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The DIG play online

Downloading file size - 494 Mbytes

Game folder name - Dig. Requires Java

Toggle full screen view press RightAlt + Enter. To unlock mouse click twice right button

Click on game screen to enter the game. In Main Menu screen click on Play The DIG

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The DIG gameplay
The DIG title screen



Game review

LucasArts, 1995, Adventure, 3rd-Person Perspective,

Puzzle-Solving, Sci-Fi / Futuristic.

Earth-warning radar station noticed an incoming the solar system asteroid Attila. After the calculation of its orbit, all the hair stand on end - the probability of hitting the Earth is equal to one hundred percent. To try to bring down the approaching whopper on course, the Space Shuttle astronauts were sent a team for a specific purpose - to establish and blow up the asteroid two atomic bombs. Experts estimate that it should split the giant and prevent tragedy. Command Expedition instructed astronaut named LOW BOSTON, it was his actions and you will control throughout the game.


Control of the game is very simple and easily implemented by mouse. The left button allows you to perform an action, raise the subject (eg, PLATE) or go to the right place (for example, DOOR). When the transition is associated with the change of the game screen, double-click the key speeds up the process.

The right mouse button gives you access to your "pocket" and stored its assets. Magnifying glass allows more consider the desired object (EXAMINE). The use of the subject inside the pocket is also pressing the left button. If an object can not be used in this way, it is taken in hand, and it can help in some way to influence the external object (for example, USE SHOVEL WITH GRAVE).

To speak with one of the characters, simply click on it with the left mouse button (if he's around), or contact them via the communicator PEN ULTIMATE. Is to select an icon with conversation topics and click on it. If not all the icons are shown on the screen at once, for sorting are two arrows to the right / left. When the icon turns blue, it means that to talk more about. Call termination made using icons STOP TALKING.

Pressing F1 or F5 gives you access to the menu system, which performs the following functions:

MUSIC - to adjust the volume of the music;

VOICE - to adjust the volume of speech heroes;

SFX - set the volume of special effects;

DISPLAY TEXT - turn on / off the subtitle;

TEXT SPEED - set the output speed of the subtitles (if included);

SAVE - save the current state of the game;

LOAD - to restore previously saved game;

PLAY - continue the current game;

QUIT - exit to DOS.


At the very beginning of the game, use the intercom to talk to Miles, and ask her to release the flying pig - a multifunctional tool for space research (used as a flashlight, a surveillance camera in extreme conditions, tool box, and TD) . Click the cursor on a pig. Fly on an asteroid in the box 1. Open the pig. Take it from a simple shovel, a shovel for Zero-G digger, explosives alpha and beta (explosive unit Alpha, explosive unit Beta). Fly into the second square. Use a shovel to work outside of gravity on the surface of the blasting to loosen the soil. Put alpha explosive device in the loosened soil. Bring him to a state of readiness of the arming key. Go to the third square. Hook and Cobble boulder ordinary shovel. Put on a surface an explosive device beta. Remove it with a key protection regime in the same way as you did with the first bomb. Go back to the shuttle. Give Ken Borden on the radio (pen ultimate) the order to blow up the mines.

Congratulations! You saved the Earth! "Why are there no signs The End?» - You ask. Yes, because the game has just begun, and the salvation of our planet was a good pretext for the authors of the game to send you into space. Again, you have arrived at the asteroid. Ha this time had a chance to explore the bowels of the asteroid. So we did. Pick a metallic plate. Dig a shovel three non-gravitational odd projection. Under them will be three plates. Pick them. Fly through the dark tunnel to the center of the asteroid. Click the cursor on the pedestal. Click on the square identation. Place the metal plate into the recess you results so that they precisely fit into its shape.

That's the first surprise of the game: This asteroid - not any asteroid and the spacecraft. And he has brought you to a habitable planet. So you have to return his team and himself to Earth safe and sound, and simultaneously explore extraterrestrial civilizations.

Go away from the landing site and go left to the place indicated by a question mark. Go to the wreck space ship. Open the chest and take out from there device. Pull the hanging wire. You will see the first (but not last) ghost in this game. It drops the engraved rod. Pick up the rod and wire. Return to the map of the area. Go to the place indicated by a question mark at the top of the screen. Pull Fang (tusk) from the grave. Dig the grave ordinary shovel. Pull out the jaw bone. Go to the place indicated by a question mark to the right on the map. Use the device you found in the remains of the once beautiful spaceship. Use ordinary shovel for digging a small mound. Take the bracelet. Go back to the site.

