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Blade Runner play online

Downloading file size - 1.2 Gbyte

Game folder name - BladeRunner

Toggle full screen view press RightAlt + Enter. Requires Java

Click on game screen to enter the game. To unlock mouse click twice right button

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Blade Runner gameplay
Blade Runner title screen



Game review

Virgin Interactive, Westwood Studios, 1997, Adventure,

3rd-Person Perspective, Cyberpunk / Dark Sci-Fi, Detective / Mystery.

Game Blade Runner is based on the eponymous movie, which, in turn, created based on the short story by Philip K. Dick. The story he called «Do Androids Dream Of Electric Sheep?», And from him in the movie and the game remained only one general idea.

In terms of graphics, the game is made at a very high level. The creators could fully move in his creation all the visuals from the film, brought in his time a well-deserved fame to director Ridley Scott.

The second most important item for the quest - the plot. Here, too, everything is in order. Game Blade Runner - not a continuation or repetition of the film, she is like a side parallel to the story, does not conflict with the original.

Quest in real time - what is it?

Game Blade Runner is quite unusual. Although, by and large, it is - another policeman quest with arcade elements (experienced gamers will remember the TV series Police Quest from Sierra company), but all the events in the game take place in real time (so say its creators). Does this mean that in front of us - a new type of game?

Not at all, just four discs recorded not one, but, in fact, the four games. However, to be precise, the four versions of the same scene. And every time you choose «New Game», the computer randomly selects one of these options. This means that, firstly, the end will always be different, and secondly, some situations or you can not meet at all, or the situation will develop differently.

Moreover, despite the claims of the creators, the secondary characters of the game do not have any special artificial intelligence and can not interfere with your hero. Yes, indeed, they have a habit of sometimes change their location, away for a certain time from the place where they were supposed to be, but it all ends there.


On Earth thundered another war, after which there were global changes - almost all extinct animals, and those that remain have become everyone's favorite, and the most expensive item.

However, genetic inzheniriya has become so advanced that there was an opportunity to create artificial living beings, and many savvy traders immediately do a brisk trade in artificial animals.

But, of course, to animals is not stopped. A brilliant specialist in genetic engineering named Tyrell (Tyrell) decided to usurp the role of God and began mass production of the most genuine artificial people.

However, the phrase "artificial person" in relation to the creation of Tyrell does not apply. They prefer to be called differently - a replicant. Thanks to the efforts of its creators, replicants have gradually become perfect (at least in the purely physical sense) of these people. Nothing good will come of this, of course, did not work - we know that people do not like what scared and afraid that when it was committed. As a result, related to the replicants people formed a very negative.

However, for the time being to anything thin one is not caused because the replicants are used for deep-space exploration, and perform high-risk tasks to other worlds. On Earth all use replicants were forbidden. But once on the distant planet was a bloody uprising replicants. Destroying manage people, they made a daring escape to Earth. What for? An ordinary man in the street it does not matter and uninteresting. He knows only one thing - next to him on the street can be a creature capable of killing him in an INSTANT. And the man in the street requires a response from the government.

Well, measures were taken - from the police agents took up special units, members of which were nicknamed "Blade Runner» (Blade Runner). It could not be better reflects the specifics of their work - or do you have time to discover the replicant in the crowd (which is akin to finding the proverbial needle in a haystack), and shoot first, or it will make a replicant. By the way, the use of weapons strictly regulated - "Running" can (and should) to shoot at a replicant, but has no right to shoot people. And to distinguish these and other seemingly not possible. The only way to do this - to offer the suspect test Voigt-Kampff. The essence of it is that the other party to ask specific questions, and his response to the questions is determined by passing the eye twitching. The fact that psychology and human replicant is different - for example, most people would never kill their own kind or the few surviving animals, and for the replicant there are no moral problems (and, consequently, the respective reactions of the eye) is not.

However, is it really so bad replicants? Why do they seek to Earth? What are looking for them on the inhospitable planet?

They are looking for life. Tyrell's genius created them perfect human flesh, but not as durable - after four years of organic tissue replicant destroyed, and he dies. But it is unfair - not a replicant robot, he is alive, he feels and understands, he is able to accommodate the universe, not conceding a human; Universe in which there is a place distant worlds with their strange beauty, stars, let cool, but still so attractive ... Even love and compassion are not alien replicants. And because they want to extend their lives. At any cost. Even at the cost of the lives of their creators.

But people do not understand and do not try to understand. For them, a replicant - a soulless machine, which denied even the right to die. No wonder replicant death at the hands of Blade Runner is not called murder or liquidation, it is called the departure on vacation.

Game world

In the expanses of Los Angeles, your hero can move in a police car - Spinner. To get into the spinner, simply click on the left mouse button. The spinner, you will see a map of the city available for your visiting areas. The further advance your investigation, the more areas you can visit.

To visit the area you need only select the destination - everything else will make the on-board navigation system.

Upon arrival, set the mode in which McCoy will speak to the people counter. This can be done in the OPT menu (click to bring up the menu or make _Esc left-click on the shape of your character). Talk time is displayed in the form of five buttons at the bottom (four - to face McCoy and the fifth - with a question mark).

