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Blood: Spill Some play online

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Downloading file size - 66 Mbytes

Game folder name - Blood

Toggle full screen view press RightAlt + Enter. Requires Java

Click on game screen to enter the game. To unlock mouse click twice right button

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Blood: Spill Some gameplay
Blood: Spill Some title screen

Game review

GT Interactive Software Corp, Monolith Productions, 1997,

Action, 1st-Person Perspective, Horror, Shooter.

Blood is a PC game used the first construction engine Ken Silverman to feature voxels . The game falls into the classification of FPS where the player has available a curious array of weapons , lots of enemies , large amounts of blood and gore .

Blood A sequel , titled Blood II : The Chosen , was released on October 31, 1998 , Monolith Productions sold the rights of ownership and copyright to GT Interactive, is company was later bought by Infogrames , which has been renamed to Atari .

Game Story

In an age and a region renowned for cruelty and violence , Caleb was legendary . Born in West Texas in 1847 , had sealed a reputation as a gunman mercilessly by the age of 17 . But seven years later he met Ophelia Price whose hunger for killing threatening acquire a new hue .

She was beyond the bounds of sanity when Caleb found her in despair , beside the charred ruins of the burnt farm where her husband and child had died just days earlier. It was neither his tattered beauty or their situation that led Caleb to compel her . However, if it were the words he heard from his babbling almost incoherently.

She learned that her husband had tried to cancel their membership Tchernobog cult feared . As a result, sectarian burned his house at night. Ophelia angry , not because of religion but because her husband , who with his cowardice caused the death of his young son.

Ophelia was the middle of Worship Caleb to enter with their dark purposes . He could never have known the time would come to love her , and that in his worship service would meet two of his companions among the Chosen , elite servants Tchernobog : the god dream , one that binds, the Devourer of Souls.

In the Hall of the Epiphany , a temple that spans the abyss between the worlds, the remaining four are elected in a procession of devotees . The presence of Tchernobog feels the cold weight spanning large hunger for millennia. Speak in a cacophony of voices stolen from the dead, summoning the chosen sacrificial ring center . Stand before the Dark God , united by a sudden and inexplicable feeling of condemnation .

A silent cry Altar shadows emerges a choked voice that reached many corners of the hall. The members of the procession melt in a gust of wind ethereal, as if it blew extinguished a candle. There is not even ashes to give testimony that they once existed .

The Chosen look the other confused and fearful . Can feel and the ties that bind Tchernobog . " Why? How have you failed ? "

But there is no answer except that threatens to break scream and rip the universe apart. Darkness engulfs the floods and . Their souls abandoned and cold down by the canal of the abyss.

And they burn.

Caleb wakes up cold and wet in a body that he does not know much more about him . Long ago, like a corpse that refused to decompose , which had been protected from putrefaction by some supernatural bond with his teacher . The protest against the pain muscles and flesh invigorates him to finally wake up. He welcomes and distills his hate in the wild whirl in the center of your mind .

A dying scream explodes inside him breaking the stone lid of the tomb in which he lay , knocking loose sediment , spider webs , and small creatures that go unnoticed and who had accompanied him around his grave. A single word sounds in the dark, the repeated echo a persistent wail Tchernobog : why?


Like any FPS, Blood gives the player the opportunity to fight a variety of enemies, using all available means and a huge amount of conventional weapons and magical. The player must take revenge against the deity to which he served, the archdemon Tchernobog, his former teacher, progressing through the levels of each chapter until the final where he will meet with him to destroy it. Blood can be played in each of the chapters individually, although in the episode selection menu (as in Duke Nukem 3D and Shadow Warrior, other productions that use the BUILD engine) are ordered so that the story follows a logical sense. In contrast, in the second part, Blood II: The Chosen, chapters should be followed in a particular order.


Blood is similar to the classic Doom , id Software , where the player must activate switches , solve puzzles and find keys to move to the next level , many of them drop from enemies and even the poor victims "civilian" spread scenarios . It is a relatively quick game , it must overcome a series of obstacles and defeat hordes of enemies that appear , many of whom have based their design on creatures described in novels of the Lovecraft Circle authors , even many of the sets and levels do clear reference to the Cthulhu Mythos . Are also nods to films like "The Shining" , " Nightmare on Elm Street" , " The Fugitive " or " Friday the 13th" from a humorous point of view ' ( accompanied by the great comments Caleb , the protagonist of the game) .

Special mention of the enemies you will face Caleb at the end of each episode, after which you can see animated sequences ( SMK format without audio , which comes in WAV format ) very basic and rudimentary ( innovative and impactful on the other hand in 1997 FPS where almost all its elements were made ​​with 2D sprites and " transparency " or " alphas " to release in the same year Quake and Unreal , fully 3D ) .

