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BAR User Manual
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AMBER: Journeys Beyond play online

Downloading file size - 657 Mbytes

Game folder name - Amber

Toggle full screen view press RightAlt + Enter. Requires Java

To unlock mouse click twice right button. Click on game screen to enter the game

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AMBER: Journeys Beyond gameplay
AMBER: Journeys Beyond title screen


BAR User Manual

Game review

Hue Forest Entertainment, 1996, Adventure, 1st-Person Perspective, Horror, Puzzle-Solving.

Sometimes it happens that a masterpiece, one born under any particular genre or subgenre , so firmly settles in memory of stakeholders and sets so clear canons of his "categories" that everything that appears later and let even remotely resembles it , declared a " cheap imitation ", " plagiarism ", " clone " and other unflattering things. One such example in the games - quests - Myst and similar games . First-person view , discrete movement - all , «Myst- clone ", " mediocre ." In my opinion, all such estimates without exception games having some attributes allowing (albeit true ) "hang" them on the label «Myst-like style», not only unfair, but also dangerous : can easily be overlooked if not masterpiece , then, at least , very, very interesting and bright , distinctive game.

Dr. Roxanne - a very brave woman . What else could explain her inexhaustible interest in all things mysterious and inexplicable ? Being not only bold , but also intelligent, she has designed an extraordinary unprecedented device , which, as it suggests allows you to see ghosts and even to enter into contact with them , - AMBER. To check if it works , it is deleted in lost somewhere in the Rocky Mountains lonely mansion , which goes a lot of creepy legends. But something a long time ago not any news about it . And her lover , not so keen and intelligent, but not less brave, it goes to black spot , in order to learn the truth about the fate of their favorite and help her . Unless, of course , is not too late ...

«Myst-Like» - yes, but - and only . No «Myst-Clone», believe me . Least because the atmosphere is very different. First, though , there is something in common . But it is necessary to cross the threshold of an abandoned house and put on a found device , the phrase " you're not alone anymore ! " Will open in front of you all his monstrous hidden meaning. No , ghosts do not attack you. You only have to understand the secrets of the temple of pain and sorrow , learn the history of each ghost , which meet , cause of his death , and rest in peace to help poor souls .

Every story that you have to watch (just watch) - is literally something . And it's not that it's just " beautiful." The matter is more than careful attention to authors , so to speak , their stylistic execution. For example, one of the stories of the 40- ies of XX century music complements the time that you will agree, the game adds atmospherics .

During the "help" the souls of the dead you have no inventory - only cursor and surrounding objects , and what to do - to guess yourself. Some puzzles are very, very difficult , sometimes to appease the ghost have a long and strong strain your brain , because often " district action stories " each takes not one, but several rooms , thematically interrelated .

" Amber ", in spite of all his dignity as a wonderful mystical quest , having , in my opinion , all the trappings of the genre - hard oppressive atmosphere , beautiful graphics and superb grim " otherworldly " sound design , and was not recognized as a masterpiece . The reasons for this can only guess . However, true fans of quests , I'm sure they know and remember this game. Do not miss your chance and you - a proven classic "light terror ," a great example of a copyrighted work , acquaintance with which is now nothing to prevent.


Roxy. On the lake

     Look around . Then go upstairs to the garage and take the scrap there , hanging on a pole in front of you . Can climb stairs and marvel at the Roxy.

     Go back to the house by the lake and using tear scrap boards nailed to the door. Inside this barn now nothing , so do not stay here long . Go to the entrance to the house upstairs. Near the door is the mailbox. Climb into it, open the box , read the letter and take the spiral thingy .

     Come into the house and go to the red light. Climb the stairs to the second floor, enter the room with the door open . This study Roxy. Right is a switch that needs to kerf . He is on the wall right of the stairs leading upstairs . After the lights came up the staircase , and notice Peek, lying on the table . It should take. Go down and run around the room. Near the computer have a videotape with the necessary information . Take it . In one of his desk drawers have instructions for use certain device LDA (BAR). Read it carefully.

     Now it is time to explore the house . Most importantly - put your nose in all holes , pull all the knobs and read everything you can read. The bedroom has a dream journal ( in the nightstand drawer to the left of the bed). In a TV cabinet (where does he stand still , then ?) That will show you an interesting movie . Do not be upset with the result - in the end, it 's only a game ... Maybe ...

     In boshoy room (where lots of sofas ) on a glass table, is an interesting book . It is worth reading for further understanding of the game (the pages in it a little further , and yet half plucked . ) Close is phone ( probably a cell , as the receiver in the house is not) . By the way, call it useless anywhere . Only once you call Roxie ( from the dead ) . If you do not have time to run to the phone - it does not matter . Sense from him as from a log.