All you have gathered in different parts of the city the evidence and facts accumulated in the KIA (Knowlege Integration Assistant). This is - your mini-computer that analyzes the information and sort it. In fact, the passage of the game - is the collection of all possible clues and their systematization in the KIA. In order to process the KIA discovered evidence or object, you need to enter in the minicomputer (_Esc or left-click the mouse on the figure McCoy) and there click on this evidence, or subject. Find out what the evidence considered by your computer, and what - no, it is possible according to the markings in front of each of them. If a mark (check mark) is, then this computer evidence has not yet been reviewed.

In your investigation you will greatly help Esper - video analyzer. Extracted your images and video disc pictures are entered into Esper, after which you can zoom in some parts of the image. To do this, click on the images you want. It takes the whole screen, and you will be able to devote to it those areas that you want to take a closer look. Click the left mouse button and drag the cursor to the side - there will be a rectangle, which will be extended portion. To return to the original image, click on the right mouse button. It should be noted that the search for clues using Esper - deal fairly difficult, it requires certain skills.

Also Esper, will help you and your main computer (Mainframe) Police Department. You rewrite it all the information you extracted, and in exchange receive information gathered by other agents. There is a way to hide some of the evidence found of you, but for that you-that something must change in the KIA.

Some important information you will get also from Dino Klein, forensic experts, located in the laboratory Police Department. He will be able to analyze some of the things you have produced that will indicate the future direction for the investigation.

An important role is also played by the flat of your hero. Firstly, there lives his dog Maggie, which, incidentally, should be periodically fed. Secondly, there has yet another Esper device in case you do not want to analyze some of the images in the Police Department. The fact that one of the pictures could put McCoy in a very delicate position (picture lunar shuttle). Third, in the apartment detective can call and leave important for its future messages. Fourth, McCoy somewhere needs time to sleep on time, otherwise you lose and health.


To move around the screen just move your mouse over white on the desired location and click the left mouse button.

If the cursor suddenly became green, you can take some action - take an object, inspect anything click on the button, and so on..

If the cursor turns blue, then you can go to the next screen, enter the door and sit in your spinner.

Clicking the left mouse button on a figure McCoy, you call the game menu or KIA. This can also be done by clicking _Esc.

If you want to resort to using weapons, then right-click. Your hero would get weapons. Place your mouse over the enemy. When the cursor turns red, you can shoot.

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As Blade Runner - quest in real time, some events during your passing game can not occur in the sequence, which is described in my passing. Normally, if I was able to identify the places, I reported about this specifically. However, there is a certain percentage of the likelihood that some of these places I missed. Therefore, if you can not somewhere to go or something to do, simply leave the area and then return to it - and so a few times, until you all will not work. In addition, some small details (evidence) you could ever meet. Do not worry: if you follow my advice, you will pass the game successfully.

But before you go directly to the passage, one more piece of advice, tested on my own experience - just after the start of the game, click the left mouse button on the Mac Something. The OPT menu, click on «Load», and select «New Game», hereinafter - the level of difficulty «Easy» (originally (the default), the level of difficulty of the game is always on the «Medium»). Why do it? On the easy level, you get an unlimited supply of money and ammunition. In addition, you will be pretty hard to kill, but the enemies will die quickly. On the other difficulty levels you may experience problems with the accuracy and rapidity of fire, unless you do not have a good response.

As Blade Runner - quest in real time, some events during your passing game can not occur in the sequence, which is described in my passing. Normally, if I was able to identify the places, I reported about this specifically. However, there is a certain percentage of the likelihood that some of these places I missed. Therefore, if you can not somewhere to go or something to do, simply leave the area and then return to it - and so a few times, until you all will not work. In addition, some small details (evidence) you could ever meet. Do not worry: if you follow my advice, you will pass the game successfully.

But before you go directly to the passage, one more piece of advice, tested on my own experience - just after the start of the game, click the left mouse button on the Mac Something. The OPT menu, click on «Load», and select «New Game», hereinafter - the level of difficulty «Easy» (originally (the default), the level of difficulty of the game is always on the «Medium»). Why do it? On the easy level, you get an unlimited supply of money and ammunition. In addition, you will be pretty hard to kill, but the enemies will die quickly. On the other difficulty levels you may experience problems with the accuracy and rapidity of fire, unless you do not have a good response.

Act 1

Ranciter animals

On arrival at this place, and the game begins. Talk to the police. Then click on the red column of fire (it sticks out of the asphalt slightly to the right front door) and a garbage tank (located to the right of the column of fire). Next, pick up a piece of chromed metal (you see it - white object lying on the pavement to the left of your spinner). Move the cursor to the front door, and when it becomes green, then click on the door. Next, double-click on the left of the people police barrage line (it must be done in the least). Now move the cursor to the front door, and when he turns blue, click.

Once inside, look for footprints (this happens automatically), then slide McCoy slightly to the left. Now poshar'te mouse pointer on the floor, where your character was in the beginning. You will find the liner. Now is the time to talk with the owner. Talk to him until then, until you have exhausted all topics of conversation. Click on the camera (it hangs down from the ceiling, and the red light is lit on it). Talk to the owner - and he will give you a CD with the recording chamber.

Go to the back of the room to the table next to the curtain. Take a dog toy and candy (candy bar). Click the green arrow in the picture hanging on the wall behind the desk. Pick object on the floor in front of the table. Come out to the street.

