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Downloading file size - 316 Mbytes

Game folder name - Gex

Toggle full screen view press RightAlt + Enter. Requires Java

Click on game screen to enter the game. To unlock mouse click twice right button

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Gex gameplay
Gex title screen

Game review

Microsoft, Crystal Dynamics, 1996, Action,

3rd-Person Perspective, Platform, Side-Scrolling.

First saw the light in 1994 on the console 3DO, this game was so popular that it attracted the attention of major publishers and easily survived perishing platform. She was subsequently ported to many other systems , and in 1996 were able to enjoy the Gex and PC- gamers . But the main character , cute gecko so fond of both players and developers that some time was even present in the symbolism of Crystal Dynamics. Withstood the test of time the game ? Is it any attention now? Let's check .

First things first - the plot . It would seem that what we can expect from a platform in 1994 ? Well, a couple of lines about the character . Well, another paragraph to properly motivate him ... But no - in the chapter «Story» Help on the game already issued thirteen pages of text devoted entirely to what happened immediately prior to Gex. Retell all , of course, makes no sense, especially since the story was written by developers with great skill and worth reading , but we mention the main event at least briefly . So , in a world inhabited planet Earth Gex not people, and geckos - a family of lizards different from counterparts , among other things , the ability to adhere to a variety of vertical surfaces . Our hero Gex ( after whom the game is named ) lived his not so grieved , basking in the sun on the beach and amusement with neighbors. Idyll lasted exactly until father Geksa working at NASA (!), Tragically killed in a failed scientific experiment . Despite the best efforts of his mother, brothers and sisters , Hex could not come to terms with the painful loss and completely withdrew into himself , with his head stepping into the world of television shows. TV replaced him friends and family , and together with his friends from the cartoons and films Gex day disappear in fictional worlds. Intervention mother once simply emissions television, hurt rather than helped - desperate gecko become less and less time to spend the night at home, got in touch with bad company and was clearly on the curve track. And when all hope for a return to the past cloudless , seemingly lost in the family Geksa there was another important event - a dead uncle Charles, very far and insanely rich relative . Hex long thought what to do with its share of unexpected inheritance - buying the biggest house in Hawaii and typing food stocks for the rest of life , young gecko forever locked in his room , equipped with a huge television installation. Days flew after day , week after week ... After examining and reviewing hundreds of times almost all broadcast shows, Gex irritated faster and faster jammed clicked the button on the remote . He wanted something to occupy himself , wanted to forget about the real world and find adventure in the realm of fiction and fantasy. But instead adventure found it very ... Stretched out straight from the screen to the mechanical arm became gecko complete surprise. Resist was too late - our hero instantly sucked into the television jungle. As soon as it turns out, the abduction was staged master of media space villain rezom - being overbearing and cruel. Apparently, he needed Gex for some of their plans to expand its sphere of influence - perhaps as a talisman for good luck ? Check it is not going to Gex - under our control , he decides to get out immediately , and then that starts the game itself.

The plot , to put it mildly , ambiguous, especially given that in general, the game is still very good , and no hint of violence and gore here. But the story itself is still intriguing - once again strongly suggest you read it entirely in-game help. In the meantime, let's see what we have to gameplay.

Press the main menu button «Start», we turn on the screen of a global map , which shows the four televisions connected path. Only one of the devices works - about him at the moment and worth Gex . We certainly can walk freely along the path from one TV to another, but any effect it will not give - first available in the game , only one of them. Without further hesitation Gex bravely jumps straight into the screen ... Again is similar to the map , but now smaller. Our first test becomes "Graveyard World", that is, the world of the cemetery , divided into five levels , again denoted TVs. Leaping into working screens, we can get on any active level in order to find hidden somewhere TV remote - the only reliable means of moving this unfriendly place. The remote allows you to turn the silent video , but disappears after use, so that passing one level , we immediately have to jump in the second, then the third , and so - as long as not all the stages are passed along the chain. Only after this, a lair boss of this particular world. Defeating the monster , Gex have at its disposal new and most "advanced" remote that opens the next card is already on the global screen. So we jump on the screens and transmissions until the bitter end.

