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Downloading file size - 637 Mbytes

Game folder name - Diablo

Toggle full screen view press RightAlt + Enter. Requires Java

Click on game screen to enter the game. To unlock mouse click twice right button

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Diablo gameplay
Diablo title screen

Game review

Blizzard Entertainment, 1996, Action,

Role-Playing (RPG), Isometric, Arcade, Fantasy.

Diablo - a computer game in the style of hack and slash, developed by Condor, which was bought by Blizzard Entertainment with the game before publication, and published December 31, 1996.

The game is made in the style of dark fantasy. The player is invited to go it alone in the dungeons of Tristram, inundated by various demons, undead and other evil creatures. Going deeper and deeper in the dungeon levels (16 in total), the player finally gets to Hell, where he must find and kill Diablo, the main boss of the game.

Also, by Sierra Entertainment has released the game-supplement called Diablo: Hellfire.


As in previous works Blizzard Entertainment, Diablo was a milestone in the history of video games and RPG in particular. On the one hand, the game strictly follows the canons of role-playing games: The player chooses one of the three standard characters (Warrior, Rogue, Mage) and then descends into the dungeon in order to clear it from the creatures of evil. He performs a variety of tasks, find magic items, better weapons and armor, as far as getting experience points to the next level (development) and an opportunity to improve their personal performance and additional skills.

It should be noted that of the desktop role-playing games (focusing on who created the first computer role-playing games) have two main systems of character development: GURPS and AD & D. Diablo is almost exactly followed the simpler ones (more complex was used, for example, in the game Baldur's Gate), where obviously there are only 4 major gaming parameters (strength, agility, stamina and magic) available to the player to increase by dialing experience. Unique weapons and unique abilities for each class did not exist (except for the beginning of the warrior ability to repair weapons robber - disarm traps, and magician - recharge magical staves, in practice these abilities little used).

On the other hand, the graphics, monsters, story, videos, a variety of weapons, armor and spells have attracted the attention of many players who previously did not like role-playing games, especially on the part of fans of action, because unlike their predecessors Blizzard Entertainment focuses on the battle system, and not advenchurny elements and dialogues.

In addition, the armor and weapons that the player finds are distributed randomly. In fact, the player gets the chance to discover a powerful and unique weapons and armor from opening any chests or killing any monster. Similarly randomly given number of varieties of monsters with which the player will meet in the game, and this number is always less than the number of developers invented enemies. Moreover, randomly selected and assignments are given to the player. Also, randomly generated maps of levels (except for the fixed quest locations are included in one randomly generated dungeons). As a result, each player receives a repeated passage of a new game.

Character Classes


  • Warrior - has more health than all the other characters in the game. Effectively can only fight in close combat, using the sword and shield.

  • Rogue - the most dexterous and quick character in the game, but has a relatively small supply of health. Good use bows to deal with enemies from a distance.

  • Sorcerer - has the smallest stock of health in comparison with the other characters, so almost can not fight in close combat, but can cause significant damage in the distance. In the battle of the elements casts spells which cause a lot of damage to enemies. It has a few spells of mass action.


This story began long time ago. For many centuries fought the forces of Heaven and Hell with no end in sight to this standoff. With the awakening of people's struggle between Light and Darkness was developed with new force. But to act directly in the world of men, none of the belligerents was not solved. Instead of fighting the mighty and all-powerful heroes chosen by the parties or Hell or Heaven. Strictly speaking, therefore, that the world of men, and called Sanctuary. However, in the camp of the demons fallen on troubled times. Seven of them - the rulers of the Underworld - did not share power, and the younger rebelled against the evils of the Triumvirate, expelling them into the world of work, denying bodily incarnation and sending their supporters behind them. As a result, as usual, suffered mere mortals who had to shoulder the entire burden of the struggle against the dark forces. People have created a secret order to combat the forces of hell - Horadrim - and by entering into an alliance with the heavens, through the Herculean efforts of the three major imprisoned demons - the great incarnations of evil - Mefisto - Hate lord, Baal - the lord of Destruction and Diablo - the lord of Terror - a special magic crystals known as The Soulstones, which were placed in different parts of the world of Sanctuary. Soulstone Diablo stored in an ancient monastery Horadrim, the laying of the first stone of which they named Antirael - in honor of the archangel, who helped people sharpen three incarnations of evil. The monastery was located near the town of Tristram. But time passed, and the monastery of the great magicians were in ruins. Those who came to the places preachers of the church built on the site of the ruins of the cathedral, rightly judging that the holy place is empty should not be.

