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Leisure Suit Larry 6 play online

Larry Laffer

Leisure Suit Larry 6: Shape Up or Slip Out!

Downloading file size - 423 Mbytes

Game folder name - Larry6

Toggle full screen view press RightAlt + Enter. Requires Java

To unlock mouse click twice right button. Click on game screen to enter the game

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Leisure Suit Larry 6: Shape Up or Slip Out! gameplay
Leisure Suit Larry 6: Shape Up or Slip Out! title screen


Game review

Sierra, 1993, Adventure,

3rd-Person Perspective, Adult, Puzzle-Solving.

Series about the amorous adventures of Larry Laffer chronic loser is one of the oldest firms game series "Sierra". In fact , although the last game is number 6 , was only 5 games in this series , because "Larry - 4" in nature does not exist.

In the last two games of the series significantly changed the look of the Larry and all the surrounding areas. If the plot had all happened more or less seriously , but now all of the game " fun " as if laid in a silly appearance , Larry , and the authors of the game as if mocking him. Some people like it , to someone - no.

All games of the series almost unrelated to each other , except for personality of the protagonist , so you can start with any game . The plot is all about Larry games are almost always the same: Larry Laffer goes in search of the ideal sexual partner , along the way he always unlucky with acquaintances , but in the end everything turns out well .

At the beginning of "Larry - 6" poor man puts on a difficult television show " Studs " , where as a result of stupid misunderstandings Larry takes second place ( two members) and wins two week holiday at La Costa Resort with full payment of all expenses . Of course, for privacy here Larry opened the richest opportunities.

Manage in something other than a mouse , so uncomfortable , that is not worth discussing this option. Methods of using the mouse will be explained below.

When the game begins infomercial . It is quite long , so seeing him once, in the future , you can interrupt it by pressing the mouse button.

Appears on the screen with five opportunities to continue :

Open Game - load a previously saved game.

Continue - to continue the movie.

Intro - look intro to the game.

Credits - a list of people who created the "Larry - 6" .

Play - start the game from the beginning.

The main part of the image of the game takes the game screen , that is the image of the place where Larry is at the moment. This part of the screen not only shows what happens to the hero of the game.

It clicking the left mouse button performs actions over various objects - for example, to open the door , you need to make the mouse cursor to a hand and pointing it at the door, schelnut left mouse button (of course , this method will not work if the door is locked with a key ) .

At the top of the screen is a menu . To open it , click the left mouse button on the bar at the top of the screen and hold the mouse button to select an item of the following ( in brackets are given keys and key combinations corresponding to this point) :

File - basic file operations.

New [F9] - start again.

Open [F7] - load a previously saved game.

Save [F3] - save the current game.

Save as ... [F5] - save the current game under a different name.

Quit [Ctrl + Q] - out of the game in DOS.

Game - functions that are essential for the convenience of the player :

Controls [Ctrl + C] - setting the parameters of the game. This fully corresponds to one point of the bottom of the control buttons , and at this point it will be described in detail.

Music On / Off [F2] - enable / disable music.

Save- 0 -Matic - enable / disable the automatic save game after reaching the next important results.

Auto-Save - setting mode automatically save the game after a certain time interval. If you specify a save game at 0 minutes, the auto-save will be disabled.

Help - whole scattering functions that have no practical value - for example, where you can get technical assistance , to buy a book with tips , etc. We will not even dwell on them .

At the bottom of the screen is the control area . Most importantly, there is in it , * the seven control buttons . Six of them correspond to the basic functions of the game, plus there is one auxiliary button . To use the button , simply click the mouse button on it . The buttons have the following functions :

"Go" (walking people) - move to a specific spot on the screen or go to another screen.

"Look" (eye) - get the description of any object on the game screen.

" Act " (hand) - all transactions with objects from the door opening to the tickling . Desired action is selected automatically depending on the subject .

"Take" (hand lifting something) - to find himself in the subject property. This function has another use: it can help someone to choose subjects of their property for use anywhere on the game screen .

"Speak" ( cloud ) - say something animate any object in the game. If you then talk to him again , then most likely , the replica will be another Larry , so you should always was having these up until the replica will not be repeated .

" Undo " ( fastener ) - undo or undress .

Customize game settings ( engine control ) - Select values ​​for the main parameters of the game :

Detail - the level of graphical detail .

Volume - the volume in the game.

Speed ​​- speed Larry.

Text - text output speed on the screen.