Try to expand the small hole in the soil with a shovel. Alas! You have lost a true friend. Not discouraged. Let me tell you a secret: Brink will return to our sinful world. Take the metal plate. Go right until you find purple engraved rod. Pick up the baton. Click on the panel about any door. Look to the violet wand. Click on the button panel, as long as they do not take the same shape and same color with geometric shapes on the staff. Repeat this procedure with all panels in the room. Go down the ramp (click the cursor on the «ramp» - at the bottom of the screen, opposite the dark tunnel). Click the cursor on the edge. Look for a unattached lens. Once again, click the cursor at the edge of a precipice. Click the cursor on the control panel). Press the button on the following sequence: violet four times, twice with the yellow, the red at once. If you press the wrong button, use the white button on the top of the panel to cancel the last command and a white button at the bottom of the panel to cancel all previous keys that you tapped. Exit larger view control panel. Press the triangular button. Again, click on the control panel. Press the button to white at the bottom of the panel. Then click on the following buttons: five times a purple, blue four times, once in the red. Exit the magnified image control panel. Press the triangle button on. Move poorly fixed to the floor panel, located near the exit (loose panel) and take from under her blue crystal. Return to the room where the corpse lay Brink (for the sake of brevity, let's call it the "central facilities").

Enter the opened door. Press the button on the glowing pyramid (indicated by a question mark). Hop on the tram. Try to open the door weakened door. Come out. Climb up the hill. Click the mouse cursor on the strange device. Press the switch and hold, until disappear and geometric figure in the top of the panel. Exit closer look. Move the lens. Continue manipulation device and the lens until a light bridge. Go light on the bridge. Look at the crystal form. Go back on the light bridge. Go to the museum door. Remove the wall plate with the inscription (tablet). Take the glowing crystals. Lift the red engraved rod. Look at the "display" on the line in all three stands. Enter the door on the left side of the museum. Talk to Maggie Robbins everything until her answers begin to be repeated. Return to the central room. Tear cover nearest to sparks canine panel raised you from the grave on the surface. Connect a wire to one end open and the other to sparks. Click the arrow on the right to the nearest alcove panel. Change the color and shape of the buttons on the panel as long as they are not the same as those shown in red engraved baton. Enter the opened door. Press the the tram call button in the pyramid. The tram will not come.

Return to the central room. Use the glowing crystal on the body Brink. He will come to life. Hop on a tram going to the museum. Open to the door tightly closed. Take the canister. Exit the room and go into the street. Look at the fossil and remember how the bones of prehistoric monsters were located. Go down to the water. Click the cursor on the loose bones. Place the bones scattered in TOCHHOSTI as in the fossil. Put a bomb in a dead creature, not so long ago, the former just scattered bones. Relive one of the turtle luminous crystals. Hyrnite water. Go to the chamber. Take the metal plate. Lift the orange engraved rod. Go back to the cavern. Jump into the water, then go to the central room. Open the door, which the panel - the first on the left of the crash site Brink, using orange engraved rod.

Enter the opened door. Call the tram. Sit on it. Once you arrive to the last stop (it is the initial and only), go outside and climb up into the mountains. Click the cursor on the other side of the chasm. Hook and boulder knock over shovel. Climb even higher. In the same way as before, a light switch bridge. Go on a plateau. Use a shovel to widen the entrance to the cave. Take the dowel, rib cage, the cover, pole and a rod. Insert the pin into the hole in the wooden wheel. Lower pole on the ground, then lift it up and attach it to the pin. Attach the rib cage to the hook. Use the rod with the cell. Clicks the cursor on the holes in the mountain. As soon as the animal will run out and disappear from sight behind the right edge of the screen, stand between the wheels and wait for the moment when the little animals come running to the wheels. When this happens, fold the trap. Hadente on the little critter bracelet. Click the arrow on the trap to release the animal. Lift the rib cage and the rod. Climb up to the cave. Operate the device in the form of a blue ball, you picked up on the surface. Use the shovel on the tracker point. Take the machine part.

Exit the cave. At the far right of the screen, protisnites into the crevice wand and take the blue rod. Return to the central room. Go into the dark dark tunnel. Go left. Press the on button. Press the button twice in a transparent "vestibule." Enter the opened door. Look at the glowing panel. Click the cursor on a black crystal. Insert the blue rod in one of the hole. Change the size of the crystals moving until black crystal turns white. Go in the "vestibule." Press the button twice. Return to the central room.

Go through the door, behind which you have tried unsuccessfully to call the tram. Call the tram. Take advantage of them. Go inside the spire. Climb up on the plateau.