A truly innovative element of Blood is modeled by the inclusion of voxels for weapons and some items in the game . This technique was used in the Delta Force series until its third edition to the development of the environments (except buildings and vehicles ) , which gives the "third dimension" to those items. The appearance of a constructed element voxels is a construction made with pieces of LEGO .

This game also includes a "second mode" , so far never seen (if we except Unreal , published the same year by Epic ) . Thus, the player can switch between the primary and secondary shot , which will do more damage , and is useful to eliminate some enemies that would otherwise end up easily with the player ( as in the case of zombies armed with axes, " furies " , the cultists or "deep" ) . In other cases the secondary fire will serve to lay traps for enemies , such as the explosive charges , and others will be the only way to destroy the enemies of the final phase , which will reappear in more advanced episodes if play (or not) in an orderly manner , as is the case of stone gargoyle, which can be removed using two or three times the secondary shot gun " voodoo doll".


Bats : Bats have to flit around, painfully trying to attack you. A weak enemy who is a great nuisance. Appears between the dark or anything and bother fighting where most dangerous enemies . Attack with bites .

Rats: They are fearsome foes , even if very annoying . Relatively fast and like to attack in groups. They also attack with bites .

Spiders : Spiders are dangerous enemy . The red inject a poison that disrupts the vision . The green , bigger, can blind completely for a short time . The poison is cumulative , so the more bite worse side effects .

Piranhas : Although they are small enemy , the piranhas will be launched at you and attack with ferocity . Normally find in small groups.

Manos : The bodies of Tchernobog subordinates used to make the zombies are often not in perfect condition. Sometimes only one member can be modified. Surgeons usually the Cabal can form several pieces of meat a soldier of the undead useful , but if there is no choice some pieces may be sufficient to create fearsome foes . If one of these abominations you get to reach your neck or take it off as soon strangle you .

Zombies: They are one of the omnipresent enemies in the game . They are quick , determined and eager to stick his rusty ax on your back. Kill them before they get block your way - if many - or will test their rusty blades .

Butchers fat : Slower and tougher than his fellow zombies, the butcher will give a good account of clueless players . You'll have to kill it before it becomes a big hassle . Protect yourself spewing filthy spit on you because it is unpleasant. They can also throw knives .

Ghosts : Because there are not only living in the world of the living, these phantoms filled with anger harvested the souls of their victims with their scythes . If you can be clever , you'll come out alive and have appeased evil and tormented soul .

Cultists : Tchernobog human soldiers are accurate and deadly. Managing shotguns, these threats will give you a good toga struggle. They can also throw dynamite (depending on level of difficulty) from time to time , so alert and hear the hiss to take cover .

Fans : These management officers the gun , wrapped in his black robe , wish shed your precious blood .

Marinas Beasts : If you have to face a sea beast in the water, you are in big trouble. Although they are slow on land in their element are fast, vicious and deadly. Melee attack with ferocious bites.

Gargoyles : Your first encounter with a gargoyle will teach you to monitor the skies . They are very hardy and they are so vicious that chase you all the time to give you a clawing . They can also throw bones to the distance .

Hell Dogs : These dogs are fast breathing and deadly ashes , another major player nightmares . If they approach launch a breath of fire that takes a long time off and is almost certain death.

Cheogh / Gargoyle Stone : Cheogh governs the armies of the gargoyles . It has long yearned to be part of the highest rank in the army of Tchernobog . His jealousy of the Chosen were never kept secret. Now , envy hatred has boiled in the depths of your being and is eager to fight again and express their feelings . They can attack with claws or throwing fireballs from his eyes .

Shial , Mother of Spiders / Giant Spider : The spider - demon Shial makes a strong guard within the Earth in the frozen North . Surrounded by a large number of eggs, she walks through the dark , feeding on the unfortunate soul who stumbles into his cavernous maze, or else one of his loyal girls brings her delicious victim. The falling prey from his clutches only be rid of suffering when she 's digest . There is no single method of attack : your body will only release green and red spiders .

Cerberus : Called as " The legendary Guardian of the Gates of Hell " , these two flaming heads and a dark demonic Burning monitor burrow, hiding from the world of mortals. Furious and almost invulnerable , Cerberus is the most deadly adversary . Can throw balls explosive fire , flares and also , for the more adventurous players can bite in combat .

Tchernobog : Your name is spoken only in whispers , is said to soon learns , looks at his victim and condemns him to madness and death. Simply close approach to begin to burn. Also throw a powerful fireball that will blow us to pieces.


The main feature is the abundant Blood graphic violence. Enemies can be blown to pieces, the blood always gets too much, you can even kick the skulls of dead or destroy enemies and the remains of corpses scattered all game maps. The enemies scream desperately against some circumstances, such as in flames or when Caleb shoots or attacks them hanging. The same levels are also designed with various elements of gore, with mutilated bodies, some hanging from the ceiling or fixed to walls. All these elements make censored versions exist of Blood.

Blood: Spill Some control keys
Blood: Spill Some cheat codes

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