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Dune 2000 play online

Dune 2000: Long Live the Fighters!

Downloading file size - 764 Mbytes

Game folder name - Dune2000

Toggle full screen view press RightAlt + Enter. Requires Java

Click on game screen to enter the game. To unlock mouse click twice right button

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Dune 2000: Long Live the Fighters! gameplay
Dune 2000: Long Live the Fighters! title screen


Game review

Westwood Studios, Intelligent Games, 1998,

Action, Strategy, 3rd-Person Perspective, Real-Time, Sci-Fi / Futuristic.

Dune 2000 - a computer game, real time strategy game, released by Westwood Studios in 1998. The game is a remake of Dune II on the game engine, similar to the engine, Command & Conquer: Red Alert from Westwood. The game takes place on the planet Arrakis. The game is available three warring Houses: Atreides, Harkonnen, Ordos. The game was originally developed for Microsoft Windows and was later ported to the PlayStation. The game has a caption before the mission with live actors.


  • Lady Elara - Padishah -Emperor's concubine , a spokeswoman for the Order of the Bene Gesserit . According to the story , that she helped to the player arrive at Dune secret from the Emperor. The reason was the prophecy of the Order, according to which the player had to lead a great army , in order to bring peace to Arrakis . Campaigns sometimes helps the player by telling valuable information. Actress - Musetta Vander .

  • Noree Moneo - Mentat Atreides and stern but fair commander . Skilled tactician, he carefully plans all military operations Houses, trying to minimize casualties among their troops. All the forces contributed to the unification of the Atreides fremenami . Actor - John Rhys -Davies .

  • Edric O - rather disparagingly refers to a character player in planning operations always comes primarily from the financial benefits of the House Ordos . Actor - Richard Marcus .

  • Hayt de Vries - Mentat House Harkonnen . Tough, smart and calculating. Any problems on Dune House Harkonnen prefers to solve force. However , competent tactician : able to choose the right moment to attack an enemy when he least ready for it. Do not scruple to be personally involved in the torture of prisoners to find the desired information. Actor - Robert Karin .

  • Cari - girl - Frem . In the campaign Atreides was captured along with other Harkonnens fremenami his party, and later - saved Atreides . Initially treated with suspicion by the Atreides , but after the troops home helped fremenam in several missions , joined them. In the campaign Harkonnen she was also seized in the operation to eliminate safe havens fremenov , and then given to the Haight himself at the mercy of the Baron Harkonnen . Actress - Nancy Valen .

  • Frederick IV - The king - emperor . It was he who issued the decree marked the beginning of the war between the three houses for control of Arrakis . However, later it turns out that in this war, he is pursuing its own interests. In all three campaigns at the end was killed. Actor - Adrian Sparks .


Emperor Frederick Corrino IV issued a decree under which the House that would make most spices, will run its source - the planet Dune , without any restrictions as to how this will be achieved .

As in Dune 2, there are three main playable factions - House Atreides , House Harkonnen and House Ordos . There are also four non-playing sub-factions : House Corrino , Fremen , mercenaries and smugglers.

house Atreides

Hailing from the water planet Caladan , loyal to his Duke Atreides and follow his orders . Duke may also enter into an alliance with Fremenami , soldiers desert dunes . In military terms, Atreides - "golden mean ." Color - blue .

house Harkonnen

It is run by Baron and his home planet Giedi Prime. Harkonnen - the main opponents of the genus Atreides . In the military Harkonnen rely on military might of his troops. Color - red.

house Ordos

Ordos come from the cold , icy planet Sigma Draconis IV. Wealth Ordos made ​​on trade, making them paranoid . Unlike the other two houses , House Ordos is not mentioned in any of the Dune novels , however, Ordos mentioned in the non-canonical " Dune Encyclopedia ." Ordos rely on surprise and mobility in the military . Color - green.

house Corrino

The troops of Emperor Frederick Corrino IV in Dune . Harkonnen troops are similar , with the exception of the tank " spoiler " and the Palace of the Harkonnen , who can not build . Imperial Palace allows you to create an elite imperial infantry - Sardukarov . In the campaign, the troops of the Emperor always opposed to the player , regardless of their chosen faction. Color - purple.


