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Critical Path play online

Downloading file size - 165 Mbytes

Game folder name - DaedalusEncounter

Toggle full screen view press RightAlt + Enter. Requires Java

Click on game screen to enter the game. To unlock mouse click twice right button

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Critical Path gameplay
Critical Path title screen


Game review

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Media Vision, Mechadeus, 1993, Action, 1st-Person Perspective, 3rd-Person Perspective,

Interactive Movie, Post-Apocalyptic, Puzzle-Solving, Sci-Fi / Futuristic.

Nuclear disaster led to the birth of a new world full of cruelty and violence in many parts of the world have taken power to self-appointed dictators like General Mina, and serial killers. Min seized an abandoned industrial complex in the island and built based on it his "palace." His lands are filled with deadly traps, and the use of these traps on the remains of a degenerate population of the island was a favorite pastime of Mine.

Combat helicopter, U.S. Marine Corps conducted reconnaissance over the island to prepare the operation, but was shot down by a missile "surface-to-air." In zhdvyh left two crew members: desantnitsa named Kate, and you are. The helicopter was able to take off again, you need essential spare parts, which is not on board. Maybe we can find it on the island? Since the fall of helicopter you were seriously injured in any of the combat you will not use, so Kate alone sent on a dangerous operation. You are left to lie in the control room, where equipment Mina will monitor developments in the complex and help Kate in difficult times Despite the fact that Kate has great karate and shoots hard minutes is more than enough.

Kate is on the hand strap, which you can sometimes prevent Cat of impending danger. Unfortunately, it looks at the bracelet is rare and can not notice the alarm. You'll have to resort to gadgets General Mina - camouflaged machine guns, explosives and remnants of the process equipment. How, what and when to apply - think for yourself. You may sometimes help the general notebook, where among frank delirium caught snatches of valuable information - codes, descriptions disguised "surprises", etc.

Not bad, eh? We add to the original concept of not less than the original method of creating an image. All "live" objects are digitized and recorded with the camcorder, and the whole environment - walls, plants, equipment, boilers with fluidized metal - perfectly synthesized with the help of computer graphics. The result is a very unusual, eye pleasing combination.

Speaking of the plot, not to mention that in the "Critical Path" was first applied color standaty HiColor (over 32 million colors on the screen at once). And this is a real video! Creators of the game had to sacrifice video size - it is relatively small, but the picture quality makes up for this inevitable distressing time.


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