Talk to the police officer three times. Then take a look at your KIA and it clicked on all new links (they are ticked). In general, a rule of thumb - before the "departure" of each new area, check all new evidence.

Get in the spinner and the screen select China Town.


Go to the OPT menu in your KIA and select the custom mode of conversation (the question mark).

Talk to the man in the red jacket. After his chat with the host institution, using all the options. Then go into the coffee shop, the kitchen. There is a cook. Save the game and chat with them. When the chef will try to throw you soup, you will have a couple of seconds to click on the right side of the screen. In this case, McCoy jump and dodge from the soup. Then the cook took to their heels, and you should immediately after a blank. If suddenly you do not get to dodge the soup, and you from slips on it, restore the game, because In this case, you do not have time to catch up with the chef before he disappears behind a closed door. If all went well, so you avoid the soup and cook quickly followed, then ran out of the kitchen, around the corner, where the chef will disappear. You will find yourself in the yard and see a beggar digging in a dumpster. So far no notice of him and run to the door. You are inside the building. Climb the stairs to the right and go through the door. You will find yourself in a corridor that ends the door closed. Here you will meet with the chef. You have two options:

- Put the cook. With this you will not get anything good, you will only be able to identify it, so I do not advise to do it;

- Remove the gun and try to talk with the chef (if you do not remove your gun, it attacks you with his saber, even if you will not shoot). After talking with you cook safely escape, and your chances to finish the game in a society girlfriend increase.

Go back to the street, where there is a dumpster and rummage there. You will find the license plate number of the car. Now go back to the street in front of the cafe, sit down in your spinner and fly to the Police Headquarters.

Police Headquarters

First, go down to the floor of the terminal device and the host computer Esper. Go into the room, click on the small screen to the right to download to your computer your collected information and to receive data from other agents. Next, click on the big screen (Esper device). You get two images.

One of them - an open door, which consists of two people. Increase then the face of the first man. Then increase the left leg of the man. Now we go to the car, which is in the background. Please zoom herself, then it increases its number plate (for this you need to select a narrow rectangle in the middle of the bumper cars). Thus, you get four pictures after the processing of the image.

The second image is visible to the host cell, and store. Increase the table at the far end of the room - and get a picture menu. Further increase of land at the right edge of the cell (where the visible leg) and get shot of the face of Lucy. Now increase the site where Lucy leg is visible, but only now do not give out a rectangle standing vertically and horizontally lying. Get a picture of Lucy legs with decoration. So, now you would be seven shots after the processing of the two images.

Sign in KIA menu and view all the new marks in all categories. Go to the lab and there click on the window, behind which stands Klein. When you have exhausted all conversation options, again look at the KIA and view all the new mark. Go back to the main computer room and then connect to it. Check out the information. You now should see the suspect Gregoriana interrogation protocols A and B (Gregorian interviews A and B) under the icon with the image of the weapon. Click on them, then go to the elevator, go to the floor, where there is a shooting range. Pay attention to lying in an ashtray butt (click on it). Go to the shooting range. Talk to the man behind the window, get a gun and go to the right. Tyre is a few decorations in the form of streets, where periodically appear yellow shapes. You need to shoot only those of them who in the hands of blue things - weapons. Do not shoot at the other! Note that to successfully complete the game on the easy difficulty levels above you need to achieve a high rate (about fifty points). Otherwise, you then do not have time to finish off enemies (police, rats and replicates). Check your ranking you can, when you exit from the shooting range. To do this, click on the top right of the monitor. By the way, note the name of one of the policemen - Deckard. It is that Decker, played by Harrison Ford in the movie. It is true that you and he had a face-to-face meet.

Now go down the elevator to the lowest floor. Save your game. Sign in OPT menu and there select the talk mode on the question mark. Now talk to the prisoner. Go through all the topics of conversation, and then apply the VK-test.

You will see an image of the device. Please click on the red button to automatically calibrate the machine. Next, look at the buttons on the right. For simplicity, let's call them 1, 2 and 3, from left to right. By pressing these buttons, McCoy asks suspect questions of varying degrees of intensity - from low (button 1) to high (button 3).

During answers follow two indicators on the left. If the needle upper indicator will begin to shift to the right - in front of you, most likely, people. If the arrow of the lower indicator will begin to shift to the right, then in front of you, most likely, a replicant. The central display shows the general reaction of the suspect to the test.

Your task - alternating questions, find the right combination of issues of varying degrees of tension, so that in this case the suspect reaction is not passed at the established calibration device limit, otherwise the test will fail. Questions high tension quickly eliminate a suspect from himself, and a small degree of tension issues just do not give accurate results. In addition, the test is automatically terminated after ten questions. Repeat the test, you can not.

Like all logical? But it is only in words. In fact, this problem - continuous hassle. The fact is that for each suspect you'll have to find a new sequence of questions, in fact - with each new passing game all these sequences are generated anew. Sometimes, though, it is that one sequence applies to all suspects, but it is - a great rarity.

Thus, to solve the puzzle with the VK-test can only be as follows: pre-stored, then try a combination of issues. If it is unsuccessful - to restore the game and do everything over again. And so - to the bitter end. The only thing I can tell you for sure - the first six questions you need to ask the following buttons (remember, believe buttons from left to right): 1, 1, 2, 2, 3, 3. And then - go for it.

