur and turn on the remote (5 points). Well, let's get to the game. Hurray 25 times, because so many points you get for accuracy! Take the card, the winner.

Tail Deck Bowling

Examine the place where they play bowling (Bowling Competition). Dildo No. 30 - for the behemoth. Read the map from the walrus in the mouth (Fiberglass Walrus) and try to knock down at least one pin. (Take the ball, play on alleys, take 2 points). Hmm, it's not very good.

In the room escaped Xqwzts'a use a screwdriver on the ventilation grille (Air Vent, give you 6 points). Let strange sounds in a dark room do not confuse you, find the cursor on the left side of the screen, just below the upper corner, You. This is Larry. Undress (undress, well, speed! You would serve in the army - 25 points). I went and went. You were wrong again, Larry. When you return to the cabin, you will find a girl in black. Using your ... inconvenience, it will put you into a nasty little story - you will promise to "take away" her husband, grandfather in a wheelchair.

When you are dressed, pick up a handkerchief (Hanky, 2 points for works) and smell it ("Smell" in "Other ...", 1 point). In the dining room, where the ice statue, go to the upper door, which was previously closed. Go to the second chair on the left: a familiar smell! And what is there under it? Insurance policy (15 points). Read it (5 more), and Larry finds out the name of the stranger who came to his room. Annette Boning.

Peter will not want to tell you about Annette personally. Then call on the white phone and ask to connect with Boning (get 13 points). After that, ask Peter to check your account, and while he is not, look at the black phone and press the red button (LND Button, it will cost 11 points). So Larry finds out Annette's phone number, and at the same time her number. Go to her (for 2 points, Larry is ready for anything!).

Dark room (only 2 points and can be seen), naked body in the light of the moon. Romance! Smell the veil (unexpected decision, but it brings another 1 point). Without delay, jump on the bed ... Again a mistake! It seems that Boning's grandfather died of a heart attack (they learn and receive 10 points each). Annette throws the clothes out of the window, getting rid of the evidence. It was not the first time Larry got naked to his cabin. Only a little girl with her mother was missing! Dress, you are waiting for the Eastern egg No. 6. Return to the "last crime scene" and click on the fly of the third-bottom guy in the left row. In "Other ..." write "Unzip". And only now call the door (red button). Talk about last night, threaten Annette with a knife (1 point), she will run away. Call again, and she's with you again. Give her back the lost insurance (generosity is a good and gainful thing, 15 points). As a thank you, Annette will throw Larry in the face of a check for half a billion dollars and disappear forever!

Find the cargo compartment (Forward Hold) on the map, unlock it with the key of the steward (just a pair of points). Gorilla painfully slaps Larry with a suitcase on the head, but all for the better - this is a bag with clothes Drew! Take it (6 points). Dildo No. 31 - behind the suitcase on the left. The penultimate egg is cooked. Run to Drew, pour the Powder for Orgasm into her cocktail. Click on it and in "Other ..." type "Drink". Now talk about the suitcase (here they are the long-awaited 15 points). Uh, great. But how quickly to get her out of the booth? Put the water in the toilet (gives 10 points), they say, it helps. It turns out that some girls do not understand jokes at all.

Let's go to the aft compartment of the ship (Aft Hold). Use the key and you are in the beaver enclosure (Beaver Hold, get 2 points). Bowling pins are made here! Open the iron door (Hopper Door) where the made skittles are stored, and sprinkle with deodorant - earn 11 points. Now put a little KZ Jelly on the Annette shawl (yeah, 7 points). It's time to play bowling!

When you get the ball, wipe it with a good kerchief (6 points for thoroughness), bowling pins are waiting for your strike (1 point is strong). A couple of professional punches, and Larry again in the first place (victory - 25 points).

Captain's Cook Off

Let's go into the kitchen. Dildo No. 32 again masks for sausage. The last one is ready! See the wallpaper (wallpaper). We are interested in fish wrapped in a printed sheet, which lies on the table at the guillotine, take it (plus 2 points to the existing ones). The fish itself has long ago deteriorated, so Larry throws it out. Read the page of the magazine (Magazine Page, 5 points), where you will find a recipe of Venezuelan beaver cheese. Ingredients: beaver milk (Beaver Milk), lime juice, salt, Mold and kumkaty. There are only two components missing. Before you go looking for them, look at the Fifi (pink poodle), on the fish heads, on the net, take a pot and salt, run CaviarMaster 2000 (for all this - 8 points).

The mold remained in the shower after washing Drew (cleaning the shower is estimated at 7 points), but for milk, go to the lower tier of the aft hold (Lower Aft Hold). Open the door with the key (2 points). Now choose your favorite beaver, in "Other ..." type "Milk" (the operation is heavy and expensive - 13 points). Run into the assembly hall, Clinton's jokes cost 5 points. Have had a good time - and enough, it's time to cook a cake for the last contest.

Pour the milk into Cybercheese 2000 (give 9 points), a couple of minutes - and it's ready. Then mix the kumkat and cheese (7 more), you should get a cheese cake. Where did the python come from in the kitchen? Look at it (get 1 point). Now show the cake to the judges who are in the Cook-Off Competition (this is not the end, so only 1 point). I did not like your creation, well, let's add Powder for Orgasm (for cleverness - 14). Who are the judges? Also people, see how the new pie works on them (Victory - 25 points)! Well, everything - the captain is waiting for you, Larry!


Rise to the very top to the captain's cabin (Captain's Quarters). In "Other ..." type "Knock" and you will see the winner of last week. Maybe not to enter? No, too long was the way, you can not leave. Larry walks into the door and gets to ... the opera. Captain Thygh sits at the top, rather to her (the run was a success, the prize is 10 points). It seems that she is disappointed. Talk to her, suggest Stocks (25 points, the last!). After that, she can not resist, and you are in her arms. Larry's dream came true!

If in the end you scored 1,000 points and 32 dildos, then you can contemplate the last, the eighth Eastern egg - the captain's. Just a couple of seconds, but at least something ...

It's a shame that the game is over, but the final cartoon looks very promising, - the liner abducts an alien plate! Will Larry seduce the Urantians, it is unknown, but I so want to hope for this ...


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