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Captain Quazar play online

Downloading file size - 377 Mbytes

Game folder name - CaptainQuazar. 256 color video

Toggle full screen view press RightAlt + Enter. Requires Java

Click on game screen to enter the game. To unlock mouse click twice right button

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Captain Quazar gameplay
Captain Quazar title screen

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Game review

The 3DO Company, Cyclone Studios, 1997,

Action, Isometric, Sci-Fi / Futuristic, Shooter.

The universe was once a wonderful place to live. It seemed, shone with joy every planet in the Milky Way, and law-abiding and respectable residents prospered under the bright light of stars glittered fun.

But this idyll, of course, could not last long - after hearing about the wealth (and softness) of citizens living on planets in the galaxy was not slow to invade Syndicate intergalactic criminals in the hope of an easy profit. And we can say that their hopes were not unfounded - completely lazy and forgot how to fight crime the government has been unable to resist the organized interplanetary terrorism. Not experiencing serious resistance, the bandits seized one planet after another. Is it the sunset once glorious civilization? Who to contact its inhabitants in this hour of danger? Is Can anyone save them from the impending threat?

Fortunately completely exhausted people, a hero (of course) find. Let it not particularly outstanding intellect and analytical skills (no one in their right mind with the Syndicate, obviously, did not want to communicate), but has an impressive arsenal of powerful and muscular. Bosses shrugged - after all, it's not a thesis on quantum physics to write - and gave our hero is good to destroy the bandits. Called savior Captain Quasar.

You try on the role of quasars, will fly around the planet in search of a few leaders of the crime syndicate, performing different side quests. These jobs are very diverse - from destruction ready to fly rockets filled with obnoxious substance, designed to contribute to the cause of the conquest of the galaxy, to the destruction of underground factories for the production of evil clones produced (by itself) with the same certainly a bad purpose. Yes, the bandits apparently did not sit idly by and cheerful Quasar will sweat.

But at the crime syndicate not everything went smoothly, since, hoping to conquer the galaxy with an army of clones, unlucky criminals chose to clone the most, as they seemed to be a suitable candidate - most quasars, known for its unrivaled strength. However, much to the amazement of the bandits are summarized clones were more stupid than its progenitor, and being released to the surface, immediately fled in all directions, firing in all directions. So unfortunate klonovodam had to urgently build next to the factories, and even brain stationary emitters, giving clones at least the rudiments of intelligence.

Help Quasar in the difficult task of fighting crime is intended to varied arsenal consisting of several types of rifles, grenades, missiles and many extras like a small security droid or even invisibility potions. Also, sometimes the connection would go superiors to give valuable (and not) instructions.

Captain Quazar is a arcade game, made in the isometric perspective and has a pleasant, bright, "cartoonish" graphics style. In the game you can destroy almost everything from trees and cactus to various buildings and stone walls (sometimes very useful - you can not look for another card, which opens another locked door, but simply to do next passage). The action does not stop even for a moment, the enemy is always in excess (for choosing to take a number and not skill), I never have enough ammo, so there is no time to be bored. game mode is also provided for two.

Summarizing, we can say that the game is suitable to fans of dynamic games, not deprived of a healthy sense of humor, or simply wishing to spend half an hour of the game, not requiring excessive mental stress.

Captain Quazar Control keys
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