About mercenaries in the game there is almost no information. Perhaps they are willing to fight for any of the parties for the money (though there are exceptions ) . The troops of mercenaries are the same as the troops Ordos , however , mercenaries can not build Deviator . In the campaign Ordos mercenaries assist the player in the last three missions ( but break the union , if the bear big losses ) is also in the penultimate mission campaign Harkonnen mercenaries can be forced to fight on the side of the player , capturing their heavy plant machinery. In the campaign Atreides mercenaries hostile to the player , appear in the fifth and in one embodiment of the sixth mission. Color - yellow.


Probably engaged in production of spices and illegal shipments of military equipment. In military terms, similar to the mercenaries . In most of the campaign missions are neutral, engaged only in production of spices. However , in the fourth mission for the Ordos and the sixth for the Atreides from the smugglers , the opposing player is a full-featured database for military use. Color - brown .


The indigenous people of Dune , the warriors of the desert. In the campaign are , as a rule , special infantry units - fremenami , similar calls on the Palace of the Atreides , but devoid of invisibility, and setch - fremenov refuge in the mountains of Dune. The uniqueness is that it is only a small building, consisting of special weapons, like the Atreides - " ornithopter " . They are also available Atreides Sonic Tank . Color - gray. The game is on the side of the player are the one time - in 4 missions for the Atreides .


In the game the player can take control of one of the three houses, the head of which he has to fight for control of the spice on the planet Arrakis , or Dune . The player collects spice for " solarium " , the currency of the game, are used for the production of combat units.

As with most real time strategy games , card games at first covered by fog of war, with the exception of the areas which are combat units Player . Since the units explore the map , the darkness fades .

As in Dune II, the player can build a concrete slab in front of the location of buildings that protect them from destruction by erosion in the desert. Building houses all the same - just different exterior design.

Although the majority of units in all the houses are identical, each house has its own set of special units : Sonic Tank Atreides , " deviator " Ordos and super-heavy tank " spoiler " Harkonnen , in addition, there is a special weapon available in the construction of the Palace : Fremen have Atreides , the saboteurs in Ordos , the missile "Hand of Death" at the Harkonnen and the elite soldiers of the Emperor Sardaukar . Also vary in appearance and characteristics of conventional combat tanks , for example , tanks Ordos move rapidly , but have weak armor , tanks Harkonnen slow , but better protected. Atreides can produce additional unique unit : ornithopters effective against buildings. As in many other games, Westwood, the player can get access to special units of the other houses , capturing an enemy building and started their production.

Changes from Dune II

In addition to the graphical component , considerable attention was paid to the processing of balance , part of decisions was taken from a series of Command & Conquer. For example, to capture the buildings were used special infantry units - engineers , and destroy buildings before the seizure was necessary. Battle tanks and missiles , as well as defensive structures in Dune 2000 is much less effective against infantry . Siege Tank , the former in Dune II, in fact, enhanced version of the usual battle tank , which is why the latter was rapidly becoming useless , was transformed into a long-range artillery , effective against infantry and buildings , while the main battle tank was the shock unit . Construction of units and buildings have also undergone significant changes : in Dune II several similar buildings could lead production at the same time , the Dune 2000 , as well as other strategies Series Command & Conquer, is active only one building of a similar , partially offset by an increase in the rate of construction in the presence of several similar buildings.

difference between the PC and PSX versions

- As well as in versions of the C & C for the Nintendo 64, in Dune 2000 version for the PSX used 3D models of equipment and buildings (buildings (except palaces ) and battle tanks from all sides use the same model) , but unlike the C & C , many effects PC versions have been lost : the model HARVESTR animation uncovering lost before unloading spice , animation fire in processor upon receipt of spice also absent; no animation and " light " at the plants in the production of vehicles and aircraft , animation repair of replacement plate is missing , animation signal lights is absent in spaceports ; store still has a light spice storage , but in the model it is not used , with the deterioration of the building, it just gets dark , but still burns ; segment looks like a concrete slab in Dune 2 , with the installation of the building , it just grows to a PC version rises out of the earth in a model of a construction yard crane, but the animation of his work during the installation of the building is missing .