     Go to the room opposite ( living room ) . On the table is a device . Upon closer inspection, you will notice that the spiral thing perfectly it stuck .

     The next room has a video camera . Sun'te videotape it and watch a movie . In one of the cabinets is weedkiller - a very useful thing . Take it .

     Go to the door , open it and getting on the kitchen. One of the doors leading to the street. Open it , look at the handle and remove the device hanging on it. Now you have a scanner .

     Again, go to the big room . To the left of the entrance there is a device called LDA (BAR). Turn it on , and set its parameters , as indicated in the instructions that you find in the office of the Roxy :

     Level - 6

     Reinforcement - 5

     Modulation - 8

     Now you can install the scanner on all the door handles that fit him . Press the red button on it. Peek flashes and joyfully reported finding Sound Track (Tonal Residue). After a while it will decrypt it , and you can listen to it .

     Furthermore , Peek will blink every time will detect paranormal activity. In this case, you can look at what is happening . One day you will be a bedroom and a spirit that is emitted from the TV turns into a key and falls into the drawer . Take the key at the first convenient opportunity.

     He will open a locked door on the second floor to the right of the tub.

     Now is the time to fasten themselves AMBER . Walk into the living room and take the device off the table. Wear it. Now you have access to other worlds . Entrance to one of them is in a room with a poster " Hitler Kaput " , the other - on the lake , the third - in the gazebo .


     Go to the room with posters (also flooded with blood ) . Put on his helmet , if it is not worn. Log into the mirror. Congratulations! Now you're in the ghost world , Margaret .

     Look at her body , prostrate at your feet. Left in the head can be seen from the shot hole . Everything indicates that poor Maggie shot herself .

     Now look around you and look at the chest of drawers. It lies 5 masks . Poke them and compose the phrase " I need you , Maggie . " Now go to the radio . Rotate the knob until the picture is clear . It will have a kitchen . Look at the button. They run a dumbwaiter . One of them is pressed with the elevator leaves . Ur. Now go into the room Margraret , again using the radio. Look at the table, where the radio is worth. It is knitting needles . Stick with it, it zashvyrnetsya the elevator, which had already arrived .

     Go back to the kitchen and let the elevator back. Poke spoke again . She votknetsya approach and the receiver. Now you can configure it on the living room . Run a potychtes around the room and , where possible . Especially pay attention to the clock. They are in a wooden box next to the postcard (in the middle of the table ) . Go to the door and open it. Will glitch. When you get tired of it , click , the door will close and disappear glitch . Look at the clock. Time moved. The door to the right of the radio clock is moving for 15 minutes, the big doors - for 30 minutes. Set this clock for seven hours. Now the receiver can be configured to a new wave , 129.8 . You are in the new room . Look around , go to the bin and push it . Look at the scraps and collect from them a telegram . Read it . Now Maggie knows that her husband died , and wait for it not to be .

     When awake , turn on the light . All you can go to another ghost C:


     Go through the kitchen to the street , turn around and go forward until you are rested . Turn right, and a look at a tree. It will affect the weedkiller . This opens a new path , and you will be taken to a new location . There is a gazebo , which inhabits another spirit , Bryce . Log in to the underworld . Now everything is colored and green . Look around you , get out of the house and follow the path . Can listen to the bees, they will tell you their ideology . Go on until you reach the sort of fountain surrounded by trees nebolshimim . Go around it until you come to the door. Go inside and turn to the door closed . Post back and look down near the rake on the board with holes . Poke a hole . Go out , go to the holes. Move the pot to holes . Now the mirror looks at you . Turn and slide the pot to the front corner. Mirror must not look at you . Again go inside , close the door and go to the holes. See the window in the house and look at the inscription. Go out to the bees . Follow the path on the right side of the screen. Here is a bench with a wooden heart, which is stuck in the nails . Complex manipulations yourself so that all the nails were in the middle. Do you have the code . You will discover another way . When you get to the tree , go around it and press the red button . Climb into the alcove . Look down , use the code. Find yourself in a secret place . Take a look around : it seems obsessed with UFOs Bryce . If you stand in front of the stairs , turn right and walk to the door. Poke in the white flag and pull the rope to lift it. Look down at the drawing, then lower the flag . He goes down and raise a red flag. Find a panel similar to the board. Pull it to open it . There are 6 buttons. Press the keys in sequence , as appears in the window. Click on the button above the panel and open the door . All Bryce Khan , and again you come to be in the house at the Roxy .