But all this - no more than the overall structure of the game. The main and most interesting will occur directly inside the TV that you have decided to investigate . Each level represents a familiar sight for the platformer - driving a hero , we are moving forward on the screen , trying to avoid the blows of enemies , picking up all sorts of prizes and bumping into traps and secrets. Seeking control usually lies at the very end , and we simply touch it and get to the exit ( again represented in the form of TV ) . Here's the Gex and shows all its wonderful benefits in full glory . First and foremost, of course, catches the eye itself , our hero . As might be expected , the gecko is well able to use his tail , inflicting deftly roundhouse kick . Tail also can minimize the sort of " spring ", which allows to jump directly to the head of numerous monsters and build on them , flying even higher. Jumping gecko is able to cling to any surface, whether vertical wall or ceiling, and without problems navigate through it as long as necessary . What is even more interesting , you can not just cling to the walls in front of you , but also to those that are depicted in the background and positioned as if " in depth " screen. This feature allows Gex quite freely throughout the levels and significantly expands the possible ways to overcome obstacles and deal with enemies . Next on the list of available tools is a long tongue lizard - an essential organ in the capture well hidden prizes! These prizes , having a form of balloons depicting various insects provide many priceless benefits details of which will be discussed below . If you do not need bonuses , the ball is always possible to break the tail and thus replenish the remaining stock of health. Finally, Gex has strong legs (in any case , for someone who is a big part of adult life spent in front of the TV) and can accelerate to an instant high speed , which helps to overcome the extra long jump the gorge or climb the highest tower.

Apply all this abundance of possibilities you will not once, not twice , because the levels of Gex - this is not a simple path from left to right , and quite intricate , " obstacle " , full of aggressive and tireless enemies. The existence of secret rooms with prizes only adds interest to the thorough research level . Most same inquisitive players will be rewarded with access to a bonus stage where Goksu be for extra points to play a mini-game that is unique to each world.

Worlds themselves , incidentally, thematically decorated to a certain theme , parodying the most popular videonapravleniya . As already mentioned , the first world - a variation on the theme of zombie movies, so be ready to jump on the headstones , dodge flying skulls and get out of the dug graves. In place of this gloomy spectacle comes unexpectedly bright and rollicking cartoon world where Geksa trying to catch the long-forgotten and therefore angry cartoon characters . The road leads us into the world of the jungle (hello Indiana Jones !) And the world of Kung Fu , where you in your own green skin will experience the power of this ancient Chinese martial art. Those who overcome all the dangers and collect consoles four worlds , will be honored to fight by his cuts in a fortress - Rezopolise sinister . But this is not the end - because the true masters of the game harvested mysterious Planet X with a dozen unique and incredibly difficult challenges ...

Of course, remote controls needed to move between worlds , perfectly protected . And if true tail Goksu help cope with ordinary henchmen Reza , the situation is quite different with the bosses. This naikoloritneyshie and very memorable characters , in a fight with that of a frontal attack will have to forget . Rather, attack , then you certainly have , but each of the bosses calls for a specific approach , and often Goksu will need to take advantage of terrain , wrapping opponents force against them. Further support to the hard fought battles mentioned above bonuses will be derived from multi-colored spheres. Of them in the game about a dozen , and they have a beneficial effect. For example, a sphere with a picture of a butterfly will increase your maximum health , and yellow moth ball spitting allow electrical discharges . Most of the prizes is valid only until the first missed hexa strike - extra incentive not to rush forward, but caution and foresight .

Though in talking about old games and it is not accepted , I can not say a few words about the schedule. In this game it is absolutely peerless - each model being traced with great love and a smoother animation must still search . Landscapes and background too, deserve the highest praise. Apart is , unfortunately, the very first world where colors that's just not enough (which is not surprising - just try to paint the cemetery) . On the other hand, the first world and is thus easy , so that its speed is easy.

Surely please you and management - it is extremely responsive , Gex executes commands accurately and without delay. On this side, no claims can not be. But , unfortunately, they have a way of preserving the applicable game . In fact, the saving in Gex as such do not exist. After passing through one of the worlds give you a password that allows you to continue the game , with a pocket remote from the world. Also, in some places across Goksu videotapes also generates intermediate password . But it's not much of a help if you need to stop somewhere in the middle of the next world. So for Gex ever true rule of " if you play , you play for a long time ."

Of course, about Gex could tell again and again - because the game so many interesting elements. Flights on guided missiles , riddles with disappearing bridges , moving between "day" and "night" levels variations ... But learning about it in very interesting times , so I will not bore you , but just wish good luck in the long struggle with rezom . And , maybe, you will be a hero to those who would liberate the lost power from Gex television measurement.

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