- Game menu with a few changes made ​​in the same style as the Red Alert Retaliation for the PSX.

- The construction of the building, around the shadow is formed corresponding to the color of the selected house .

- Is present in the PC version of choice for the company affecting the price and speed of construction , in the console version of choice is not always the default "normal" .

- The PC version in the " practice " can include up to five computer opponents and a variety of maps, in the console version you can include only three opponents , and there are only 22 cards in there, but there is a chance to see the map view, you can not do in the PC version.

- Just as in the " practice " in the PC version of the choice of working in both companies in the console version, you can choose the difficulty , which significantly affects the behavior of computer opponents, price and speed of construction are not changed , and correspond to the level of " normal ."

- Models of buildings and equipment are 2 types of coloring : color of the house and the color of the case . In practice mode color of the house will always belong to the chosen home, while the body color can vary.

- The color of small houses was changed smugglers - yellow, Fremen - Brown , mercenaries - gray, but the color yellow house .

- In the console version is not unique appearance of heavy plant mercenaries , for it uses a common model .

- As in Red Alert, Dune in 2000, you can enable the network mode for two players via Link Cable and two copies of the game .

- Campaign in the console version a bit simplified (example : Mission 8 per Atreides - Ordos never use saboteurs , while the PC version of the saboteur can destroy the yard inattentive player in 6-9 minutes after the start of the mission ) .

- In the console version of the music player works differently than the PC version. Music is not tied to the house for a player that plays , you can turn on repeat in the company, and in the mode of practice.

- All the infantry remained as sprites ( two-dimensional images ) .

- Similar to C & C on the Nintendo 64 , the relief of the playing field is not level surface. However , this feature does not affect the gameplay.

- The movement of the sand worm can be detected only by lightning or see on the radar track of his movement does not appear on the surface of the sand.

- All the animation is not invisibility . Invisible unit will be just a shadow appears and disappears instantly.

- Sonic - tank shoots like a blue wave version of Dune 2 on the Mega Drive and PC versions of both games Sonic tank fired a transparent wave.

- In the console version there is an additional screen saver , which is absent in the PC version.

- Despite the fact that both the PC and PSX versions in practice mode is given a total of 6 colors, seventh - gray in the PC version, you can activate it via reposition the file in the PSX version of this color available computer opponent. It is noteworthy that the gray color is used more frequently, while brown and yellow colors are never used .

- No video after selecting a house showing the planet Arrakis is converted into a strategy map , the map does not show how to disguise the territory , hence the voiceover is also missing .


Contrary to popular belief that the Dune 2000 created the game engine «Command & Conquer» ( or «Red Alert»), it is not. Despite the apparent similarity , the engine has a lot of differences from the games above - in particular, use different file formats of most games . Because of the complexity of " opening " in-game formats and the lack of any formal resource editors games , Dune 2000 for a long time, almost did not yield modifications , except for the fans started programs to partially change the game : for example , the editors of multiplayer maps and characteristics of military units. However, not so long ago, enthusiasts from the forums Fed2k managed to partially decrypt files missions , allowing even create new maps for campaigns.

Also in 2013 published a patch that allows you to change the game resolution to 1920x1080.


The game was perceived more negatively. Despite the statement that Dune 2000 is a remake of Dune 2 , the players expected more. Basically the game blamed for the monotony of the game, imbalance , easy and predictable AI opponents and essentially nothing new ( it was all in the C & C and Red Alert).

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