? - A certificate stating that mean different buttons in this window.

OK - end settings .

EXIT - This button is not always present , but only if you are considering in more detail anything and want to return to the normal screen.

When a feature is selected , the mouse cursor takes the form of the symbol of the function. Moving the cursor and clicking the left mouse button anywhere on the game screen , you can try to use this feature there . Of course , you can select functions by clicking the mouse button on the bar at the bottom , but still convenient sequentially through them by pressing the right mouse button . However, this way you can not choose to use items from the property.

Another worth mentioning that in some game situations , not all the buttons - in this case, the image is temporarily unavailable buttons like " shaded " D:

In the right side of the control displays the current account , ie the number of points. Points are awarded for every correct action . Ideally, at the conclusion of the game dialed 999 points , but this is optional - you can finish the game with a much smaller account .

At the bottom is a strip with all the items from the estate of Larry. If all items do not fit on the screen, you can scroll strip , clicking a mouse button on the arrow buttons on the left and right of the strip.

Recall that to select an object on the screen to use the easiest way with the " take".


Leisure Suit Larry 6 big title screen

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Full title screen


In order to complete the game , you actually have to randomly meet eight women ( sounds great , but the reality is far more prosaic ) . You can do them in any order , just to have the right things . So Larry standing in the lobby of the resort La Costa...

In the lobby, look at a woman clerk Gammie and talk to her to get the key to his room. At the same time note Gummi assurances that in order to help her lose weight, she was ready for anything . Climb the stairs and open the door with a key next to the elevator and ice machine for cooking - this is your room. Come into the room and inspect the table where three of the cards have a red and crimson . Read the ads on red card and try to get through all the phone numbers that are listed on a crimson card. In accordance with the advertising on the red card in the evening you will promise to leave a gift on the pillow. Go to the bathroom and open water in the sink. Look at the disgusting rusty color of the water and call a plumber on the phone ("Building Maintenance", phone 76 ) so that it fixed the sink. Take from the table of flower vases.

So, Larry is ready for the first attempt to conquer the local lady. Come out of the room , down the stairs into the hall and go one screen to the left, where there is a door to the Health Center . Open the door and in front of you will be four doors : the first - Water Treatments , second - Male Shower . third - Women's Shower.

fourth - machine for pumping fat ( broken).

You need the left door . Come to the beauty of the Rose, look at it and talk a bit. You are required to give Rose flower out of the room , and grateful Larry Rosa deliver on its assurances , " an unforgettable experience " through water treatment . In fact , do not want to be in place by Larry ... But as a result of torture resistant Larry receives a gift from Rose orchid , rose and she disappears from his life.

The first attempt ended in failure . To forget the bitterness of failure , you can go to a local bar - it is two screens to the right hall corridor ( go down ) . Perhaps when you walk into a bar , they saw on the stage a girl who sings the blues . If it's not there , leave the bar and go again - it appears. To distract her from singing , you need to unplug the microphone from her , while she sits on the edge of the stage , and you can look at it and talk. Burgundy ( as her name ) wants a cold beer , but the resort does not serve alcoholic beverages.

Exit the bar and go to the pool ( entrance next to the bar ) , and then through the door you will find yourself in an aerobics class . Occupy little space and mash . Success Larry aerobics so much amaze coach Kev , that it can not continue and dismisses the whole class . As usual , go for it , take a look and talk . Then make several attempts to resort worker card that hangs on it. The third attempt is successful, and the card will take you . By the way , incidentally Kev prompts you to take a girlfriend and have some fun in the sauna.

Exit to the hallway and go right to the end, where the iron railing with a combination lock that blocks the road in the area of personnel. With the card open the lock and go further. In the tent , where the fun resort staff , take a six-pack and go back to the bar to singing Burgundy . Disconnect the microphone again and give her a beer . Flights will be little need to make a second . Two packs enough. Burgundy agrees to meet with you in the sauna and goes. Before going to the sauna , go up on the stage and look at the bottom of the opening . There in the corner of Burgundy hanging the dress , take it.

Yet should go back to your room . It is very likely that in the corridor appeared maid trolley , on which there are a variety of personal belongings to lift the mood of guests. If trucks are not , try once or twice to go back to my room and get back ; truck sooner or later appear. With carts need to take all sorts of things : the line for cleaning teeth , hand lotion , soap, toilet paper roll , paper toilet seat , napkin and towel. If we now go into the room and visit the bathroom, there must lie on the dale plumber , poking around in the sink. Perhaps for some reason it will not - then take a roll of toilet paper down the toilet drain , by phone , call a plumber 76 again , exit the room and go back. In general, from a plumber you need two things : a file and wrench. Ask his permission not worth it, better to just pull them on the sly.