Move the stone plate shovel. You will go down into the hole. Insert the blue crystal in the hole. Stand on the spot on the floor where two crescent depicted. Place the rod on the loose stone. Exit the crypt. Raking the dirt, to cleanse it from the lens. Follow the path. Actuate light bridge. Use it to get on the spire. Go on a plateau. Insert the mechanical part in the panel. Close the panel cover. Click the mouse cursor on the panel. Go through the door. Take the green engraved rod, a metal plate and sceptors. Use the golden scepter to the faint light. Click the gold scepter on the planet in a place where on the dial for two hours. Click on the big silver scepter of the large moon at position seven hours. Should it happen that all celestial bodies are arranged at an angle of 45 degrees to the horizontal. If you did everything correctly, you will be shown a small cartoon. Press the button. Return to the central room.

Open the door with the green engraved rod.

Go through the door. Call tram and sit on it. Exit the cave on a mountain ledge. Go into the opening at the top of the screen. Look at the strange field. Get out of there. Go into the cavern, from there to the pit, thence through opening. Look at the panel. Perform this same panel, with door panels which in a central room, using all four rod engraved alternately. Exit extended view panel. Go into the passage. Try to include a light bridge. Open the panel. Press three times with the light source, three times - on the lower prism, once - at the top and three times - on the left. Use a light bridge to get to the mountains, where there is a tomb spire. Go down into the tomb. Touch the statue. Descend into the underground crypt. Go left. Try to open the door. Relive the second broken bones glowing crystals. Insert your chosen engraved on the surface of the rod into the slot. Go through the door. Go down to the pyramid. Insert the rod into the engraved panel. Relive the dead alien glowing crystal. Try to talk with the resurrected being. Select from the grave. Follow the path. Go inside the cave interior.

Click the arrow platform. Go back to the cavern. Frightened bat like creatures, the bright flashlight of a torch. Go to the platform. Take crystal stash from the cache. Go to the light bridge. Use it to get to the map spire. Go to a place where there is a panel on which you have used four engraved rod. From there, go down into the pit, exit to the chamber on the left, go left to the edge of the screen. You go in the nest monster. Go to the right. Talk to Brink about the monster. Climb to the top of the fall source. Push the rock. Go back to the den. Talk to Brink of the grate. Go to the store of magic crystals. Go to the tomb of an alien and relive it.

alk to him about everything, until the answers begin to be repeated. Use a light bridge to get to the map of the mountain. Go to the screen where it was light field. Look at him. Show plate with the inscription Maggie. Go to the secret island opening. Take the metal plate. Walk away from the island and from the screen, which was the light field.

Go into the cave. On the radio you will cause Brink and ask for help. Go light on the bridge to the planetarium spire. Go to the right edge of the screen and go down into the crevice. Hand Brink got caught between two rocks, and you have to ... bite her (not for nothing that the game is done with the participation of Steven Spielberg). But do not worry, our hero will not have to do to break your jaw. It is better to use the jaw bone on the Brink. Place the metal plate in the alcove so that they are completely superimposed on the entire area of ​​its surface. Enter the opened door.

Call tram and sit on it. Go through the door.

Look at the console in the bottom of the screen. Look at the gap. Exit extended view mode console. Go to the top of the screen. Walk up the winding path. Look at the controls units. Climb higher still and look at the alien device. Go to the top and get outside. Throw off down the slot, closing the nest. In the same way as before, a light switch bridge. Go and take another chip from the store in a museum spire.

Go to the tomb of an alien. Talk to him about the strange device and on the part of the Eye part, until the answers begin to be repeated. Take creator's engraving. Go to the waterfall (right out of the lair of a predator, from which you saved Maggie). Go out to the beach. Open the cover of the cache, which is part of the eye and take it. Go to cathedral spire. Go down to the lab where the console. Go to the tomb spire. Go to the platform, where "working» Brink. Show him the eye. Insert it into the slot in relic. Take the part of the eye. Alas! Brink died a second time. Now your fault.

You can be comforted only by the fact that you are defending. Again, turn on the machine, producing crystals (insert into the slot of the eyes). When the machine is turned off, grab crystals and part of the eye. Go to Mount Cathedral. Go down to the the room where the console. Look at the console. Insert the crystal into each of the slot on the sides of the console. Insert the part of the eye in the gap. Talk to Maggie about the alien device. H-Heploho yes ... we cope with the job ... Captain in the expedition sent to he brought back all the living members of the crew. Here you can try to revive with the help of Maggie crystal, but if you want to have our hero was all good in your personal life, do not do it (this is no joke !!!).

Go to the light bridge. Try to go for it. Turn off the bridge (click the cursor on the structure of the country and press the button). Reconnect bridge. Go to the eye. Pierce through the portal into another dimension. And traditional, unalloyed (if you did not revive Maggie) happy ending! All alive and well, the evil punished, good triumphs.

Thanks to you, the Earth is not only got rid of the death, but also gained allies in space and received a powerful impetus to a brighter future.

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