Let us return to the passage of the game. When finished with your wards, climb to the roof of the building, sit in the spinner and fly home.

McCoy Apartment

The first step is to feed Maggie. To do this, click on the stand slightly to the left of the front door. Now go into the next room and check your voice mail. If you kill the cook, somebody mentions the word «Rath», if you let the cook, you call and thank Lucy. Click on the bed to sleep.

Act 2

Tyrell Corporation

Talk to the guard at the control panel and get the disc with the video. Enter the door on the right. In the next room on the floor right of the door are two things - an ornament in the form of a dragonfly and a brochure. Sometimes, however, a brochure may not be. Click on the monitor to the right door - and find out that someone was trying to get access to the corporate database. Then return to the room, from which it came. Near the guard is Crystal (Crystal). Talk to her and find out some more details it investigated the matter. Exit and go to the Police Department.

Police Headquarters

Go to the room with the device Esper, load the main computer information collected by you. Use Esper: there will be a new image from the video disc, which you gave to the guard Tyrell Corporation. Increase the dog standing on the left in the background, increase its collar - and see there the inscription «Rikki». Next, increase the face Sadiq (Sadik, replicant-criminal) and his left hand holding a bomb. After that, go to the box (it is a grid). Thus, you get four pictures after the processing of the image. Go to the KIA, and view all the new mark.

Tyrell Corporation

Enter the door on the right side of the guard. In the next room (where you will find jewelry) again, use the monitor to the right of the door - and get the structure of the DNA molecule (DNA). Entering the door, you will be in the room where the murder was committed. Talk with the photographer, then inspect the corpse. Get the wire. Lift the packaging from food to sex. Examine the dead animals. Turn around to the door and inspect the floor on the left. Get a dog collar. Exit the room and go to where the guard sitting. Talk to him about everything, ask about Tyrell. He will tell you that you are in contact with the boss's personal secretary.

Police Headquarters

Go down to the first floor (not the basement), and there is talk to Guzza in his office (for this you need to go to the bottom of the screen). He will agree to arrange a meeting with Tyrell. If the office does not Guzza will then take the paper from the table (order receipt). Walk on the floor where the shooting range is located. Click on the box lying on the floor. Then click on the person behind a translucent screen. Talk to him until then, until he gives you another paper (shipping form). Go back to the Guzza office, now it will be in place. Talk to him.

If Guzza was in office from the beginning, you have to look here again to take the paper (see. Above).

Tyrell Corporation

You will meet with Rachel, the latest model replicant, which then becomes passion Dekker (more on this in the film). Then you will have the opportunity to exchange a few words and with himself Tyrell.

McCoy Apartment

Sign in KIA, check out all the new mark. Also check your answering machine. Click on the TV screen to see something else.

Go to the area Animoid Row (he appeared is now on your map).

Animoid Row

First of all save your game. Now, talk to the seller of fish (his shop is located on the bottom right, a stuffed swordfish hangs over it with a billboard). If the seller is not a sudden, just wait a little bit - it periodically disappears from sight in the depths of his shop.

Now talk to the seller of snakes (upper right corner). Talk to him as long as he does not get angry and do not talk about arms dealers Bullet Bob. Talk to the owner of the shop with a picture of a dragonfly. Buy a bracelet with the name of your dog Maggie. If the cage with scorpions exhibited on the counter potormoshite it twice - you learn something interesting about yourself. If there are no cells, then come back here a little later, it should appear.

Go left, then go to Bob's shop (you'll see it right away). Before you enter, be sure to go to the menu and set the OPT talk mode on the question mark.

Talk to Bob, and as soon as possible draw VK-test. Then let Bob something to alter your KIA. Now you can highlight specific evidence and facts by using the right click of the mouse. Furthermore, this evidence will be highlighted in a bright stripe. During the exchange of information with the main computer in the Police Department, this evidence does not go on the computer, and the police did not know about it. It would be very important a little later, when your hero framed. But we'll discuss this in due time.

Continue the conversation with Bob. You will be able to buy new cartridges, are more powerful than the ones that you have. If you play in the middle or complex level and you do not have money, do not despair - you can get these cartridges later, with nothing, but they will be quite a bit.

If you play on easy, buy ammo, look at the KIA and there click on the new cartridges. Now you will shoot them.

Go outside, go to the restaurant Hawkers' ??? and there is talk to a woman. Then go down and talk to the bartender twice to order drinks. Next, go to the right, click on the green arrow on the person under the sign with diamonds and talk to him. He has a nasty habit of often sit out God knows where. If it is not visible, go to the main street (where there are shops and fish merchant seller of snakes), and then go back again. Repeat this procedure until until you catch the right guy. Talk to him and pointerezuytes jewelry.

Try to talk to him one more time, sometimes it is necessary to temporarily move away and go later. In any case, the villain pulls out a camera and flash would blind you. Grab the machine and throws him. Shot break the lock on the lattice door, go down the hatch. Click the green arrow on the arms, on the boxes, which will see there. Go through the tunnel to the right, then climb the stairs to the street. The offender will be close, but then your opponent will - Krystal Steal agent. Further, there are two possible scenarios: Steel or automatically shoot a fugitive, or arrest him. In any case, the laurels will get you not.