Now go to the Health Center , and there - in the locker room of the male soul . Open a free locker and fold your clothes in it (you need to use the open locker and towel) . In one towel Larry goes through the shower to the mud baths . The door to the sauna - this is the second door on the right . There you will find waiting Burgundy , and will soon be Kev - aerobics trainer . To get the story , Larry must always try to talk with the girls . Regrettably , however , this time Larry does not work , he remains all alone , that's just on the shelf is a silver bracelet . Take it and wash in the shower, not to walk around the resort sweaty . Then do not forget to dress up !

Left the hall with Gummi you will find the entrance hall to the nail . Select from the floor piece of electrical wire and become acquainted with bored manicurist Chablis. Look at her and talk . Chablis wants to have a beautiful dress . No problem - give her dress Burgundy . Chablis invite you to spend a romantic night on the beach.

Go back to your room and take a pillow administration promised gift . This is an ordinary condom. Take it and get out of the room. Chablis waits, and Larry is automatically transferred to the seashore .

Women seduction technique on the beach is easy to master : alternate chatter with the actions of the hands, and soon you will succeed. Chablis ask you for some reason a condom and ... Alas , bad luck, but what a nightmare !

The next day you can go back to the beach , for this go down the hall to the left to the exit to the garden , and in the garden , take the beach by a wooden staircase . Take a bottle of champagne there , which remained from the romantic nighttime , and along with rummage in the sand and get the old bulb D:

Maybe better luck with Gummy ? To achieve its favor, we have to arrange car for pumping oil , which has three breakage. Go to the lounge with Gummy , and then - on the screen to the right . A door leads from the hallway to the dining room . Log in to the dining room and a good rummage in the ice at the front , will discover got lost under the ice orange - take it . Go through the back door into the kitchen , where a garbage can , dig if you can find a jar of oil. Again, go to the Health Center , this time - in the rightmost door to the Machine for pumping oil. Grease from banks hefty piston in the left part of the machine - one failure persists .

Wrench needed to unscrew the tank in the center of the machine , and then lift the lid and take out the filter clogged with fat . To clean the filter , it is enough to go to the kitchen and wash it under running water in the sink. Then the filter is installed , the cover is closed and the tank is screwed - eliminated the second destruction.

The third fault is flexible hose breakage right. Exit the room at the health center and go to the men's shower ( second door on the left ) . Without undressing , walk through shower and mud baths where soak another woman - her understand later. Screen to the right of the mud baths you will find a gym, and in it - a bodybuilder nicknamed Thunderbird . Look at her and talk ; Thunderbird would like to receive as a gift the new handcuffs and is ready to reward the one who will bring them . It is unclear where the resort to get the handcuffs , but remember request . Notice the guy in glasses who is trying to shake the simulator and read simultaneously . Larry must be picked up from the machine rubber band , but it needs to wait PRKA guy leave. Get out of the gym and then go back . On the second or third time would be the trainer free, and that's when you can take it with tape and return with her to the vending machines for pumping oil. Tape should tie leaky hose, then you can turn the big red switch and test the machine. Third breaking eliminated !

When it becomes clear that the machine is working properly , you can turn it off and go on to call Gummi procedure. Gummi immediately sent to the Machine . It turns out that it really does not hurt to lose a little weight . When she gets to the goal, Larry must connect to her thighs suction tube machine and turn the switch.

Process , as they say, went on this Gummi but not complacent . For starters she asks Larry to bring orange. Give her the orange that was taken from the dining room and talk again . Ok, after it took her a cold orange headband . Go to the kitchen and under the tap wet cloth , taken from the maid carts . Open the refrigerator door on the wall , put the wet towel and close the door . Exit the kitchen and go back , during which time tissue cools . Open the refrigerator and take a cold towel. Return to Gammie and give her a napkin . It turns out that this is not enough - now need a bottle of mineral water ! Exit to the hallway and go right until the door of one of the rooms did not stumble on the tray with the remains of breakfast. And there is a bottle of mineral water. Take it , take and give Gummi.