Life on earth went on as usual, but the spirit of Diablo accumulating forces for liberation. Whether the crystal cracked, or sorcerers do not take into account all the power of the demon, but over time he learned to influence the minds of people in the vicinity. And a victim of his demon elected Archbishop Lazarus. The choice was not accidental - Lazarus was the closest adviser to King Leoric. Leoric himself was born in the northern kingdom of Westmarch and became famous there as a faithful son of the Church and holy warrior, professed religion Zakarum - the cult of Light. Having come into the kingdom Khanduras, Leoric declared himself king. And such was his good fame, the people agreed with his claims. As befits a holy warrior, lock your Leoric built next to a local religious center - thus the cathedral, which was hidden under the irrepressible Diablo. Gradually changed the nature of Leoric. He assured himself that everything around - the enemies who think only about how to seize the throne, and the only real friend of King - Archbishop Lazarus. Of course, there could not have done without the participation of Diablo.

However, nobody will know. Leoric gradually came to believe that only Vestmarsh and eager, as if to attack Handaras. Upon reflection, the king decided to outsmart your enemies and take away their initiative. For this, he sent his army to the north, so she attacked first.

Meanwhile, Lazarus was determined to release Diablo from imprisonment. For this it was necessary to plunge into the crystal with a demon's head suitable victim. The victim of the Archbishop chose the king's son, Prince Albrecht. When his father came to the unfortunate news about the disappearance of his only son, he fell into a rage and decided that the blame for the residents of the city of Tristram, brought them all their anger, demanding the return of his son. Many residents of Tristram executed Leoric, but did not find Albrecht. And then there's the head of his guards returned Lachdanan and told about the complete defeat of the armies of the King of the North. Leoric finally gone mad. Seeing his condition, Lahdanan begged the king to abdicate. Naturally, Leoric flatly refused, and "traitor" Lahdanana ordered the killing. Among the faithful servants of the king and friends Lahdanana battle began. Lahdanan defeated and killed the mad king. Dying, Leoric cursed his servants, promising that they shall serve him for ever, and after his death. And the curse came true - shortly after the funeral of his dead king's subjects began to rise from the dead, bringing terror to the inhabitants of Tristram. In addition, people began to notice that in the Cathedral at night was restless - in the windows of a mysterious light flickered, and from time to time there are rumors about the nightmarish creatures, to choose the moonlight hunting.

After securing the sacrifice of the young prince, the lord of Terror began to gradually seep into his subconscious, pulling out of the depths of his nightmares and fears the boy. More and more exposing the suffering of Prince Albrecht, Diablo saturated with pain and become stronger. In the end he was able to give nightmares Prince material form and populate their vaults under the cathedral.

Then the Archbishop Lazarus offered to track down the missing son of the king and put him on the throne, after which all had to go back to square one. Residents of the city followed the archbishop in the dungeons beneath the cathedral and there fell into the hands of the demon The Butcher. Lazarus himself disappeared. The few survivors made it to his native city, but almost all of them died in terrible pain from serious injuries, some of the same crazy from the horror. Only the boy Wirth was still alive, though crippled.

In Tristram extinct only a few people, for one reason or another did not want to leave the doomed city. Just at that time a stranger came to Tristram. He was a man who was born sometime in the city, but then went in search of adventures in other lands. Play the role of the man and offered to the player.

So, the hero returned home...

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