Go back to the main street, get into a spinner and fly home.

McCoy Apartment

After processing the film from the camera you will be two pictures. or there will be a face of a woman or a man who has in his hand clamped scale, standing with his back to the viewer - In the first two people chatting at the bar in Animoid Row, but the second image may be two options will be displayed. The first picture first increase a person's face. Then increase the video camera image (you'll find it on the red lights on the shelf with bottles). In the second picture or increase a woman's face, either - the man's hand, which, as I said, is clamped scale.

Sign in KIA and click the right mouse button on the photo McCoy, thus hiding it. Do not forget to check out all the new in KIA.

Feed the dog and fly in the Police Headquarters.

Police Headquarters

If until now you have not taken the paper (order receipt) with Guzza table, then now is the time to fix it. In this case, do not forget to go to the shooting range and by clicking on the box on the floor at the person behind a glass partition to receive a new paper (shiping form). If all done before, you can not think about it.

Now go to the main computer and exchange information with him. Be sure to select right-click the facts that you want to hide. Their number does not matter, but still some information to your colleagues, you must provide.

Climb to the roof and fly in DNA Row.


Standing next to a burning barrel, enter the menu and set the ORT talk mode to a question mark. Hold still and wait. A man in a red jacket, with whom you have to talk twice. Act quickly, because he does not stand still and can quickly leave. Also, do not confuse it with another man in a red jacket: in order to be in the hands of the cane. Then go up the screen and enter the green building. Talk there to a man about everything and go out into the street. Go to the burning barrel, from her head left. Save your game! It will be an unpleasant place. Pull the gun.

Sign in Dermo Design building, shot beat the handcuffed prisoner. Quickly move the cursor to the left, it will turn into an arrow. Go outside and look to the captive came too. If he does not come, then restore the game and all redo (it is important that people jumped out of the building). If this happens, remove the gun and click the arrow at the bottom edge of the screen. Exit the screen for the limit you will not be, but if you find yourself near the lower edge, then successfully survive the explosion.

Talk to the dying. Talk to the police arrive at the scene. Return to blow up the building, look around. Come out to the street and climb the stairs to the left of the entrance. When will find yourself in a room, click on mannequins - and get an envelope. Check the answering machine to the right of the dummy (you should be a little push McCoy left, then be able to click on the answering machine). Come out to the street. If you meet a man in a red jacket again, ask him about the explosion. If you do not meet it, then do not tuzhite - do not worry. Go to the right and upward. Visit again green building. Set the mode of dialogue on the question mark.

Speak to the person as long as you had the opportunity to choose their questions. Ask him about everything. If you do not expose the talk mode on the question mark, then ask some questions can not.

Go outside and go to the mall, located just to the left of the building. Will be on the new street. Sign in Bradbury Building building (by the way, this place was in the movie, remember?). Go through the hall, and when the climb up the stairs, then turn right. Walk through the rooms and that, where there is equipment, click the left mouse button on the cable (power strip) on the floor. Power will be restored, and you can get a printout. Now go to the bathroom, where water flows in streams ceiling. Climb up the ladder. In the next room, break the glass in the cabinet (click on them with the mouse) and rise to these "steps" on the roof.

Act 3

The replicants apartment

When left alone, click the green arrow to the left of the window to push a chair up to the spot and saw through your bonds. Pick a subject from a different chair, then go to bed. Take the doll and another thing from under the pillow. At the far edge of the bed, take a photo of the lunar shuttle (find this picture quite difficult: it gently drive the cursor in the area, trying to explore every millimeter). Go down the screen, then turn left. Will prove to be in the hall where the two argue. When they are finished, talk to the guest. Go out and rummage in the broken car - get a package wrapping (that thing too difficult to find for this drive the cursor next to the open door inside the cabin). Then check the number of the machine (click on it).

Return to the hotel and go to the door under a neon sign. Will be in the new room. There's the bathroom, take flake and from the drawer - a police badge.

Go out (where is broken machine) and go left, down and to the right.

Animoid Row

Ask your fishmonger to flake, and know that the same was with another policeman. Come to the booth with a sign in the form of a dragonfly. At its owner have for you some information. Go left and talk to the bartender at the bar. If you find a hidden camera in the photo (see. Step 2), the bartender will give you a CD with the recording of this camera.

McCoy Apartment

Feed the dog and check the answering machine. Turn Esper and loans received images. In the photograph the lunar shuttle you can increase three persons and a subject of the right, from which light is reflected. If Bob "Bullet" has worked with your KIA, then hide (right-click) the picture of the lunar race and your own face away from sin. We now turn to the picture taken with a hidden camera in the bar. On the right, in the depths of the picture, you will see Of the camera. In the background, a red neon sign is Guzza. When finished taking photos, go to the KIA and check out all the new facts and evidence. Well, you can with a clear conscience, click on the bed and sleep.

Police Headquarters

Go down to the floor with a host computer and exchange information with him. Then go down to the basement. Look in your KIA and make sure you have references KIA «Protest», if not, then interrogate the prisoner (who previously tried on the VK-test). However, it can not be one if the previous action of the agent Steele arrested arms dealer Iso. In the latter case, interrogate and Iso.