     The lake is inhabited another spirit , Edwin . You go in a barn on the shore, it will carry you to the other world . Go straight until you reach the doll. Try to get it. When you get tired , get a house on the lake. Enter it. Go to the wall , look at the winch. Turn it all the way clockwise. Go to the block hanging over the table. Poke him , he would make rock salt on the ice. Go outside, behind the house , climb up and turn the vane so that it pointed to the west. Go down and poke a corner of the house , where the arrow angle . Go straight to the boat , pull the rope , and note that the boat is over the hole. Go back in the house and turn the vane to the east. Go back to the boat and pull the rope again to place it on the back . Look into the hole . Downstairs sitting bear . Go to a place where there was a doll , and jump into the water . Feel the rubber duck machine to come. Sit in it and wipe the windshield. Turn left and choose the path in the middle. Ride at the intersection ahead again . So get to the castle, and require the bear doll . You will be where we started cruising . Take the left path , and go straight at the intersection . If all goes well , you're a little " fly " and brings to bear. He climbs up to you . Took him to the castle. All Edwin went into another world ...


     Go to the house and turn on the light . You will be Electric Angel. Listen carefully to what he tells you . Go to your computer , turn it on and enter your password "WISDOM". You need to stop the rotation of stars left, using the right. Then you need to adjust the column 3 characters. Then remove the helmet , go to the garage and come closer to Roxy as possible . Put it on your helmet . All telemarketing . See final cartoon .ended.

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BAR User Manual


For best results, read each section in the order prosented, and follow the settings as described. If you have problems obtaining a reading, please perform the following steps before calling customer service:

Be sure that your BAR device is turned on.

Make sure the settings are right for your environment.

Check that your BAR device is set to "run" rather than "set"

If, after these steps, you are still unable to get a reading, feel free to contact our BT Hotline at the number on your reg card.

Bar Settings

Your success with the BAR dovice will be determined by a number of factors, but by far the most important are the settings you use to fine tune the BAR device for your environment. This section will describe the settings in detail and make a recommendation of the numeric value you should enter as you begin your experiment.

PLEASE NOTE: some combinations of settings will cause the BAR device to display an "ERR": if this happens, entering a different value generally resolves the error.


To help you hone in on a specilic wavelength of electromagnetic energy, you may adjust the "level” setting on the BAR device.

A low level setting causes the BAR device to register activity from all sources, including living beings. A low setting would therefore be appropriate for uncongested areas with a very weak signal. Conversely, a higher setting will screen out interference from living animals and focus the BAR device on stronger signals.

Our Lab suggests a higher value is preferable for Level, and Level 6 has given the most reliable results in our test environment.


Once you have narrowed the range of electromagnetic energy through the "level" setting, adjust the relative strength of the individual signal by adjusting the "Gain”.

This setting enables you to "amplify" the electro-magnetic energy which is being read.

Gain is a very powerful feature, and should be used with discretion. If gain is set too high, you risk interference from common appliances, which could mimic paranormal activity in a power surge.

However, if gain is set too low, you flight eliminate the signal you are wishing to detect.

Freq Mod

Another factor in isolating activity I is the frequency modulation of the electro-magnetic signal. Typically. j humans and other living animals have j a short cycle on their wavelength, while paranormal activity has been associated with a long cycle.

Therefore, the "Freq Mod" setting allows you to screen out all wavelengths that belong to living creatures. To accomplish this, you must set the Freq Mod sufficiently high enough to screen out all living entities in the surrounding area.

We have determined that a Freq Mod setting of 8 is sufficient to screen out all living beings and provide a clear, strong signal.

Monitoring Activity

Once you have adjusted the settings of your BAR device, simply change the top switch to "run" to begin monitoring activity.

The BAR device works alone to register paranormal activity, but also works as an ideal partner to the new, hand held "PeeK" unit, which serves as a remote monitoring device for the BAR and other BT devices: BT video monitors. which respond to BAR activity, and the AMBER unit, an exciting new device which will be released soon from Bio-Psi Technologies.

BAR Reader

The BAR device can be read easily through the top panel display


To being reading activity at your site, switch the BAR control button to "run". It all of your set parameters are within correct range, you will soon see a straight line emanating from the stylus onto the LCD panel.

It there is psionic activity at your site, it will be registered on the LCD display. As paranormal presence increases, the display will depict increased amplitude in psionic wavelengths.


For the researcher attempting to monitor a large area. such as a large building, Bio-Psi Technologies recommends the combination of a BAR device and BT video monitors.

Linking our many technologies together is the new BT PeeK, a small, hand-held unit which automatically detects all BT equipment currently on-line and displays results within a 2 mile radius.

There has never been an easier, more effective way to explore paranormal than with BT Products!

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