Well, what? Again, did not take place ? Gummy also disappears forever , but in fact the efforts were not in vain . Take your lamp and fill it with fat Gummi evacuated from a large crane (the lower part of the screen in the middle) .

Again , visit the bar where at the front are free matches. Take one and light it on the zipper on his pants ( use the appropriate symbol). Until a match is lit , light her lamp.

In a room with mud baths remove plants that are left and prevent you from getting to your camcorder , then wrench loosen the camera and send it to the women's shower. Someone is obviously should be interested.

From the hall , where once sat Gammie , go down , and there along the path - to the guard booth , which monitors the output of the resort. Fortunately , the guard so engrossed watching the women's shower ( thanks to you rotated the camera) that he will not notice , as it will remove the handcuffs from his belt .

Perhaps you remember that you need to give Thunderbird handcuffs in the gym. She invites you to her room , however, without saying exactly which room. Right door to the left of the hall ; just knock on every door in a row , and has . When Larry enters from him nothing depends .

Another setback . Larry wakes up in his room , he thinks it was a nightmare . But from among the property took the collar ? Collar itself is useless , but it is possible to dig out the diamond and keep it as a souvenir.

Head over to the pool. Behind the pool lying on the ground rubber beaver , take it and go to the kitchen. Inflate beaver compressed air from the tires of the truck and go back to the pool. Look closer at the inflatable bar that floats over the pool (when the bar is close to the shore) . Take out sunglasses in a case and open the case , there is little effort after you find a napkin . Tie the line to the napkin to clean teeth, which took off the truck maid turn out quite decent heat. Go to the bushes in front of the pool and put on swimming trunks, and then put in the pool inflated rubber beaver - Larry can swim. We swim to the bar. To call the waitress quite a pat on the water Bobrin tail. Have a drink for himself and Merrilee blonde that sits nearby. To avoid problems with payment of drinks, the waitress show the key of your room. Breaker should be, look at Merrilee and talk to her . Merrilee to please , you have to bring her a permanent key for jumping from the tower . Out of the pool (oddly enough , this will again have to use the inflatable beaver ) , go to the lifeguard and ask him for the key. Go to the door and climb up the tower . Here lifeguard can not see you , and you can safely do print key on the soap . Then jump down , get out of bassseyna and return the key rescuer . Dress up in the bushes, so as not to frighten the people , and go into the hall to the bar, where she sat Gummi.

Next to the reception there is a box where some guests put the keys to their rooms. Poshar'te in the box and find the key. Work on it with a file so that it looked like the impression to the soap. With this copy of the key , go to the pool , put the trunks and swim up to Merrilee to give her a copy of the key. Merrilee invites you... hmm... on the night jumping from the tower.

At night, you find yourself in the tower with her. Merrilee feel around several times to stronger " make " it, and then undress . What, you think , this time out? Well, something. But you will get a gift from Merrilee some wise words.

Waking up in the morning , go to the mud baths where you can get acquainted with Charlotte . As usual , look at her and talk . Charlotte would like to get from Larry batteries for its " pocket friend." Go to the bar and take the match from the stand . Then exit to the hallway and wait for Art (ie, a man who goes on a wild design of the toilet , a skateboard and a parasol ) will not go left to right. Hail him and take the car. When Art will arrive at the area of personnel, he would get a cigar and starts rummaging through his pockets . Offer him a match, and Art will take up smoking. At this time, a wrench should decorate his car and disconnect the wires from the motor . Art back and start to figure out what was wrong. Suggest to hold a flashlight and take out the batteries , and then return the empty flashlight Artoo.

Go back to Charlotte and give her batteries , she'll invite you to spend time at the Center Shock Therapy (far right door in the room with mud baths ) . However, the door is closed there . Strip the wire arms that you have, and paste it into the socket at one end and the other - in combination lock. Electronics will burn, but the door will open .

Meeting with Charlotte , as one would obkidat , fail. The only thing left to memory - melted gold medallion in the form of abstract sculpture , and even pearl earrings that you can find on the floor of the Center shock therapy .

The game is almost finished, all the right things you have . With the help of the machine for the manufacture of ice outside your room cool champagne bottle and go to the kitchen . Click the button next to the dumbwaiter on the wall and this elevator go up in chic room penthouse . There you will see on the balcony Shamar , a real girl of his dreams. Look at her , talk , and then to give her any sequence : chilled champagne , pearl, silver bracelet, diamond orchid , gold statuette , words of wisdom and a burning lamp.


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