Climb to the roof and fly in Hysteria Hall area.

Hysteria Hall

Go to the store for the sale of used cars and talk to the owner, known as Crazy Legs. Use all possible conversation. Climb the stairs to the right on the roof. Look there, go down and go outside. Pay attention to the old man and the old woman in the right corner of the screen. Talk to them about everything. Save your game! Enter the video arcade. There in the center of the screen may be (or may not be), Lucy. If it is there, then you have two options - to tell her about Agent Steel (this will increase the chances for you to finish the game in a society Lucy) or subject it to VK-test (not desirable, however, in this case, you can then finish the game or together with Dektoroy, or Steele agent).

If Lucy in the hall there, you can arrive here a little while, and then find her. However, the absence of Lucy may mean that you are playing the version Blade Runner, where Lucy dies, and you have to get to Steele with the lunar shuttle.

By the way, pay attention to one of the games in the hall - it is Red Alert. Yes, one can see an example of the company Bullfrog, vengeance advertise their games Syndicate Wars (who played, you know what I mean), it proved to be very contagious.

Well, Mack Koyu is worthwhile to consult KIA and check out all the new facts and links.

Go to Animoid Row.

Animoid Row

Fold in the side street next to the little shop under the guise of a dragonfly with a meal and talk to a clerk.

Nightclub Row

Go to a nightclub on the left. Talk to the bouncer who stands next to the stage. Try to get into a rotating small room on the left. Go outside and go to the club on the right. If a man in a red jacket here and save your game! Talk to him and ask him about cheese. Carefully watch for his actions and when he put on the table his lighter, quickly grab it. Meanwhile, the show starts. Then the man took to their heels, and you prepare the gun and run after him. On the street, he can shoot you. In this case, shoot back. If he will not fire, then click the green arrow on it. You can either talk to him and then release, or to arrest him. If you let him go, or shot him, do not go after him.

McCoy Apartment

Feed the dog, look at the KIA and view all the new links. Take a good night's sleep.

When you wake up, your path lies in China Town.

China Town

Go down the screen. Turn right and go to the hotel "Yukon." Talk to the manager.

Bradbury Building

And now you have to enter the KIA and install the talk mode to Normal. Enter the Bradbury Building, go up the stairs and automatically talk to the owner. Then walk through the rooms, go back and talk to the owner again. He tell you to leave.

Area Nightclub Row

Log in to the club and left to stand in front of a dancer. Try to talk to her while you will not approach the bouncer. As soon as he stands next to you, run (double click) to the left of the rotating booth. From the first time you do this can not happen - it is necessary to wait for the moment when the bouncer is as close as possible to your hero, that's when you will have time to jump into the booth.

Small scene in the nightclub

An interesting detail: you can log on to a rotating stage with a dancer. But you do not have to this, you need to talk to the man in the red jacket. Talk to him as long as he does not say that "works".

If it is not in this room, then enter the KIA and install the talk mode on the question mark. Go to Hysteria Arcade area. Now, there is bound to be Lucy. Do not make her VK-test and warn about Steele. Go back to the night club, again, do all this tedious trick with a bouncer and go through the revolving booth. Talk to the guy in the red jacket.

Wait a little bit and go left. You will be on the main stage and will be able to watch the performance Dektory. However, do not stay long, and go back through the revolving booth and go through the door on the left of the stage with a dancer.

Once in office Earley, first save your game, then go to the KIA and make sure that the conversation mode is on the question mark. Click on the lamp over the table. Click on the edge of the table top - and get the paper. Click on the couch on the right - and get the CD. Then go down Earley and start to cook your own booze.

Quickly pull the gun and make him sit down. It stung by a scorpion (later learn, he will get his due). If he dies, then just click on it. If it survives, it will agree to his proposal, and remove the gun. Then he will give you a paper. But leave the disc to himself.

Exit the office and go back through the revolving booth. Go left to the main stage. If the representation Dektory still going, wait a bit. If it has ended, then go left and go down to the basement. They enter the room on the right. In the room, click on the vase with flowers, which stands on the table. When you talk to Dektoroy, select «Crystal» topic. Do not expose Dektoru VK-test, or cut your end of the game, in which you run away with Dektoroy (if you're a little weather is not going to arrest her). As a result of your inquiries plot forks.

Varinat first: a woman runs away. In this case, you are likely dealing with a person.

Option Two: she would call the police. In this case, you are dealing with a replicant. Depending on which version of the story have turned out, the further passage of the third act will be different. Consider the case when a woman will call the police. Video starts. You will save your old friend from death. Go into the tunnel, next to which the broken subway car (the right edge of the screen). Climb up the double staircase. Go to a strip club, go through the revolving booth to the main stage, then - in the basement and dressing room Dektory. From vases of flowers, remove the note. Go back to the main stage, pulled out his gun, save your game and go to the passage to the right. When you will find yourself in the next room, pay attention to the cords extending from the top to the projector. When the light is turned on, move the cursor on the red cord and shot interrupted him (often does not work the first time). Climb up the ladder. Then I suggest you remove the gun and talk to Dektor (click the green arrow in the bathroom or curtains). When Dektora run away, go down and talk to Steele. Then everything will happen automatically, without your intervention.

Now consider the case in which the woman ran away. You will stay in an empty room. Take note of the flower vases. Come out to the street sign in front of the club (the right side of the street). There may also be two versions of events. A man in a red cloak, or be there or not. If he is there, then you can talk to him. You will be arrested. After your release re-enter the same club and chase the actor (although what he is, to hell, the actor?) On the street. He can take a hostage. In this case, carefully Aim and shoot the artist (it is difficult). Further events in the game will go into automatic mode. If a man in a red cloak in the night club was not, then go back to his home. On the photo taken at Airlie at a strip club, you can enlarge a box of scorpions (hidden behind the basket) and the reflection in the mirror of Earley (here and you'll understand why Dektor planted scorpions). In addition, if Earley died from the bite of scorpions on the pictures you will be able to increase the face Lucy and yellow flowers behind Clovis (replicant) received from him.

Police Department

If Bob has worked with your of KIA, then pass the host computer only the information you want. Then do not forget to check out all the new mark at KIA. If you are arrested a man in a red cloak, then go down to the lowest floor and interrogate him.

Area Nightclub Row

If in place, where he worked as an artist in red, nothing happens (regardless of whether you have arrested him or not), then most likely, the game goes on the option, where Lucie killed.

Neighborhood Hysteria Hall

Enter the video arcade and talk to Lucy. Most likely, it will run away. Exit to the right - and see how Lucy Steele shoot (although this may not happen).

Act 4

While in the sewers and tunnels, get ready to shoot the oncoming police or rats. You can, however, simply to get away from them (double-click), but it does not always work. First, go all the time left until you find yourself in the room where you were going to be tortured. Click on the chair to torture. Go to the broken north door next to the chair. When will find yourself at the crossroads, press the lever, and will extend the bridge. Go to the right. There you will meet Lucy (if before Steele its not shot). Do VK-test - and find out who is actually Lucy (you'd be surprised).

If you are at the time did not buy special ammunition Bob, now go left to the warehouse Iso. There is double-click on the boxes and get some of these cartridges. If you play at medium or high levels of complexity, try not to use bullets against rats and police, protect them - at the very end of the game you are serious disassembly. Go right, then up, will appear again at the crossroads. Now go to the bottom left corner of the screen. Go down the stairs and through the door will get in your house.

Go up to his apartment on the elevator, and found that your home someone has won. Talk to this person! This must be done, because in one of the places in the sewers (where the wall number 5; you have to go there), began to appear the police. Otherwise you will have to simultaneously conduct a gunfight with two enemies at once, which is quite difficult (to win you need to quickly shoot each of them in turn, that they can not shoot at you).

Go down into the sewers and go to the crossroads. Climb through into the large round hole. Turn right (just to see this place with the number 5 on the wall, which I have already mentioned), and take the lift (next to him, too, sometimes there are policemen). You will find yourself in the house the homeless. Sign in KIA, set the call mode to a question mark, and talk to a drunk. Use the following topics: others, fat man. Then again, click on the drunkard. He wants another drink (of course). Take the elevator and go to the crossroads. Go to the armory (where the bullets were taken) and climb out.

Go to the bar and there buy a flask of wine. Go down into the sewers and then visit a drunkard. Please ask him about sewers (sewers), and then give him wine. Then you can porassprosit it and about other things, but he quickly cut down on drinking. Open the grille on the left in the same room and go there. You will see a round platform. Return to the room with a drunk, go past the elevators to the right. Will face a plank thrown over an acidic river. Save your game! Now proceed as follows: run on the board, and when pass the half of the distance, double-click on the left bank of the stone. To the right of the hole pops rat. Do not kill her while she is on the board! You have to wait until the rat closer to you, for the board to fail if it is the corpse of the rat, and you try to go to the other side. If you have previously chosen as a powerful cartridges of ammunition, you will be able to kill a rat with one accurate shot.

When will pass the board, enter the KIA. Set the talk mode on the question mark. If the Siamese twins in the room there, then go to the computer next to the chair (the lower part of the screen) and click on the bottom left of the monitor. Get new information (DNA Luther / Lance). Leave the room and go back. Do this for as long as the twins will not appear. Talk to them, using all possible threads downwards until they have requested the file from the Tyrell Corporation. Quickly save the game! If you play on Easy difficulty level, from the room with the twins go to the door, on which the light is on. Climb the stairs high, then the short stairs - and find yourself in a Tyrell Corporation building. Quickly enter the elevator behind the guard while he sleeps. Will prove to be in the office of the boss. From the table, take the recording you are interested in. Go down, run, run to the bottom left corner of the screen, click on the door in the wall. Go back to the twins and gave them the record.

If you play the more difficult levels, the path to the building of the corporation will be different. Return to the intersection and go left into the room before the one from which you can climb through the hatch in front of your house. Go to the north door, and then all the way north. In some cases, the path may be closed. It is, in fact, need you in the fifth act, when you get to the lunar shuttle.

In any case, having caught the record, give them twins. They will clarify for you the whole thing and give something interesting. Climb the stairs behind the twins (the right side of the screen) or by phone (or whatever it's called) talk with Guzza (click the green arrow on the dashboard). Return to the room with the twins. If you have not copied the information from the computer next to them, then leave the room, then go again. Repeat as long as the twins will not go away. Then rewrite the file (remember, the lower left display).

Now go into the room where lay drunk (move all the time left). Save your game! Go left on the circular platform behind bars. There is already Guzza. Talk to him. By the end of the conversation you have a choice - to shoot or run Guzza (while his slam replicants). If you do shoot Guzza, replicants will offer you to go to the moon shuttle, but you can imagine the slaughter end of the game, where you joined Dektora. If you want to get away, go as far as possible to the left, until Clovis chats with Guzza. When the blue cursor, run (double-click).

Whatever course of action you choose, return to his home (for this out of the room with a drunkard take the elevator, then go to the intersection, there go left and climb to the hatch). If you shot Guzza, then you meet Count (Graf, another participant of the film «Blade Runner», a man with a cane, which he made of paper figures, if anyone remembers). He will advise something. Enter the house.

Act 5

Once in his apartment, you can see a dead dog, and you can find her alive and well. If the dog is dead, then click on the cigarette butts - and learn the identity of the killer. Check your voice mail. There are many options possible.

If you have previously killed Lucy Steele, and you ran away from the platform, on which stood Guzza, you call Steele, and you combine their efforts.

If Lucy Steele shot, and you shot Guzza, you will call Clovis, and you have to kill Steele at the lunar shuttle.

If you run away from the platform where he stood Guzza, and was released at the time Dektoru, she can call you, and you're done playing with it.

If Lucy is still alive, you ran away from the platform where he stood Guzza, and was released at the time Dektor, you call Lucy, and you can finish the game with her or Dektor.

If Lucy is still alive, and you shot Guzza, you call Lucy alone (regardless of how you behaved towards Dektor).

Checking all calls, click the Esper device. If you have not previously analyzed the picture of a night club Earley, then it's time to do it now. In this picture you can increase the box of scorpions (hidden behind the basket at the bottom left) and flip Earley club owner in the mirror (here it becomes clear why he planted Dektor scorpions).

Sign in KIA, check out all the new mark. Walk down the street and through the trapdoor fall into the sewer. Go to the crossroads. If you for some reason do not have materials from the Siamese twins, then go to the elevator, and from there - to the board-bridge. Being in a room with the twins, copy files (click on the bottom left of the monitor). If the twins are still in the room, leave, then come back. Go back to the intersection.

Save your game.

Now consider our options.

If Lucy was killed, and you let Dektor, you can either take the path A to Lucy and Dektor or go the way of B to the lunar shuttle. If Lucy killed, the path And for it, of course, is not suitable. The same applies to Dektor.

Route A

Go to the electric chair in which you are going to be tortured, go right. When find yourself in a subway tunnel, go into the screen (but do not go in the direction of the metro station). When you will find yourself near the two crashed cars and climb up into the left hole and go to the store used cars. Talk to the host institution. Go into the street. Save your game, because you continue to do not give. Talk to Lucy or Dektor. Then everything will happen automatically - you supposedly rent the air machine, then climb onto the roof. There you will find Steele. Here the most important thing - to not be nervous and deystovat coolly. As soon as your hero pulled out a gun, over-sight it will automatically be located in the middle of the screen or slightly left of center. Steele first shot will be on the car, the second - by Lucy or Dektor (depending on who is next to you). One shot the girl of your dreams will survive, but the second - no longer exists. So you have to have time to put Steele. If you shoot powerful new ammunition, at the Easy level, only three accurate shots.

Click on an air car, and know that it has been damaged. Go down and use the control panel to the left to lower the car at the bottom of the tunnel. Go down the stairs to the left down, then back down, get in your car. See the final cartoon.

If Steele had killed Lucy (or Dektoru), then you are left with another way to B. If Lucy killed, and you run away from Guzza on the platform, then see point "McCoy and Steel."

Route B

Go back to the sewer in front of the room, where the door leading to your home. Save your game! Go through the north door and then head north. At the landfill there are two ways. If you go through the part of the building exploded Tyrell Corporation, then look carefully to the left. There is a bomb. Examine it (green cursor) twice - and you razminiruete it. Next you will meet Steele agent (if you have not killed on the roof of the store used cars). Quickly shoot it (now it is a bit more complicated, since Steele will shoot entirely in your broad chest). Go north, there is the lunar shuttle. You will talk with someone, then you have two options for further action.

Save your game.

Option A: After the shootout sign in lunar shuttle look like a dead old replicant, then go outside and find out what you - Super Blade Runner. On that happy ending.

Or option B: go to the south, where you shot Steel, next to the white landing lights on the left, take the battery. Go north to the lunar shuttle. Sign in and see how it takes off. End too good.

McCoy and Steel

You will find Steele just south of the lunar shuttle. You two need to go through part of the building exploded Tyrell Corporation. When the style stops, quickly look to the left and as soon as find the bomb, warn about it Steele. When you get close to the lunar shuttle, you will meet a dog Maggie. She hung with explosives and blow up, and then you call Sadiq (replicant Negro) on a fair fight.

Once you're done with it, between McCoy and Steel dispute breaks out. As a result, your character will enter the lunar shuttle one. There you can either kill a dying Clovis, or listen to him reading poetry until he dies. I, of course, not much of a lover of poetry, but to finish the dying - this is not my element.

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